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I love the idea of this anthology, short stories about secondary characters from other books getting their HEAs I find I end up loving a well drawn secondary character almost as much as the main ones so I thought this was a fabulous idea Against the Odds by Lisa Kleypas 5 StarsThis novella was the reason I was so eager to read this anthology, I am a huge fan of Lisa Kleypas, and Dreaming of You is one of my favourite books, so seeing a novella that has my book husband Derek Craven in it had me very excited Lydia, is Derek and Sara s daughter and like her father she is very mathmatically minded but also very sensible and makes decisions using her head and not her heart But, could this be the right thing to do when chosing a husband Although short I did really enjoy this With a relatively small number of pages Lisa Kleypas created a likable hero and heroine who had explosive chemistry and deep feelings for one another And, it was not only great to see a new romance blossom, but also to see Sara and Derek 20 years later and still just as much in love If you are a fan of Lisa Kleypas this is a must read, and if you haven t read her before this is a nice taster Midsummer s Knight by Kinley MacGregor aka Sherrilyn Kenyon 3 StarsBefore I start this review properly I should warn you that I am not really a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon s writing style, and that is the main problem I have with her books and unfortunately this book was no different I liked the idea of two people falling in love through letters and then finally coming face to face, it was very sweet, but, as I always do, I found the writing over the top and a little cheesy If you are a fan of Sherrilyn Kenyon Kinley MacGregor though you will love this book, and you shoudl definietly read it, even as someone who isn t a fan I still liked reading it, but I did find myself a little relieved when it ended.A Tale of Two Sisters by Julia Quinn 3.5 StarsI love a good Julia Quinn book She can write the most amusing light hearted banter and sweet romances, making her books so readable that I find I have finished them before I have even realised I have begun A Tale of Two Sisters is very much the same, a funny smart girl and a sightly wicked but essentially nice guy who fall in love with eachother If this were a full length novel I would have a few issues with how quickly they managed to fall in love, but as it was a novella I find that it is much easier to forgive A great quick read that will have you chuckling to yourself Omg Derek and Sara s daughter is the heroine.honestly the story was short and very unsatisfactory in the sense that I wanted to read atleast another hundred pages about them.but still it Derek and Sara.and Linely and Lydia I loved it. I ve always had strangely conflicting feelings about Lisa Kleypas work I think she resorts to eye rolling melodrama with annoying frequency OMG, it s yet another kidnapping by yet another cardboard villain who we ve barely even heard about before page 315 I wonder if the hero will rescue his vulnerable damsel in distress I also find some of her heroes so controlling, domineering, ruthless and malicious that they strike me as villains, and she tends to feed into the damaging and, in my case, patently untrue idea that guys who are actually kind, smart, caring, well educated and gentlemanly are always too dull for our heroines, cause of course deep down we women all want hyper controlling brutes who act like semi sociopaths often than not, and heaven forbid a truly sweet guy also be an attractive and passionate one Note I find this alarmingly true of SOME of her heroes, but certainly not all, and in fact a couple of her heroes are all time favorites of mine But, here s the thing at her best, Lisa Kleypas work engages and affects me like no other writer in this genre, and very, very few writers not in this genre There s something so emotionally rich and powerfully evocative about her writing, as if she s mastered the art of appealing to all five of our senses, our heads AND our hearts to a degree that few other writers could ever emulate She can irk me greatly, but she can also captivate my head, heart and story worshiping soul Nearly all of her work ends up either frustrating me to the point where I can barely even finish it OR getting moved to the surprisingly selective favorite romances ever file on my Kindle I m thrilled to say that her novella in this collection falls into that latter category I ve read that some feel it was too short, but honestly, I thought Kleypas did a marvelous job of defining the characters and their conflicts quickly and vividly and without just dumping piles of clunky exposition on the reader I know that different characters and couples resonate very differently with different readers and the disparity in opinions is what makes this