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Tuper Is Helping Find Five Year Old Mason, Who Was Presumedly Taken By His Father, But When Mason S Father Is Found Unconscious, Mason Has Disappeared Again In An Impossible Search During A Bitterly Cold Montana Blizzard, Old Cowboy Tuper And His Hacker Friend Lana S Quest Blurs Into One Of Insanity And Murder As Wounded Tuper Fights To Stay Alive In The Bitter Cold, Lana Searches Cyberspace And Finds Someone Is Working Hard To Ensure Certain Secrets Remain Secret Especially Mason S True Identity

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    Tuper, a laconic aging cowboy in Montana with a mysterious past, agrees to help a woman find her five year old son, Mason Tuper has three interests guns, gambling, and women He knows a lot of people and he can get things done, but this case is much complicated than what it appears What he thinks might be custodial interference turns out to be something much sinister and sad Tuper is helped in his quest by a mysterious young woman with mad hacker skills, and a network of friends and acquaintances.Burrell writes the excellent Advocate series involving a children s lawyer, her bff law partner, and a handsome PI Tuper played a minor part in one of the last Advocate series, and Burrell is allowing him to shine on his own in this book I liked this book much than I expected I m always nervous when I read a new entry from a favorite author I have the fear I ll be disappointed, or have to tell someone their baby is ugly , but I found Tuper to be an interesting character He s cranky and resistant to change and technology, and Lana, the young hacker, is an interesting foil to him They have a sort of rocky relationship, but find their way to a solid friendship by the end of the book I also enjoyed that one of my favorite characters from the Advocate series, JP, made several appearances in this story, providing a nice connection If you re new to Burrell s work, this is a great place to start The references to her other series are smooth and worked into the plot in a natural way You don t have to be a fan of the Advocate series to like this one, but I bet once you read this, you ll want to search out her other series I look forward to seeing from Tuper and his crew.In the interests of full disclosure, I beta read this for the author, but I liked it enough that I purchased my own copy afterward.

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    This is a spin off of The Advocate series Tuper has been hired to find a kidnapped child He knows something is not right with the story he has been given but he cannot figure out what is wrong Lana enters his life the same night he was hired Turns out she is good with computers and can help in his investigation She uncovers than either of them expected.I liked this story It is fast moving Tuper and Lana are fun Tuper is pig headed and stubborn but so is Lana and Lana talks to herself as she works out scenarios for what could have happened in the lives that cross theirs during the investigation Tuper also knows people and can get the help he needs when he needs it Watching Tuper and Lana spar with each other made me chuckle at times The investigation was interesting and intriguing I read the book in one sitting I was hooked and had to find out what happened and why.I think this is the first book in the series I cannot wait for with these characters

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    Another good book by BurrellFast quick paced read Some twists in the storyline till the very end I hope Next book is about Lana

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    Mason was last seen running towards a man the teacher assumed to be his father, and getting into a dark blue Toyota RAV4 Days pass and there is no sign or ransom, word of mouth reaches Mason s desperate mother, giving her cause to approach Tuper He is thought to be the best, and she would do anything to enlist his services But the stubborn and honourable Tuper is not in this line of work for the money, he has his own code, and he lives by it Agreeing to take the case, despite his suspicions everything is not as it seems, he stumbles across someone who can help him progress his investigation quicker This new duo start the hunt for Mason, uncovering strange circumstances and buried secrets as they go Mason is missing, but all is not as it first seems Can they uncover the truth and find the boy before the unthinkable happens I found Teresa Burrell s writing style to be really easy going, so much so that I read the entire book in a single sitting I was right there along Tuper and Lana as they tracked down leads and began to build the foundations of their new friendship Red herrings, murder, mystery, mistakes, secrets, and peril, it doesn t get better than this to make a good recipe for a mystery story, and Mason s Missing A Tuper Mystery Book 1 has them all You ll share the frustrations and victories of the characters as they delve deeper into the mystery and unravel the surprising truth about what actually happened A really strong first book in a series, with just enough information about the lead characters that they remain an intriguing mystery you want to learn about.

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    Five year old, Mason Jenkins, is missing in Helena, Montana Tuper the only name he s known by , a crusty cowboy type detective, has been recruited by Mason s mother to find him The story follows lead after lead and interesting characters through a search that terminates in a very unexpected ending There are people I hated and people I loved, and people who totally fooled me This is a page turner that I really enjoyed A few characters from the Advocate series are incorporated into the story, but this is not a continuation of that series.

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    Tuper was introduced in an earlier book Now he has his own series He s an interesting, off beat, old school character who connects with a mysterious young computer geek to solve this story about a missing child The setting is as much a character in this book as the people arebeautiful, yet desolate I thought I had it all figured out, but I was not even close to what really happened I received a complimentary copy in advance of publication.

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    I can t wait for the next Tuper mystery

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    I am a big fan of Ms Burrell s Advocate series and was thrilled to see this new spin off I ll admit that it s been a while since I read the Advocate s Felony, so I didn t remember too much about Tuper going into this Now that I ve finished this book, I can t wait for The mystery was engaging as always I really enjoyed the twists and turns, and was definitely surprised by the final twist at the end Tuper and Lana had a fun dynamic, and I was laughing at Tuper s resistance of technology We also get some guest appearances from JP, which was fantastic Looking forward to the next story by Ms Burrell

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    Excellent First BookAlthough the explanations get a little convoluted in the wrap up, Burrell wrote a solid story with great characters Tuper everyone needs a friend like this Old West favorite, the strong, silent type And having a tech savvy side kick like Lana brings him into this century Love that they have secrets to be revealed as the series progresses Can t wait to read

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    Really a really good mysteryI ve always enjoyed Teresa grills characters This new character, while adding JP and saw Sabre in the distant background kept the story moving along Fall they were many twists and turns and a few confusing times it kept my interest off until the end The end was not predictable I like her new character s of Tuber and Lana This book leaves you wanting of this duo.