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For the past two years Bailey Morgan has lived a double life high school student by day ancient mystical being by night As the third Fate Bailey literally controls the fate of the world but as Plain Old Bailey her life is falling apart She’s got a tattoo that was supposed to be temporary but isn’t friendships that were supposed to last forever but might not and no idea what her future holds after high school graduationThen Bailey meets the rest of the Sidhe an ancient race defined by their power beauty and a sinister habit of getting what they want at any cost Before Bailey knows it she’s being drawn into an otherworldly web complicated than anything she weaves as a mortal Fate From the Trade Paperback edition

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    I enjoyed reading this which sort of surprised me because there were than a fair share of stupidly juvenile actionsthoughts from the main character That usually annoys me but I think Barnes is a good enough writer to get away with things like that Also I am not the target audience DUH Sometimes I forget that and the giggly squealy thing the characters in books like this do gets face time in my reviews than it probably deserves I personally don't remember witty banter being part of the normal conversations with my BFFsback in the day However I am an Ancient Being or so I've been told so it's possible I've forgotten just how I interacted with my friends in high school But I doubt itAs far as the actual plot goes I thought it was really good I haven't read the first book Tattoo but I still found it to be easy enough to follow the story in this one I'm not sure if there is a third book coming out but this one ended in a way that wouldn't necessitate itI'm definitely going to read Tattoo at some point thoughHowever if you're looking for a reason to read this author I would suggest her Raised By Wolves series It's the reason I decided to snatch this book up and by far the better of the two series she has written At least this Ancient Being thinks so Raised by WolvesTrial by Fire

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    I recommend for anyone who wishes to read this to read the first book Tattoo by Jennifer Lynn Barnes This book was fairly good Their was only one real fault to it in my opinion But I'll talk about that later First I would like to say that Jennifer did an amazing job in this sequel it just as good as Tattoo in the fact that the characters are well described and the dialog is well written Tattoo was a interesting book that was a real page turner and I was happy to read a sequel and have the four best friends continue their journey of otherwordly events Even though they've grown up I can still picture them as I did two years ago when I read Tattoo Even though it's been Tattoo I still have their first book adventure in my mind this shows you how one book can really stick with you if it's well described or well written Now the fault with this book is that I found the love realtionship between Bailey and Alec not really developed good enough It wasn't that it was two rushed it was like it didn't have enough time to develop So by the end of the book it not developed enough in my opinion which left a really not so great ending I found reading this book was very hard to read at times and I couldn't finish it in one sitting It took me a week to read this book I found I read a bit slower so I could understand what was going on Why I recommend for people to read the first book first is because even though I read the original I still have forgotten things which are mention in here and aren't completely explain and can seem confusing They were to me Anyways on my scale this book deserves a 3 star rating Don't get me wrong this was a absolutely good sequel for such a well done book like Tattoo

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    I found myself enjoying Fate a lot than it's proceeding novel Tattoo as the girls were older and the setting was firmly planted in that of high school The issues were the same as you might find in a multitude of YA novels fears of losing friendships in the college transition and crushing on guys This novel however throws in the fact that Bailey is the third Fate a whole heap of Greek God inspired faeries and you have this novelThe characters are again very well crafted Each with their own distinct personality that side swerve from being cliched or stereotypes Barnes have a deft touch and writes these girls like she knows them personally The humour that is evident throughout is one of my favourite aspects of Barnes' writing as the zingers always come from out of the blue and they always scratch my funny boneEven better is the presence of a mysterious dark shadow that Bailey can feel approaching I was blind sighted by the reveal of the baddie and I am normally someone who guesses the big reveal far in advance I loved that Barnes' mythological research weaved effortlessly through the friendships the romance and the mystery to create this fresh and supernatural take on the teen worldI really enjoyed this tale and eagerly await Barnes' next release

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    Fate the sequel to Tattoo brings back some adorable characters loyal to each other foreverBailey is the third Fate from Greek Mythology which can totally mess up her life when she can't change her own fate Turning her part time Fate job she learns that she has to make a choice that well isn't entirely her choice She has to choose her Fate life orher Fate lifeI love the girls Zo is loyal to a fault and forever trying to protect her friends Delia is a total fashionista who likes to take charge yet she has a heart of gold Annabelle is brilliant and shy Bailey is probably your average teenage girl plain and self conscious I related to herI love the way the mythology is infused with the story Greek mythology trumps the Romans any day So I know my Greek gods It was cool to see how Barnes turned them into real people and explained how things were blown out of proportion in the dayReally this story is about life and what it means when one chapter is ending and another is about to begin Bailey is a senior in high school and worried what will happen to her and her friends when they head off to college Will they be together? It's real and it's relavent

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    The fate of life lies in the weaving hands of a part Sidhe teen in Jennifer Lynn Barnes's FateWhen we last met her in Tattoo a supposedly temporary tattoo awakened Bailey Morgan's Sidhe blood Now in her dreams she travels to Nexus and meets with two ancestors who help train her powers Together they are the three Fates but the Otherworld is starting to bleed into Bailey's human lifeThe main theme here is choice and if you actually have one Though Celtic mythology is commonly associated with Sidhe the author's decision to add Greek mythology to the mix pays off Bailey is a rare find in fiction a character whom is not only extremely relatable but also rather likeable and her friends are the best friends a girl could have Not to mention the mother who regularly bakes cookies so obviously Zo understands the importance of our favourite foodstuffs It's so refreshing to read teen characters who aren't obsessed with popularity designer brands and multiple suitors Though it lacks the shocks and surprises I require to declare something a five star read this is a solid quality four star occasion

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    I picked up this book a long time ago not realizing that it was a sequel to Tattoo I honestly picked it up because of the pretty cover I didn't read it right after finishing Tattoo so I didn't remember what had happened in the previous story very wellI'm not sure if that lapse in between stories contributed to my inability to get into this story I almost gave up on this book a couple of times I felt like it had a hard time getting past the Sidhe background It was long and drawn out The action was reserved for the last little bit of the book It really wasn't enough to make the book really worthwhile to seek outI did like how the ending turned out The Sidhe were trying to make Bailey play by their rules when they didn't really apply to her She something entirely different so she should be an exception to the rules I also enjoyed how the Sidhe represented different godsgoddesses throughout history I enjoy when a book can take different views from different cultures and wrap them into one story that makes senseI would probably pass on this book unless you enjoy other books by Barnes or have all ready read Tattoo

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    I thought this sequel was even better than the first book The main characters seem well developed and realistic and the issue of dealing with graduation and worrying about the changes it brings is really relatable

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    Liked the first one betterthis one was all over the place

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    I really liked it I'm all in for books and what happens so yeah

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    In this sequel to TATTOO only Bailey retains her magical powers She is one of the three Fates whose gift is life But that is only her night job During the day she is a high school senior along with her three best friends and dealing with normal high school stuff Bailey is facing the thought that things will change when they all graduate and she is afraid that they will lose the closeness that has been a part of her life since they were all toddlersBailey doesn't know that she might be going farther than she had thought Because she is part faerie she is coming to the Reckoning She is supposed to restore balance by choosing either the Seelie or Unseelie courts and living in the Otherworld all the time Both the Seelie and Unseelie courts are putting a lot of pressure on her Because the world isn't in balance immortals are able to come to Earth and create mischief Bailey and her friends need to find a way to restore the balance and keep Bailey on Earth I really enjoyed this story I could empathize with Bailey who didn't want things to change I also really liked the relationship between the four friends who each had distinctive personalities