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One battle is over but the war has just begun They escaped the Five Realms and have found a home but peace is much harder to find The aftermath of the Battle of Sarikar should have been a time to mourn those lost in the slaughter The enemies of Armania are many however and when one steps back to regroup another surges forward in attackWhile the remnant must take responsibility for the evil they brought to Er'Rets it would seem that something just as dark already existed in this new world The growing struggle between Armania and Barthel Rogedoth is but a pale reflection of a far dangerous battle for the souls of humanityAnd so begins this awe inspiring conclusion to Jill Williamson's Kinsman Chronicles The Hadar family and their allies prepare to make one final stand in the name of Arman There shall be war in Er'Rets and in the Veil to vanuish evil or be ruled by darkness

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    KING’S WAR by Jill Williamson is the conclusion to the Kinsman Chronicles—which is a preuel series to one of my favorite fantasy series This sweeping epic fantasy novel takes place in the land of Er’Rets which made me super happy because I love the Blood of Kings Trilogy ;The first book in the Kinsman Chronicles KING’S FOLLY was good—if rather dark for my taste; but I adored some of the characters and it was excitingThe second book KING’S BLOOD man I should have known from that title got way too dark for me and left me utterly devastated over a character death I still haven’t recovered from over a year later cough I was kiiinda disappointed—and therefore worried about the next oneHowever I’m thrilled to say that KING’S WAR book 3 was the best of the trilogy and I really enjoyed itI particularly loved how it took place in the same land as the Achan books as I call them and how it started linking up to so many things that I knew from that world Names places history cultures magic etc And the “feel” was much like the epic fantasy that I enjoy and less of the darkness and grittiness of the first two books There’s still grittiness in this one but it’s just much enjoyable otherwise somehow XDThere were several months between my reading the second book and this one so it did take me a little while to pick up all the threads and characters—I’m pretty sure there are still a few things that I never uite remembered XD But once I got back into it I was sucked completely into this fantasy world and its wonders and politics and characters’ adventuresI loved the writing Some of it was funny The characters were enjoyable other than the ones we properly loathe P I was surprised by new and different things and felt at home with familiar ones It was huge but pretty worth it in the end ^^Particularly those characters I mentioned ; A certain happening from book two is still very much Not Okay But I was able to get over it and enjoy the story all the same PI still love Kalenek and Trevn—usually XD Oli as well and his character arc which was fantastic I started liking Grayson —he really does a lot in this one And Hinck—who I never really cared as much about as I might have for some reason—I finally decided was pretty cool One of my absolute favorite scenes featured him and Princess Saria also a cool character in a library and just YES I loved it DI also loved all the veil stuff and the bloodvoicing and doing all the excitement around the castle ^^ So exciting I remember being a little unsure about some of the conclusions and it still is a little grittyadult at times but not as much as the previous two books On the whole it was a great book and they fight giants and against evil and there's epic battles and basically it’s a thrilling adventure DOverall it’s rather long and you have to get through a lot of long dark pages to get to it what with the two previous books though they had their good moments too But if you do it’s well worth reading this one—especially if you’re a fan of Blood of Kings Another excellent read from Jill WilliamsonNow excuse me while I go put BY DARKNESS HID and its two seuels on my TBR for a long overdue re readAlso THAT COVER 3 Thanks to the author and Bethany House Publishers for the free copy of this book I was not reuired to write a positive review and these opinions are entirely my ownA note on the “books” in the Kinsman Chronicles The paperbacks are three books King’s Folly King’s Blood and King’s War The ebooks are nine ebooks and three of each of those are collected in each of the paperback volumes I know it’s kinda confusing XD If you’re curious about the series you can pick up the first of those nine ebooks Darkness Reigns the first third of King’s Folly for free on Kindle to try it outReview originally posted on my book blog

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    Hmm Some parts were awesome But on a whole I just wasn't feeling it and don't know what to rate it so I'm going to leave it unrated King's War is the third and final installment to Jill Williamson's THE KINSMAN CHRONICLES Although I loved the first two books I'm unsure of how I feel about the conclusion to the epic fantasy seriesJill Williamson did an awesome job of worldbuilding crafting these characters and plotting out a massive and intricate storyline But King's War was a slow read for me For the most part it was enjoyable as it didn't take me too terribly long to finish all 672 pages; but it felt like nothing new and exciting happened Granted there were some big and intense going ons yet it wasn't uite the conclusion I'd expectedNevertheless it was good to be reunited with Trevn Mielle and the rest of the large cast of characters Well there were a few nasty ones I wasn't particularly overjoyed to see but yes haI found the spiritual realmfaith allegory to be interesting and thought provoking In some ways King's War is just very fantastical but in other ways I think it can give us an idea of what goes on in the spiritual realm Our enemy isn't flesh and blood The characters in this story had to realize that and I found it to be a compelling part of this journeyThe ending was both sobering and nice and it was cool to think of how years later Achan from THE BLOOD OF KINGS series would come along and a whole new epic journey would beginOverall I don't know what to rate this book but I'm glad I read it and finished the series I received a copy of King's War from the author andor Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review