site so much fun , but Lydia was the type of heroine I happen to love most She emerged immediately as an all time favorite, in fact I m a total sucker for an unabashedly smart, independent, intellectual, endearingly different but not TOO bizarre heroine who s kind and passionate beneath a carefully controlled veneer and a relatable mix of intellectual arrogance and slight social insecurity Jake, meanwhile, while a bit of a rake who has of course been with a zillion women it s sad how few HR heroes DON T meet that criteria , was extremely likable and compelling to me a doctor who s intelligent and dedicated but not at all materially ambitious in fact, he insists on not living off the Cravens money He s charming and witty but not at all shallow, he s got a thankful amount of vulnerability beneath his arrogance, and he s a semi smartass but not at all mean spirited, scarily manipulative or ruthless like too many of Kleypas other heroes And he is, of course, very emotional, passionate and sexy in all the right ways at least to this reader In an admittedly short period of time, I actually felt Jake and Lydia s connection a physical one, certainly, but an emotional one as well, and the latter is always far important to me I love when they both talk openly about what they think their deepest flaws were it was real closeness and candor than we see from some couples who spend 400 loooong pages together The fact that they knew each other prior to the start of the novella was a wise move on Kleypas part and may have made their connection a little richer and believable to me The plot isn t exactly revolutionary Lydia s about to make a respectable, compatible but loveless marriage, and, well, you can guess without my having to use spoiler tags that Lydia and Nice Enough But Not Her Soulmate guy never quite make it to the altar However, I loved that there was a tight, relatable central conflict and not much room for contrived melodrama or pointless tangents There are a couple of minor but interesting surprises along the way, and many of Kleypas readers will find the time we get to spend with Lydia s parents, Sara and Derek from Dreaming of You, one of her most popular novels is the delectable icing atop this cake Readers who are rarely satisfied by novellas and short er fiction probably won t love this anywhere near as ardently as I did, but if you re someone who enjoys a good novella and Kleypas writing in general, I highly, highly recommend this one Not all fellow reviewers loved it, of course, but somehow it just worked for me on every level, and I ll be rereading itfrequently 5 5 While most of what Lisa Kleypas writes seems to fall into one extreme or the other for me a work that annoys or even offends me vs a novella or book that immediately becomes one of my very favorite romances Julia Quinn is consistent for me Even at her best she doesn t captivate and enthrall me to the extent that Kleypas does, but I find most of her stuff reliably enjoyable Her novella here has some of the great lines, witty insights that readers expect from most of Quinn s work, but this wasn t a favorite of mine One of the things I generally love most about Quinn is that a majority of her heroes are actually gasp decent, goodhearted, eminently likable men Even when her actual plots are lacking which, er, they usually are I usually love most of her characters and fluffy wit too much to care In this novella, though, I just couldn t muster up affection for Ned He seemed sort of inconsistently defined and all over the place for me Charlotte, the heroine, rather clunkily informs the reader that about a million stellar adjectives apply to him he s dashing and witty and smart and sensible and sexy and a wonderful conversationalist etc etc etc., but we don t really SEE most of that for ourselves Worse yet, we wonder when and how Charlotte formed those conclusions, since their first real conversation takes place towards the beginning of the story, and it isn t an especially remarkable one They have a couple of other conversations that barely registered with this reader, and all of a sudden we re supposed to believe that they are VERY close and share a deep trust and connection and totally love each other even though they can t show it quite yet and Huh Did I miss a few chapters I m a novella lover, which means that I m eager and ready to believe that my fictional couples can develop genuine love and closeness in far fewer pages In this case, though, it really wasn t executed effectively for me Neither the H or h or their connection to each other seemed well defined The main things they had in common seemed to be slight self superiority if only everyone were as SENSIBLE as they were is one lament, though Ned doesn t strike me as especially sensible and a dislike for poetry I never saw them get close, let alone fall in anything I d call even close to love, and hence wasn t