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Selling stories is a deadly businessTanwen doesn’t just tell stories—she weaves them into crystallized sculptures that sell for than a few bits But the only way to escape the control of her cruel mentor and claw her way from poverty is to set her sights on something grander becoming Royal Storyteller to the kingDuring her final story peddling tour a tale of treason spills from her hands threatening the king himself Tanwen goes from peddler to prey as the king’s guard hunts her down   and they’re not known for their mercy As Tanwen flees for her life she unearths long buried secrets and discovers she’s not the only outlaw in the empire There’s a rebel group of weavers   and they’re after her too

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    Traitors rebels and the most original magic system I’ve seen since Patrick Carr’s A Cast of Stones make Lindsay Franklin’s the Story Peddler a uniue and engrossing debut I read through the book in two days Did not want to put it down

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    December 2019 reviewLoved hanging out with Tannie Mor and the Corsyth crew all over again 45 stars Onward to The Story RaiderApril 2018 reviewThis was a beautiful tale—as cozy as Tannie's sleepy farming village yet brimming with breathtaking wonder About two thirds of the way through I commented to my brother It's such a wonderful thing to enjoy a novel as much as you expect you willWHAT I LOVEDTanwen She was such a refreshing protagonist Plucky wise headstrong creative ambitious funny seldom uiet and full of vim and vigor—so it didn't take me long at all to connect with her A country orphan from Pembrone Tannie dreams of leaving her tattered humdrum life behind for a chance to see the world and become the king's Royal Storyteller She has big hopes a shrouded past and the will to weave a future of her own making And did I mention she's a storyteller? Did I mention that I LOVE THAT?The cast Every single character even those who showed up for just a few pages were well drawn and compelling I don't want to spoil anything so I'll my thoughts on some of the major players briefBrac He's sweet and I uite like him even if I didn't always agree with himMor HELLO I'M IN LOVE I fell head over heels for him which may have something to do with the fact he reminds me of a younger slightly less rascally version of Once Upon a Time's Captain HookA certain ragtag band of characters I will not name Never did they blur together; each was an individual with his or her own strengths weaknesses hopes and sorrows My heart hurts for themBraithe As a princess in a corrupt court she was a beacon of strength poise and mercy I looked up to her which takes something specialThe One in the Dark I will say nothingSir Dray barfsKing Gareth He managed to be complex than the stereotypical taxes taxes taxes kind of ruler and I was very much not a fan of him Which is goodThe world Cozy and exciting the world of Tir appears at first glance to be your standard medieval fare But a certain level of lively detail made the setting come to life Political intrigue and opposing religions and cultures made for an intriguing backdrop to the story's events while the deft worldbuilding made it very easy to slip into the book and get comfortableStory weaving I don't want to spoil anything but I LOVED this concept It was like seeing my own creative passion writing play out in a gorgeously visual wayThe theme Wow you guys this story reaffirmed and refreshed my storytelling heart in such a uniue eye opening way 3WHAT I WASN'T SURE I LOVED AT FIRSTThe beginning It took me about 70 pages or so to get past my own built in critic and really settle in My problem not the book's The plot was maybe a smidge slower at the beginning but in retrospect I loved getting to experience Tanwen's life in Pembrone and get a handle on the world at large before things exploded into actionSome vocabulary A few of the phrases felt a bit modern for this setting but that was a minor uibble I very uickly forgot about Besides Tanwen herself is a bit of a country bumpkin who has to concentrate to keep her speech polished when selling stories It actually WORKS for her narrative voice to be casual And speaking of which I loved that there were some words she didn't recognize and yet she never came across as stupidTHE VERDICT The Story Peddler is one riveting enchanting book that I am sincerely proud to have on my shelf And now I can't wait for the seuel to release next summerCheck out a longer review on my blog here — I was provided a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All opinions are entirely my own and I was not reuired to be positive

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    I wouldn't call this the most brilliant fantasy I've ever read but it was ridiculously cool I loved the characters and the world was fantastic The cliffhanger needed a little bit but overall I think I can easily give this 4 stars and say with confidence that I'm very happy to have the seuel IN MY HANDS xD

