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What if You Woke up One Morning and the Darkest Parts of Yourself Were Gone?Toren Daniels vanished eight months back and his wife and kids have moved on with than a little relief Toren was a good man but carried a raging temper that often exploded without warning So when he shows up on their doorstep out of the blue they're shocked to see him alive But shocked to see he's changed RadicallyHis anger is gone He's oddly patient Kind Fun The man he always wanted to be Toren has no clue where he's been but knows he's been utterly transformed He focuses on three things Finding out where he's been Finding out how it happened And winning back his familyBut then shards of his old self start to rise from deep inside like the man kicked out of the NFL for his fury and Toren must face the supreme battle of his lifeIn this fresh take on the classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde James L Rubart explores the war between the good and evil within each of us and one man's only chance to overcome the greatest divide of the soul

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    This book pulled me in and I was hooked from the very beginningWe all remember the old story of good vs evil in the old Jekyll and Hyde classic Well this modern day remake of the good vs evil is sure to please youRubart has woven so much in to this one story that you are not sure what's going to happen nextThe characters and there were a lot of them were a great castThe plot was great If you have not read a book by James Rubart let this be your first it will not be your lastI gave this book 4 stars and I can't wait for his next book The Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not reuired and all views expressed are our own

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    This is my third James Rubart novel and what I love most about them is they nudge readers to reflect on their own lives Is there a better way to live?In The Man He Never Was main character Toren Daniels has difficulty controlling his anger and that has impacted his marriage and relationship with his children greatly I do not read many novels that deal with spiritual warfare as directly as Mr Rubart's novels While I benefited from those parts of the novel I enjoyed the interactions of Toren with his wife and children My gratitude to publisher Thomas Nelson for a complimentary copy of the novel I was not reuired to post a review and the opinions expressed are my own

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    Christian fiction Story of a modern prodigal son Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde Supposedly everyone has a dark side?Toren kicked out of the NFL for his rages and anger That was his work outlet Now that he’s no longer playing football it surfaces in the home His wife two lovely children He’s a mean man Intimidating A yeller The family is scared stiff of his rages He can’t control himself and after the fact I’m sorry I’m sorry This man has a lot of previous abusive history programming from his growing up years A father who drank heavily beat him and his younger brother and slapped around the mother who made excuses for himthem The day comes where Toren is older has been working out and is bigger and stronger now challenges his father to a fight after his father was caught slapping the wife around Toren now becomes power crazy He’s beat up his old man Well at least that stopped the father from being further abusive at least with his hands but not his mouth Good grief There’s religious messaging here but this guy just doesn’t get it Through some miraculous intervention he disappears for 8 months has an amnesia of those 8 months everyone thinks he’s offed himself due to a suicide note written in his handwriting and his “special blue writing marker” He awakens in a remote hotel room 8 mos later confused trying to figure out what’s happened and is trying to collect his memories back and immediately wants to go return to his lifewife etc; he was warned by whomever or whatever took him out for those 8 months that it is not the thing to do Get to know himself first But no he’s impulsive he’s confusedand he’s still mad Who did this to him? Why? His family is not at all happy to see him Why should they be? They actually felt relief when he was presumed dead Life goes on without Toren and it’s a peaceful happy life So this was weird I’m thinking to myself who abducted him did they do some kind of brain rewiring on him was this some neurological research center? Gaaah Aliens? Some spiritual leader tucked away in the remote mountains in another part of the world? Illegal mind body experimentation? Some kind of cult? It just made absolutely no sense to me and this guy Toren really made me angry so now I’m the one getting angry about the story what’s wrong with this picture?because he kept being a complete stupid ass and he kept falling back into his old ways and he kept stalking his wife and trying to get back together with her but she was not trusting of him Do you blame her? She basically said she’s moved on She has a boyfriend she loves A new life Life is good for her and the kids without this psychopath True to form Toren got extremely angry hearing this He was a jerk in his actions and words and acted overly masochistic to everyone A Tough guy; a real brute and he just did not get it He would say he was sorry but he did not have the true compassion in his soul for love forgiveness Anything really could and would set him off So the madness continues And the manipulation of people and circumstances around him continues to suit only his needs and expectations He’s a bully Toren had to be forced to go through some additional spiritual insight and experiences which I still lack clarity in what that all was explained in the book There were actual people behind these spiritual scenes that were all involved in his soul change and redemption Was it divine cult spiritual or mystical or all of the above? 🤔 what is the white octagon? What gets me is all this lying all this continual built up provocated or not provocated rage and anger and at the end there is a possibility that everything perhaps might be lovely and everything might be ok? That he may have found his soul saw the Light and he just might get a chance at being a new man? A good man? A changed man? Toren’s journey was uite drawn out; the end of the story came upon very uickly and was really not what I was expecting Do you believe or do you not believe? Do you forgive with your heart and soul or do you not? Can you contain your inner rage or will it seep out occasionally? Can you fully trust again? Can you fully love again? Is it possible to fully change without divine spiritual or mystical intervention? In your head and in your heart and soul too?I certainly didn’t go for it I think Toren’s journey was far too easy and too uick to get full redemption His wife’s character was a disappointingly weak woman Personally this book was not for me though others have rated this book at high stars What drew me in to get this book was Toren’s 8 month abduction and amnesia and then it all went downhill from there The story turned into waaaaaaay something else other than what I thought or wanted it to be