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    An epic conclusion to a fantastic trilogy Jill Williamson weaves a complex web of fantasy politics that keeps you guessing up until the end and makes for a fascinating readI love how Jill builds on the relationship between Trevn and Mielle past marriage It's painful to see them go through struggles but so neat to see them work through them and a good example for real life marriagesI really enjoyed how the magic builds and develops throughout the story as new abilities are unlocked or learned by the charactersI also liked Oli's journey with struggling with his dark past

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    Gathering the last 3 instalments of the epic Kinsman Chronicles series into one final captivating novel King's War offers up a stirring conclusion to what has been a fascinating series from start to finish Fans of Jill Williamson who have been following these characters since the release of the first ebook Darkness Reigns will no doubt delight in returning to the tale of the people of the Five Realms to watch the Kinsman remnant's final battle with a great evil Although it has been over a year since I last encountered these characters I was uickly swept back up into the story and a world of magic and blood voicing of impossible gifts and prophecies and a whole world hidden behind the Veil Williamson has crafted a complex and intriguing world and though it may take readers some time to reconnect all the pieces and follow the different story arcs they are going to love joining these characters in their journeys While this book is on the hefty side with over 600 pages I enjoyed every moment and was honestly sad to see the story come to an end The author has truly breathed life into this tale with characters you can't help but cheering on even those who seem to be or definitely are on the wrong side Williamson does a great job of exploring how people are not all good or all evil but often are a blend between the two with even those on the right side making choices they shouldn't Plenty of action and drama keeps the plot moving along and held my interest right up to the riveting and hoped for conclusion Williamson's uniue take on good versus evil set in a fabulous fantasy world is absolutely a winner in my opinionKing's War is all that you could hope for in a conclusion to what has proven to be a stellar series of fantasy novels I award this book a solid 4 out of 5 stars and look forward to what Jill Williamson is going to dream up next Book has been provided courtesy of Baker Publishing Group and Graf Martin Communications Inc

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    Oh my goodness where to begin?The moment I opened the first page of this highly thrilling epic conclusion of the Kinsman Chronicles I found myself unable to put it down unless I had to Every single pagescenecharacter POVs kept me captured from start to finished It was THAT GOOD Better than good It was AMAZINGUnlike King's Folly and King's Blood King's War follows Treven newly crowned King of Armania as he struggles to not only defend his people from powerful enemies but also to build his people's trust and faith and his trust in ArmanAppropriately named King's War encompasses three different wars A war within the souls of compelling and real characters a war between nations and a war for the souls of humanity Every action and sudden twists keeps you on suspense to the very end They'll even give you a twist of what is to come in Jill William's debut the Blood of Kings Trilogy The only sad thing is that it was over but not without a happy ending Oh did I mention that I finished the entire book in four days?Once Jill Williamson's Kinsman Chronicles has grown stronger and beautiful ending with a triumphant finale I will certainly read it again and again looking forward to Blood of KingsI received an advance reader's copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review

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    When I first started reading The Kinsman Chronicles it took me uite some time to get into the book since there are many story lines and characters But by the time I began reading King’s War the main characters—the good guys—had become my friends The final parts of this series were really enjoyable I like the way the author portrayed man’s half heartedness in serving God—there is always the lure to serve false gods – or to partly serve God and partly serve demons What bothers me though is Grayson’s use of magic; which has a strong similarity and connection to the magic of the bad guys I do not see how this could be part of Arman’s war The settings of the Blood of the King series become clear Names places and circumstances truly come alive in King’s War After finishing King’s War I started rereading the whole series Now that I know all of the characters and places it is very enjoyable to go back to the beginning and relive the adventures of the Kinsman Chronicles Jill Williamson has done a remarkable job Not perfect in my opinion but taking into consideration the great amount of characters and locations she did a very good job

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    Fantastic series Hated to see it endThis is the third and final book in the Kinsman Chronicles This series has an amazing storyworld realistic and relatable characters and tons of action with some plot twists I held myself back from devouring this final book as I wanted to savor every word and keep it from ending for as long as possible It was everything I was expecting I bought a copy for myself another for my older daughter and yet another for my church library I must have been overly anxious to make sure I pre ordered it because I somehow ended up with a fourth copy Yeah it's that goodIf you've read the rest of the series definitely don't miss this one And if you haven't read the series and you love fantasy then do yourself a favor and immerse yourself in this world