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    Ouch Two stars always feels like a harsh rating and I realllllllly considered rounding it up to three because I don't want to bash this book Because I promise I didn't hate itIf I'm being honest I feel nothing towards this bookI didn't hate it I didn't love it I just feel nothingL I K E S The concept It's what really drew me towards this book in the first place I love the whole concept of being able to weave stories and create glass sculptures with story threads Such a creative concept and it really appeals to the story loving part of my soul Braith I actually really liked her I was either indifferent or annoyed at the majority of the characters but Braith was a beacon of strength grace a healthy dose of fire in a storyworld full of um weak characters She brought stability and kindness and actually felt realistic I vastly preferred being in her POV to Tanwen's There was an attempt to add depth to some of the rebels Okay I have to give the author some credit She really attempted to add depth to the characters but they mostly just fell flat for me However there were a few moments where I actually felt something towards the characters?? Aeron and Warmil were the only two rebels who struck an emotional chord inside me at times Because I'm fairly certain one of them suffers from PTSD and survivor's guilt and I just ahhhh Even my ice princess heart melts a bit at that P The writing was decent It wasn't astounding or anything but it was free of a lot of grammatical issues PRAISE THE LORD and flowed well It was very utilitarian which might sound like a weird thing to say but that's the best word I can think of to describe it xDD I S L I K E S GOOD GRIEF IT WAS BORINGGGGGG This coming from the person who adores slow rich historical fiction books P If I hadn't paid full price for this book I would have stopped reading 100 pages because nothing was happening I had to trudge through 23 of the book until my interest was piued I had no emotional attachment to the characters couldn't care less what happened to most of them Even when the action using that term very loosely picked up near the end it was like a trip to Snoozeville Not to sound callous or anything but the only person I particularly cared about was Braith so if people were dying?? I'm probably just yawning in the corner cough yes i have a heart of stone heh Tanwen Mor Brac Ooooookay The angst was Strong with this trio The love triangle was thankfully not as bad as Unblemished dear God but it was there eye twitches violently For some reason unbeknownst to me I was actually supposed to ship Tanwen and Mor when the author gave me z e r o context for their relationship We barely see them together and when we do they really aren't getting to know each other Mor just smirks like a pirate and Tanwen crushes on him I mean obviously this relationship is perfect As for Tanwen and Brac massive sigh Children Please don't I cannot handle the high levels of romantic drama between them Brac doesn't take no for an answer excuse me sir and Tanwen is 100000% a jerk to him and makes promises she doesn't mean view spoilerFor the love of all that is holy MAKE SURE THE PERSON IS ACTUALLY DYING WHEN YOU AGREE TO MARRY THEM IF YOU DON'T MEAN IT Or better yet don't actually agree to marry someone if you don't mean it?? That's a really novel idea PPP hide spoiler

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    It's been years since I read a book in two days I believe for now that is uite the accolade on its own

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    Art has a way of revealing truth but love triangles are for the birds friendsThat's basically how I'd sum up this book Half of it was a truly profound exploration of the gift of creativity and half of it was ROMANCE DRAMA AND ANGST AND WHAT AM I EVEN DOING HERE I'M TOO OLD AND CRABBY FOR THIS NONSENSE I love absolutely love the magic system Lindsay Franklin conjured up here Basically in the land of Tir storytellers have the magic gift of creating objects through the power of their words their stories Words become colored light which then solidifies into cloth or stone or fire or water or whatever you need it to be It's pretty rad pretty useful during a fight heh and any scene which features said 'story weaving' is 100% excellence The main conflict centers around the new king of Tir Gareth who's decided storyweavers are dangerous to him his regime Because they have the power to create and urgently because they have the power to reveal truth their gifts must be suppressed and censored Only 'crowned' stories stories that paint the king in a good light are allowed The problem is if a storyweaver suppresses hisher creativity long enough their mind turns against them and they become a monster Cuz you can't choke down the stories inside you fam So far so good So excellent even I REALLY LIKED THIS MAIN FRAMEWORK I thought it had enormous potential I was super excited to spend a good long time exploring an environment where expressing your inner truth will get you killed but hiding it will also get you killed The problem is this is the first book in a trilogy; and by the end of Book 1 view spoilerthe king is dead the old regime has been defeated our MCs are free to exercise their gifts and THE PROTAGONIST'S MAJOR WORRY FOR THE NEXT BOOK IS WHICH HOT GUY SHE SHOULD PICK hide spoiler

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    45 stars Amazing concept excellent characters MOR heart eyes and great climax Would have wished for a bit solid direction through the rest of the story but overall an enjoyable read with the best pirate ever Morwen anyone?