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    This book is totally out of my comfort zone It held my attention and it has a good message It is just not my personal taste in books

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    I was really looking forward to this book especially with the added knowledge it was a Jekyll Hyde retellinginfluence I definitely enjoyed it but maybe not as much as some of Jim’s other books I was definitely intrigued by Toren’s story and continued to wonder how he would overcome the obvious issue of his anger I think the way Jim tells it is creative and complex drawing the reader in with the uestion of whether or not the change really “stuck” I think for me where it began to break down as in the “how” All in all it is well written and an interesting story Maybe not my favorite but still very good I’d recommend it to fans of Jim’s other work and those who like Ted Dekkers circle trilogy etc Read below for some deeper thoughts if you dare ; Slight Spoilers my deep thoughts I’ve long been a fan of Ted Dekker and I think some of Jim’s writing is very similar in idea Like the focus on the spiritual aspects of our Christian life While I agree with this there were a few times I felt like the cryptic verbiage used by Eden was unnecessarily frustrating I agree that in order for us to truly experience peace and the truths God offers we must be open to feelingexperiencing things that are not typical Perhaps supernatural is a good way to put it? But the use of some “tea” and coming face to face with the Lord’s love in a room gives me pause Do we need to have special circumstances to come to God? I can look past this for the sake of the story and it doesn’t tarnish or really affect my rating of the book but it does cause me to think As a personal reflection The trappings of a secret room and passage of an almost angel like person of mystical tea of a secret group created to take people to their lowestit feels almost too mystical to me As if it is so hard to come to God that it could discourage those seeking His truth If I don’t experience this does it mean I haven’t fully come to terms with Christ? That I don’t fully have his love or haven’t experienced forgiveness? I defiantly don’t think that’s what Jim is saying but I reflect on verses like “Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved” and how easy that is Granted following Christ is NOT always easy and I understand that Perhaps the reality of Toren’s journey is to show the depth of soul change The lengths that we sometimes must go through with Christ’s strength to experience true freedom In that way I can concede that it is an epic journey in and of itself It just may not look like so much subterfuge or confusion and that’s okayAnyway those are the things I think about as I walk away from this book And any book that can make you think like that is definitely a good one Again these are personal thoughts and no reflection on the author or his work———I received a free copy of this book from the publisher and was under no obligation to review it I do so under my own volition

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    I should have stuck with the original Jekyll and Hyde story which I really like This wasn’t nearly as interesting as the other two books by JLR that I’ve read Some things in the story didn’t sit well with me from a spiritual standpoint There are two instances of wordphrase usage that many Christians consider inappropriate in a novel from a Christian publisher I listened to the book and didn’t care much for the author’s narration His words too often didn’t flow naturally from one to the other especially with female characters; the end sounds of words came to abrupt stops

