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Destiny can be cruel    Darkness retreated from the light of the scarlet moon but has since grown even stronger The Mistress of Shadows has found a new pawn—one that may be the key to unlocking the door to her underground prison Now evil threatens to escape its shackles and destroy the land In the aftermath of loss and betrayal Jayden’s fight with the enemy still isn’t over But while she isn’t sure she can stop the Mistress alone leaving her friends might be the only way to keep them from being consumed by the darkness  With lives hanging in the balance—and no time for error—can Jayden make the right choice? 

10 thoughts on “Amber Eyes (Children of the Blood Moon, #2)

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    Amber Eyes didn’t disappoint Just like Scarlet Moon the worldbuilding is fascinating and uniue I just love love love it so much with all the different mythical creatures and the animal bonds all without going over board or making the world confusing The characters are well developed to the point my heart ached during this book for all the characters I’d come to care about so much I can’t say too much about the plot or the characters without giving away a few spoilers but I was so glad to see a few of my favorite characters return in this book when I feared I might never see them again at the end of the last bookAnd that endingargh How are we ever going to wait for the next book?

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    Ugh this series is so good I can't decide which one I like this one or the first book I think that this one may have been action filled than the first but it also didn't destroy my insides like the ending of the first book did Then again the first book did destroy my insidesI love the character development in this series all of their relationships with each other is the best And the animals? They're awesome characters in and of themselves Though once again Grimm isn't afraid to heartlessly kill off characters criesI need the next book have so many uestions still left unanswered Did Ethan really die before? If so how did he come back? What are the assassins really up to? What is Ryan going to bond to? Also WHO IS JAYDEN'S BROTHER???And now without further ado the ships that I ship because I ship shipsJayden and Ethan first and foremost alwaysRebekah and Logan after all they've been through they just gotta get back togetherRyan and Selena cause they're cute togetherConnor and Kara even though I think Connor is probably going to end up with Maddison instead I like the chemistry between these two I can't wait for Black Blood Though I must also admit that I'm just a tiny bit terrified Please don't hurt my babies Grimm

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    I need Black Blood NOW WHY IS JANUARY SO FAR AWAY?? 😭😱😍❤️

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    VIDEO REVIEW HERE is the word I would use to describe this book Not because the writing was bad but OH MY GOODNESS Like how many times is my heart going to speed up only to slow down and then accelerate again?Do you know how many times I thought someone was about to die? Numerous And I mean NUMEROUS Like I have no idea how I handled this book because man just when I thought things would be all gravy for a while things went downhill right uick Like who is going to even survive when all this stuff is done?I promise I'm breathing while writing this review and not hyperventilating of everything I just went throughSeriously though The author took me on another crazy adventure I didn't see coming I was pretty upset in the beginning about how things sort of developed for one of my favorite characters and didn't expect to love this one hides shamefullyHowever do you know what happened?The author changed my mind on a certain friendshiprelationship halfway through Like I actually had peace and was okay about the development that happened I did NOT see that coming or even expected it I repeat I did NOT see that comingLike his story is a gut wrencher but man good things are in store for that boy He really is The Knight winksSo I'm unsure if my thoughts make much sense here but this story was very surprising in how I came into it and how it ended Plus I might have suealed a little over certain bonding of animals and characters So Totally Cool I need to ask the author when I can bond with an animal like thatI recommend the series though be forewarned that you will be on an up and down adventure begging for a break only to choose and I mean literally choose to willingly go back into the story I have provided an honest review after having received an ARC from the author All thoughts expressed are my own and was not reuired to write a positive review

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    Another fantastic tale SD Grimm is a dynamic storyteller with fun plots and well rounded characters

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    A stunning seuel to one of my favourite all time fantasy novels This book was everything I hoped for and I loved the characters all over again and their continued development was the greatest Ethan is still the best but Sarah needs to give that poor boy a breakThe plot unfolded so perfectly and everything just kept going from bad to worse and the conflict is oh so real I just couldn't stop readingContentview spoiler fight scenes main characters are wounded very seriously including but not limited to mauled by wild animals stabbed through the chest burned by fire stabbed through the chest again etc a few kisses references to past seuel harassment characters are tortured characters are killed Ethan nearly dies so many times and my heart died with him someone send help 😭 hide spoiler

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    This is Book 2 in the series and not having read Book 1 I struggled for the majority of the first half of the story to understand who’s who what their motivations were what gifts each had and who was bonded with whom There is a very big cast of characters most of whom have a “gift” and then they “bond” with other humans andor animals some of which are new creatures eg gryphonsGrimm’s story telling is very good She has an excellent grasp of creating tension has good pace and has an eye for detail in terms of setting and creature descriptionIt’s clear what the grand overall plan of the bad guys is to release the Mistress from her prison And in order to do this they need a Deliverer a Whisperer someone’s blood another’s heart plus have an ugly dragon go drag her out of an erupting volcano The ending is tremendously thrilling except a little over the top and I got confused a few times whether the bag guys had succeeded or failedMy sense is there are simply too many of everything too many characters too many POVs too many different talents and so makes the story a little too challenging for a reader to grasp Because of the large number of “lead” characters we never get to see a great deal of development in any one character Jayden is a primary focus as a character but she doesn’t really grow a great deal and her feelings for Ethan tend to consume a lot of her page timeYes this is a very good novel as the story telling is tremendous and the good vs evil well played out Grimm has created her own Lord of the Rings style epic adventure but unlike Tolkien’s heroes none of Grimm’s captured my heart Yes I was naturally rooting for the good guys but in comparison to LOTR we readers got alongside individual characters who became firm favouritesI would suggest this would be best read as a 3 book series and invest the time in reading all three one after the other so all the characters their giftings and POVs can be readily recalled

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    Hooow am I going to wait until book 3??? Whyyyy So I bought this right after I finished book 1 and now I have regrets because I have to wait until next year for book 3 Why did I do this to myself? lol But after the cliffhangerish ending of book 1 I had to know what had happened to certain characters One baddie was defeated in book 1 but another creepy villain stepped up We of course still have the looming threat of the Mistress rising which climaxes really well We have a few new POV characters in this one namely Connor who I ended up really liking I had some weird vibes off him in book 1 but we got into his head and I think he's one of the most interesting characters right now And the assassin sisters are just frustratingly enigmatic P Jayden continues to grow Ethan spends a little time moping around in this book and doubting himself Ryan had a fun spurt of development Also things happening with him and I'm just going to need my little Ryan to be ok please A lot of things happen in this book but most of them probably end up being spoilery but suffice to say that it's another wild ride and I spent all day at work thinking about this book and dying to get back home and finish it More fantasy creatures abound griffins And a pegasus I really really love this world that SD Grimm has made It's a little dark but incredibly real and I can't wait to explore As with book 1 I wish there was a map because there was even walking around in this book and I got a little confused on geography I cannot wait for book 3 especially after that ending I'm just going to need everyone to be ok Highly recommend this series

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    Where is the next one? I want the next one for yesterday''We enter Amber Eyes with uncertainty but are uickly grabbed again by S D Grimm’s world Shifting between points of view we are travelling thousands of miles in a few pages following every important characterThe story unfolds uickly our heroes being hunted from every direction Being forced to get separated and fight multiple fronts I can’t believe I have to wait another year before I can know what will be of my characters Well to compensate that we finally had a kissDo yourself a favour and go read these amazing book''Read the whole review

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    Amber Eyes is book 2 in the Children of the Blood Moon series and it didn't let me down I enjoyed the progression of the story and I can't wait to see what happens next