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    y'all this was byfar one of my most favorite books i've read this year seriouslythe characters the plot have to admit i fell in love after reading the first chapterContent Language na author is a Christian so none here Romance one forced kiss the situation was not with the main character but still not enjoyable to read the side character handled it well one kiss Tanwen and someoneXD hugs feelings sweet gestures that could be taken as romance totally clean and very enjoyable to read Violence a big part of The Story Peddler is how there is an evil king who oppresses people and jails people for small offenses details of that fighting towards the very end of the book some blood swords clashing people injured a side characters wife who is towards the end of her pregnancy is beaten and thrown in the king's jail has her child in prison and nearly dies no details of the birth many details of the mistreatment BloodGore as mentioned details of blood from wounds mostly at the very end of the book nothing too descriptivewhere do i start? first things first THAT C O V E R pretty much exactly how i pictured the story strands to look like stunning second i truly hope Mrs Lindsay Franklin knows how TALENTED she is and how BEAUTIFUL her writing is wow i am shooki've never read a book like Mrs Lindsay's with a very uniue plot well thought out characters and little to none content i'm rating this book 5 shining stars if i could but it wasn't only those three things that made me rate 5 starsthe whole BracTanwen relationshipIT'S OFFICIAL Y'ALL I SHIP BRAC AND TANWEN please carefully note there is a bit of a LOVE TRIANGLE in this fabulous story BUT it wasn't a dominating part of the book so didn't bother me very much for those who don't know i've gotten sort of 'sick' of love trianglesi also really like the other love interest but won't state his name 'cause it might ruin the book XDplus the relationship between Brac and Tanwen already existed unlike most books overall the romance was a fun part of the bookthe humorous moments despite the tensionwhile the book had a TON of suspensetensiondanger i really enjoyed all of the moments particularly with Brac that were hilarious for ex Tanwen always gets on to Brac for forgetting to wear his hat so his nose gets as 'red as a tomato' alongside romance humor really helps to ease up a lot of the tension so funthe fact that they brought stories to life from their fingertipsummm raises hand I WANT TO DO THAT so awesome the fact that they can bring stories to life was super inspiring and Mrs Lindsay wrote in such detail that i could picture the scene in my mind and that my friend is a good talent indeed Dto just sum it up right here folks you H A V E to go pick up a copy of The Story Peddler one of the most beautiful books inside and out people out there i reccomend this gem for ages 13 for the content listed above you better be proud Mrs Lindsay

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    The Story Peddler is a captivating tale of adventures rebels treason and forbidden stories Even the concept of story weaving intrigued me from the start and the beautiful cover gave me high hopes for this book Those expectations weren’t let down even a notch The characters are all so uniue and practically bursting from the page with the stunning realness to each and every one of them Not only were the main and secondary characters realistic but even the random characters who had one scene and never came in again were amazingly real Every person who appeared on the page had a life and a personality—but at the same time it wasn't overdoneThere was also a bit of a love triangle but it turned out in a completely unexpected way by the end and it was actually uite refreshing to have a twist on the normal clichesThere’s a deep heartache that flows through the characters—making them so relatable and engaging and pulling the reader into their lives I couldn’t not like the main characters even if I tried I connected so deeply with Tanwen and all the rest too in different ways Character development and theme have been woven artfully through this book so it's inseparable from the plot and the action of the novel Every page in this story is raising the stakes and drawing in suspense I really enjoyed the style of writing Tanwen’s voice comes through the prose so perfectly in a way that shows her style and feel but without making it jerky or unnatural for the reader The Story Peddler is actually the first book in a trilogy and the ending leads into the next book perfectly It's not cut off in the middle of action and it does resolve most of the core goal but it leaves plenty of intriguing ground for the rest of the series The very last page threw a huge twist in my face and left me hanging for answers I guess I'll be hanging for a year or so while I wait for the next book to release P  If I had to sum it up in one word this story is vibrant Definitely a book I recommend to all speculative fiction readers

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    45 StarsBook lovers imagine what it would be like to see the spoken words of a gifted storyteller crystallizing into tangible objects right before your eyes This idea is what initially lured me to Lindsay A Franklin’s debut fiction novel The Story Peddler What kept me tethered to the story was her imaginative world building valiant characters and the thrill of discoveryEvery person will read a story through the lens of their own personal worldview and experiences I came at this story as a Christian a mom and a lukewarm fan of the fantasy genre so I will review it from all three perspectivesI would tell Christians to seek the breadcrumbs Much of what Franklin writes echoes the greatest story ever told—including a good Creator a usurper who suppress the Truth by perpetuating lies and the promise of redemptionI believe this story was written for young adults and yet I’m a 40 year old mother of two who found it to be thoroughly entertaining Even I am allowing my middle graders to read it The author touches on the concept of doing what is right even when it’s not popular or safe to do She also extols the positive aspects of community and how our uniue gifts imparted by our Creator contribute to the welfare of others For parents considering this story for their own children I’ll mention there is an element of spiritual warfare a stolen kiss and a tavern that serves both food and ale My advice would be to read the story yourself and to discuss the deeper elements with your childDid I say I was a lukewarm fan of the fantasy genre? While this still holds true authors like Mary Weber and Lindsay A Franklin are turning up the heat When the next installment of The Story Weaver Trilogy comes out it will be mineChristian Shelf Esteem received a book to facilitate this review The views and opinions expressed here are 100% honest and my own I am disclosing this in Accordance with the FTC's 16 CFR part 255 Guidelines concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in advertising