impacted when a betrayal of trust arose and neither character came off too great in this particular conflict, by the way Despite my not loving the H, h or buying into their connection with each other, this one did have its individual moments of sweetness and humor Quinn s work nearly always does, even when we re not wow ed overall I ll probably reread the lines I highlighted at some point because, yeah, I m that much a geek, but I doubt I ll ever reread the entire novella 3 5 Even those as bad at math as I am might notice that I ve commented on only two novellas despite this anthology containing three I didn t feel quite right reviewing Kinley Macgregor s since medieval Middle Age romances are just not my literary cup of tea The parts I read did seem well written, though the plot relied on a misunderstanding that I find contrived our heroine thinking the love letters she s received are from one man when they re really from our hero If you do like this type of story, you might want to download a sample and check it out Overall, I d give the Kleypas novella an A, the Quinn story a C B , and have to in good faith give McGregor s an Incomplete If you can find this for a fairly reasonable price, I d say it s well worth purchasing The novellas themselves are probably tightly written that this rambling review My rating is only for Master of Desire by Kinley MacGregor.Simon I told you I did I know you don t believe me, but I swear that I never lied to you I only omitted telling you what the S stood for because I didn t want to lose you For once, I wanted something for myself. My review contains spoilers and they re mostly my thoughts as I went with the book This review and rating is based on Lisa Kleypas s Against All Odds 4.5 stars and Kinley MacGregor s Midsummer s Knight 4 stars I ve also read Julia Quinn s The Tale of Two Sisters 3 stars , which was just ok for me.note People who have no idea about Derek Craven aka Sex God Extraordinaire aka my baby, his book is titled Dreaming of You, book 2 in the Gamblers series.Lisa Kleypas, Against All Odds I ve read this LK novella at least twice but didn t do a review because I m yet to do reviews for her other books But, now I think I should add my thoughts on this one The book is about Dr Jake Linley, whom we ve seen in some of LK s other books including Lady Sophia s Lover Jake is a brilliant doctor and a womanizer, a rake of the first order but he loves only one woman, namely one Lydia Craven Lydia is, of course, Derek Craven s daughter a mathematical genius and not one of the conventional beauties of the Ton But she is admired in the mathematical clubs and so on Lydia has her vulnerabilities, being the odd ball in every sense Not many man can appreciate her skills in math When the story starts, Lydia s just got engaged to one of her colleagues and Jake s getting seriously drunk because of it But the irony is, none of them know about each others feelings Lydia s quite crazy about Jake but there was a misunderstanding between the two which led her to believe Jake doesn t care for her in any way, he isn t even attracted to her She also knows of his rakish ways All these made her ignore Jake thoroughly and Jake thought that Lydia can t stand him for some reasons Then, from a bit of a help from Lydia s meddling mother, the ever adorable Sara, they sorted their differences out in Derek s wine cellar Derek, on the other had, had a taste of being on the other side of the situation in this case, the overprotective papa , whose daughter is marrying a womanizer herself Well, can anyone see history repeating itself pAnd oooh meeh gawd, have I mentioned that a middle aged Derek is as hawt and steamilicious as ever His and Sara s interactions were so good to read, I ll say the best in this novella I believe this could ve been a nice full length novel, I d read it only for Derek aka my baby Against All Odds has 6 chapters, including an epilogue and a prologue No love scenes in that sense but there were plenty of touching and kissing and Derek rwaaar hahahaha p PS I had a good laugh knowing Derek was still that Derek, who knows everything about everyone And, he did his research well on Jake, including his bed partners Damn that man takes my breath away swoons Kinley MacGregor, Midsummer s Knight This is the story of Simon of Ravenswood, half brother to the hero of Master of Desire, Draven But, we ve seen Simon in almost all the MacAllister books so far In them, Simon was portrayed as a happy go lucky chap, a knight errant who loves to have meaningless affairs with lady s maids and married women in his own words, if his implications were anything He was also a definite fun to read, I really loved him as a secondary character even though I didn t approve of some stuffs you can guess he did Otherwise, Simon was a man who loves to help and protect the ones he loves In this novella, Simon proved that again