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    THIS REVIEW MORE → SYNOPSES BY SARGEI received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewTo get a little background please see my reviews of the first two books in the series King’s Folly and King’s Blood THE RELUCTANT KING PART 7I had a hard time getting through this section I’m starting to dislike some of the characters and not enjoy those chapters Give me some actionThe new king is having a hard time getting the support of his subjects Not being able to relate due to his priest upbringing he is having trouble honing his fighting skills Subject to the perception of his people he experiences much disdain Not only that but he cannot seem to make the correct moves in order to appease the large masses His wife Mielle does not seem to help with her discerning heart; she has accused the incorrect people of being in the wrong Meanwhile will an alliance between Jazlyn Charlon and King Barthel be made? Who is the “Deliverer” and who is the “Deceiver”? Are the prophecies wrong? A DELIVERER COMES PART 8The war is looming and Trevn is preparing himself to ride into battle with his men hoping to gain some respect at the same timeLow and behold traitors are among us Barthel is luring young Shanek to be in his alliance by hosting events where he can bring his crush and troublemaker Amala Captain Agoros and his wife are plotting to dethrone Trevn so their son Oli sworn to protect Trevn can become the “rightful” king Is Oli in on the plan or will he stay true to his word tot Trevn?Islah Rogedoth’s aka Barthel “dead” ueen is not so dead She is also known as Grayson’s grandmother And she happens to have many secrets secrets that may help the Armanians to take down BarthelWho can I not stand? Mielle Honestly she reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen who most of you know I cannot stand from the books If she would just do what is best for the Armanians and not try to rush into saving everyone else half of these wars wouldn’t happenBut I can’t decide who I like Grayson or Oli They are both so selfless and sweet yet entirely misunderstood I just want to hug themThe two Rurekan kings who were poisoned are now healed An assassination attack on the king Someone almost committing suicide in order to better the Armanians Two new people accepting Dominion of great shadirs What’s next?The readers are left with Mielle and Grayson being captured by Lady Mattenelle WARRIORS OF THE VEIL PART 9The “Deliverer” and the “Deceiver” bring us an all out battle But who will win?A new realization has occurred Shadir can be sentenced back to the LowerworldWill Arman come to the rescue and save the Armanians from the wrath of Rogedoth and the shadirs?Where does the end of the war lead us to?

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    One thing I always wondered after reading From Darkness Won was how well Achan' people responded to his rule after his coronation due to his youth and his not having been raised as a prince King's War goes into this with Trevn though this young Sâr has a greater uphill battle to wage for his people's loyalty especially since so few trust and serve the will of Arman But he also has to overcome his own unpreparedness and the newness of blood voicing magic something Achan's people had a lot of experience with by the time his story came aboutThe number of POV characters this time around was a little bit of an issue for me Some of my favorite characters like Sir Kalenek and Hinck did not appear as often as I would have liked them too while characters like oatch had page time than I would have liked But that seems to be the way of epic fantasy and I don't begrudge the depth of narrative achieved through some of my least favorite charactersI am so happy that Jill dove into the history of Armania and the origin of its magic system Though I'm not fully convinced that every connection between the two series was made as well as I had hoped I am still pleased with the depth of history and world building And kind of hoping now for a trilogy that would even predate this one going into the history of how Armania fell away from worship of Arman alone and how the five realms came to be This series will never trump that of the Blood of Kings but it is a good read of its own and one that I am glad to have added to my shelvesI have provided an honest review after having received a copy of the book from the author

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    Jill Williamson is one of my favorite fantasy authors and I'm so excited that the final book in the Kinsman Chronicles is finally out I enjoyed seeing all the characters again and finding out how their story ends It was an epic conclusion to a great seriesThere is definitely a lot going on in this book which can be overwhelming at times There were still several minor characters who I didn't know but I was okay with that because they weren't essential to the story But the characters that did matter were well developed and I enjoyed seeing the struggles they went through Many of them had to fight their insecurities and doubts and there was enough time in the book for them to fail and redeem themselves which I liked I also enjoyed the conflict that occurred between several of the characters Although they are very likeable characters none of them are perfect and they have to live with the conseuences of their actions But the characters consider their options before making decisions but know that they will mess up In all all the characters are very human which I appreciated Overall this is a fantastic series that I would recommend to anyone who likes epic fantasy believable characters and an engaging plot I am sad that I have to leave this world and these characters after spending so long with them but I look forward to of Jill's books I know that they will be full of action and be a story that will stay with me for a long time