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    The story provides much promise as it starts out a man waking alone in a strange room with no memory Amnesia stories can be intriguing mysteries as pieces are put back together Unfortunately there are too many plot holes to sustain the premise that a person can easily disappear for almost a year without repercussions than indicatedAt times the message of how a person can overcome weaknesses through the strength of relying on the Lord is inspiring It is confusing even dismaying that this truth gets garbled with New Age aspects of meditation centers Eastern teas and cosmic rooms At times there is a Ted Dekker feel of spiritual mysticism and mystery to the plot Robert Whitlow provides the same blending of spiritual and inspirational but with a faith based storyline Rubart's mixture is confusing if not disturbing in its approach to the idea of the dark side the Hyde within a personThe publisher provided a copy in exchange for a fair review

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    45 starsRubart's latest is a complex contemplative look at the two sides of everyone — the light and the dark — and their war with each other Toren is not a very likable character although many may identify with his inability to contain his temper It seems like it takes him forever to work through his issues but this is incredibly realistic and mirrors real life situations The unpeeling of the layers of Toren's life and its relation to the reader's life is what makes this book so captivating and elevates it above others The uniue perspectives and fantasy situations give stunning realizations about life and spiritual truth This is a novel that begs to be read than once and discussed with others to get the full impact of its meaningToren Daniels disappears one September and wakes up eight months later with no memory of where he was during that time His wife and children think he is dead and have moved on with their lives as Toren was someone they had begun to fear when his uncontrollable temper took over often than not All Toren knows now is that he is a completely new man — his anger has disappeared His family is not so willing to accept that he has changed so he sets out proving it to them Yet little by little he feels the old feelings creeping back in He is determined to discover where he was during his missing time so he can go back and fix it once and for all However things aren't as simple as it seems on the surface

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    The book was a decent read Loosely based on Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde I found the storyline written well There were aspects about the book I didn't care too much for but that was just personal preference What kept this book from being a four star is what it containsWhen I pick up a Christian fiction book I hold it to a higher standard than others And language that is considered crudevulgarcursingcussing is not acceptable in Christian literatureThe word hell is used out of context Telling someone to shut the up is not what should be written in a Christian book And if an author is going to use the word bastard then it better be in reference to an illegitimate offspring or a type of sword Otherwise as it was used in this book it is not an acceptable word in Christian fictionThe author was able to convey cursing and other oaths without using them Why in these two instances he didn't is confusing to me Although I have read other books by him this time I think I will hold off on future books

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    I have read a good chunk of James Rubart's novels While fantasy is okay with certain books I don't mind them in Rubart's novels He takes a concept from the Bible and have a hero learn to incorporate the concept into their life Either from forgiveness to God's love to something deeper Being familiar with his writing I knew Rubart would take me for a ride inside the soul of the hero but would tear at my heart along the wayThe writing is clear and concise I had no problem following Toren Daniels through his though process and watching him interact with the number of characters in the story The setting is described just enough for me to visual what I need to focus on When the setting was extremely important Rubart would spend time showing me what I needed to know to understand the roomToren Daniels is deeply hurting man Just like a majority of the people in the world today I really enjoy how the hero is the main character well actually the only character in the story Most novels are from the woman's perspective and I really enjoyed how Toren dove into the deep emotions and struggles bubbling inside a male character Yes I know Rubart is a male author so he has a leg up on the women writers in this area I could relate to him pretty uickly and enjoyed watched his tale of transformationThe plot is completely different than anything I have ever read before I enjoyed watching Toren struggle with his problem over and over again It shows the human side to him Rubart didn't gloss over his issue with a uick fix It kept rearing its head over and over So realistic But to seek redemption he needs to rely on God and fully grasp the concept of God's love While Rubart does a good job at showing how to understand this I need to go back and re read some parts of the story I highlighted and spend some time in prayer myself He had me thinking of the concepts and wanted me to follow and learn like Toren didOverall James Rubart's The Man He Never Was is an uniue story and deeply moving Rubart's story shows the importance of God's love in our lives and the ability to defeat darkness back with trusting God completely This story gripped my mind and took me for a ride I highly recommend The Man He Never Was for fans of non fiction books who are always on the hunt for the next big step to learning something to draw them closer to God Rubart's stories are written for readers like me who admire Max Lucado's concept but have a hard time enjoying a non fiction story I prefer to be entertained to learn a lessonI received a complimentary copy of The Man He Never Was by James Rubart from Thomas Nelson Publishing but the opinions stated are all my own