but was this the Simon I really knew from the other books The story is quite simple but there are loads of information regarding Simon and the introduction to the Brotherhood of the Swords We meet Stryder, who is one of the best English knights and also one of Simon s best friends I didn t know that I also didn t know that Simon were in the crusades with Stryder and had a bad experience I mean it was really bad He was imprisoned and tortured in Outremer, along with Stryder and another guy, Edward While Simon has chosen to forget about his experiences and live his life, Stryder is broody and keeps to himself That first scene was really funny Simon being in his own element, saving Stryder from some crazy harpies, who can t get enough of him his lands, skills in bed and body, in Stryder s own words.Then enter Kenna, Edward s sister She s a Scottish princess, cousin to king Malcolm But Kenna is a simple girl, by which I mean she has no complexity in her character She knows she s not a beauty in the conventional sense No man looks at her twice unless they know about her title and money I really felt for her since she s very sweet and honest She met Simon a year ago, after her brother died Kenna originally wanted to meet Stryder but it s Simon, who s also Stryder s kind of a personal secretary writes his letters and stuffs as Stryder is a busy first class knight and illiterate , talks to her Kenna asked him about writing to Stryder and then started the exchange of sweet letters They come very close to each other and at one point, fell in love Kenna doesn t know it s Simon who writes to her Simon thinks he ll never amount to Stryder s prowess as a knight and also, the fact that he s not a titled lord Moreover, he s illegitimate Simon is sure he and Kenna has no future together since Kenna, being a princess, has to marry accordingly.The misunderstanding starts as Kenna comes to visit Stryder, thinking he proposed to her in his last letter And, you can guess, Stryder is dumbfounded Then, in confrontation, the truth comes out Kenna is hurt thinking they made fun of her but Simon takes her somewhere out and proves her of his love I loved seeing the fact that Kenna did love the man who wrote her those letters and she took it in easily that Simon is her man, not Stryder But, as they knew, everyone expected Kenna to marry Stryder and when they return, they find both king Henry II and Malcolm present, not only for the jousting ceremony that s taking place but also for Kenna and Stryder s marriage Oh damn This book did make me cry a lot in the end and it being a novella, I have to say a big feat indeed Novellas are usually pretty rushed up, so no time for emotional turmoils But, KM proved she can give you everything in a novella, too Simon had to prove a lot in the joust, knowing he s no match for Stryder Also, after the defeat, he chose to save Stryder from another assassination attempt these attempts are like breathing for Stryder though he knew if Stryder is killed, he can easily claim Kenna And, Simon got seriously injured I ll leave the ending out for now and talk about some other points.The background of the BotS was a bit too much to take in because it was a bit sudden for me Simon had a nick too, the Wraith Why The explanation is in the book I believe, for this reason and also because Simon was such an endearing character, he deserved a full length novel I also felt the book talked too much about Stryder Just me But, counting in the fact that he s the hero of the next book, I acceded KM did squeeze in a lot of information regarding the BotS Stryder proved to be a complex character, I m really interested in his book He and Simon, bound by their tortured past, vowed that they d never marry But, Simon relented for Kenna since he could not live without her All in all, this novella did give me a feeling of completion, which I usually don t experience in a novella Midsummer s Knight has 8 chapters including a prologue and an epilogue It has two sweet love scenes Julia Quinn, The Tale of Two Sisters This is the story of Edward aka Ned Blydon, who was featured in all the books in the Blydon series I don t really remember much details about the story except that Ned was supposed to marry one sister but that sister was seeing someone else The other, probably the younger and not as beautiful as the elder sister one falls for Ned Then the younger sister tries to help the older one to elope at night and was caught by Ned, who was residing in their house Then they marry and fall in love etc etc I ll do a full review after I read it again and the rating may change but I remember there is a fun poem at the end of the novella, typical JQ stuff, worth a reading at least for that p I read the KM, which is the start of another off shoot series of a Brotherhood, which kind of sounds like the Dark Hunters I felt the author added to Simon s history which we didn t see in previous books at all which felt forced, as in she did it to have a known character start off another series He has been corresponding with h under his friend s name. 3.75 stars overall 1st story 3.5 stars 2nd story 3 stars 3rd story 5 stars. Against the Odds, Lisa KleypasLydia Craven likes math and because numbers says she won t find True Love, she ends up engaged to Lord Wray This Upsets Dr Jake Linley because of his engorged boners When locked in a wine cellar, they hash it out and end up super in love This was inoffensive if slightly undercooked Because they were both Interested when they first met but didn t say anything, they start sniping at one another because of UST Or something And it s love And Sara coordinates it between bouts with her husband IDK 2.5 stars Midsummer s Knight, Kinley MacGregorSimon of Ravenswood aka The Wraith inadvertently starts a correspondence with Lady Kenna, cousin to the Crown of Scotland Except she thinks he s Lord Stryker because assholes can t be bothered to sign than an initial So then a joust to determine who gets to marry Kenna And finally True Love This was something I liked it even while railing against the writing There s something about these medieval books that just rankles how the characters feel like puppets and there s a lot of telling in place of development All that and I still was routing for these two idiots, so 2 stars A Tale of Two Sisters, Julia QuinnNed Blydon, Viscount of Somewhere, is engaged to Lydia Thornton when he meets Charlotte Thornton and realizes that he s willing to pull an old switch a roo Julia Quinn is so much delightful to me in small sips her humor can highlight rather than attempt to carry the story, and her characters fit the small space well That said, I was a bit weirded out by how explicitly this story called out the switch Like, at one point, Ned imagines Lydia pregnant with his child And then imagines Charlotte pregnant with his child And RIGHT THERE IN THE TEXT it states how similar their features were, how easy it was for him to shift right on over to Charlotte AND I WAS LIKE HELL NO BRO 2 stars. This review is only for the Lisa Kleypas story, Against The Odds.Very enjoyable 93 page read, but boy do I wish it was a 293 page read it would ve been a much better story if the characters of 20 year old Lydia Craven Derek and Sara s from Dreaming of You oldest child and 30 year old Dr Jake Linley were a little developed I know I met Dr Linley in another Kleypas book Someone to Watch Over Me , but I didn t recall much about him except for his age and his good looks In this story he s also got a bit of a reputation as a ladies man Pretty Lydia Craven has just become engaged to Robert, Lord Wray, but if he s being honest with himself, Jake doesn t like it, even though he and Lydia hardly get along The mathematically brainy Lydia and Wray are a good intellectual match, but they get along like friends or brother and sister, not like a couple in love Lydia thinks that the possibility of her finding her soul mate is practically nil, so Lord Wray looks like a good enough bet for her, and he s considered a great catch Jake thinks it s all wrong, but is he ready to declare his true feelings for Lydia What can he as a doctor give Lydia who grew up fabulously wealthy Would his love be enough for her There s a nice steamy scene where Lydia and Jake get locked in a wine cellar by someone who s trying to encourage their relationship and Jake teaches Lydia what afterglow is all about, and they finally right the wrongs and misunderstandings in their relationship Well done, but far too short.Probably the best part for me was seeing Sara and Derek again, and seeing what happened to their life 20 years later Hey, they may be older, but these two still have plenty of steam I m hoping one day LK decides to write stories on the descendants of Sara and Derek lots of potential there 4 stars Dear Avon Books,Where Are My Heroes Whenever I M Reading A Book By One Of My Favorite Authors I Find I M Falling For The Wrong Guy Not The Hero, But The Other Man And What I Really Want Is For Him To Have His Own StoryLike Jake Linley, From Someone To Watch Over Me By Lisa Kleypas That Doctor Could Sit By My Bedside If I Ever Got Sick And Ned Blydon In Splendid By Julia Quinnhe Makes Me Want To Learn To Waltz I Never Thought Living In A Drafty Castle Would Be Much Fun Until Simon Of Ravenswood In Master Of Desire By Kinley MacGregor Came AlongAnyway, I Just Wanted To Let You Know That These Are My Men When Do They Get Their Stories Sincerely,A Romance FanSome Books Are So Special That There Is Than One Hero To Love, But Only A Single Story Is Told So If You Find Yourself Asking, Where Is My Hero You Ll Discover The Answer Right Here In This Delicious Collection By New York Times Bestseller Lisa Kleypas, New York Times Bestseller Julia Quinn And USA Today Bestseller Kinley MacGregor