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Excellent Of course it s funny Of course it s brilliant But here s the rub Campbell has starred in B movies, been a bit actor in blockbusters, and has also both directed and written for film t.v Even , his first films are on Super 8 Shot by himself and a group of friends, including Sam Raimi Spiderman , starting at the ages of 18 21 The book outlines the gangs career from their garage,s to raising their own money for theatrically released independent films Evil Dead et al , to being given budget by the big movie houses for Hollywood smash hits Spiderman, Quick and the Dead Also, Campbell s career and commentary covers the surprisingly very different world of television Hercules, Xena The man has perspective and a wealth of knowledge to go along with it Even if a reader isn t a fan of Campbell s, his behind the scenes look at a bit actor s life, director s life, television vs film actor s life, and the PROCESS of making film and television productions is fascinating Book also includes Evil Dead s homemade recipe for fake blood. This is a review of the audiobook version The King of the Bs takes a breezey, light hearted trip down memory lane Anecdote rich and often funny, this account covers Bruce s career up until 2001, from his early years making Super 8 shorts with Sam Raimi and Robert Taipert, through the arduous but ultimately career launching production of The Evil Dead and on through the occasional ups and frequent downs of life as a member of the Hollywood lower middle class Hercules and Xena fans will find plenty to enjoy in the later chapters and the addendum provides an insight into the difficulties of undertaking a book tour in the aftermath of 9 11. Okay, So At Least You Re Interested Enough To Pick Up This Book And Look Inside I Think You And I Are Going To Get Along Just FineLife Is Full Of Choices Right Now, Yours Is Whether Or Not To Buy The Autobiography Of A Mid Grade, Kind Of Hammy Actor Am I Supposed To Know This Guyyou Think To YourselfNo, And That S Exactly The Point Bookstores Are Chock Full Of Household Name Actors And Their High Stakes Shenanigans I Don T Want To Be A Spoilsport, But We Ve All Been Down That Road BeforeCase In Point Look To Your Left See That Judy Garland Book You Don T Need That, You Know Plenty About Her Already Great Voice, Crappy Life Now Look To Your Right At The Charlton Heston Book You Don T Need To Cough Up Hard Earned Dough For That Either You Know His Story Too Great Voice, Crappy ToupeeThe Truth Is That Though You Might Not Have A Clue Who I Am, There Are Countless Working Stiffs Like Me Out There, Grinding Away Every Day At The Wheel Of Fortune If Chins Could Kill Confessions Of A B Movie Actor Is My First Book, And I Invite You To Ride With Me Through The Choppy Waters Of Blue Collar HollywoodOkay, So Buy The Damned Book Already And Read Like The Wind Best, Bruce CampbellPS If The Book Sucks, At Least There Are Gobs Of Pictures, And They Re Not Crammed In The Middle Like All Those Other Actor Books This is a good book It s a pre Burn Notice memoir from Bruce Campbell the only person to ever almost convince me to try Old Spice I m not big on showbiz , movie star, my climb to fame or my crash from fame books That s not what this is It s just what Campbell says it is, the story of a work a day actor and it includes a lot of laughs.I think I was sold on this book early on as I could identify with a lot of the childhood stories BC related here When I was a kid the green army men were made of a different plastic than they are today In fielding realistic battles it was at times necessary to use actual firein secret of course as parents didn t seem to understand the need and felt playing with matches the ones you d sneaked out of that drawer in the kitchen you weren t supposed to get into was dangerous Silly huh Anyway, Campbell mentions the great zzzllliiippp noise that the burning plastic made as it dripped Oh and the way if leaves a lasting impression when the burning plastic lands on, and sticks to skin I almost burned our barn down once while fielding a battle Happily I managed to stomp the flames out before they got much than a footor two high Other than the smell of smoke which I allowed to air out of my clothes before I went back inside later in the evening I was barely singed and my parents never knew about the near disaster Childhood ain t what it used to be I m apparently about the same age as Campbell s oldest brother Like him I was and really I suppose still am a Man From U.N.C.L.E fan, like BC I liked the TV show CombatI adventured outside with fireworks, sharp objects, personal building projects and other assorted life and limb risking projects.While not a big fan of many of his films I was never really a Deadite I do like others and find his take here interesting, readable and often humorous Pretty good read Oh, I almost forgot Groovy. I have no idea why I requested this book through library loan so many years ago Perhaps it was fate I don t think I d seen Evil Dead yet Maybe I d heard about the legendary Bruce Campbell and wondered what the hype was all about No doubt I d seen some Xena episodes and fell madly in love with Autolychus At any rate, and needless to say, I ve been a fan of BRUCE ever since.My overwhelming memory of this book is that I d had eye surgery and couldn t read, so I had it read to me while I lay in a dark room feeling sorry for myself And both of us kept giggling from all the funneh I remember that than what was in the book, which I still know was epic and awesome and on par with Holy Writ. November 14, the race began Right from the get go, filming was a comedy of errors, or terrors, if you will Within minutes of leaving for the first location, an abandoned bridge, the production van got lost and we spent a half hour trying to locate it No sooner had we found it than Sam drove his Classic into a ditch and we had to get a towtruck to haul it out The next location was an isolated dirt road Sam felt that a high, wide shot would be best We weren t versed in the etiquette of location shooting, so no effort was made to get permission of any kind We just hopped the fence and set up the camera Things were going pretty well, until Josh spotted a large bull glaring at the crew Sam there s a bull, Josh stated, flatly Yeah, hang on, Sam replied, focused on the shot at hand No, Sam, you don t get it The bull is coming this way Sam got it in a hurry and he was chased about a hundred yards by the angry bovine Man, what nextI thought.A cliff was next About two hours later, Brother Don, scouting for an additional vantage point, lost his footing and tumbled headfirst off a nearby cliff Apparently he was well enough to get up under his own power, but he was taken to the hospital for some tests Other than that, day one was very productive.A week later, shooting a night scene at the same bridge location, Sam had a little run in with a tree branch A construction winch was drawn around the side of the bridge to bend a steel girder into position Unbeknownst to anyone, the cable was also around a large tree branch that promptly snapped when tension was applied to the cable It flattened Sam a limb of easily fifty pounds He staggered back and sat on the wrecker, dazed Sam, you okay I asked Why wouldn t I be he asked back, a blank look on his face At first glance he seemed fine, but upon closer inspection he was pale, his lips werewhite and crusty, and a small amount of blood trickled from his left nostril Well, you don t look so good What the hell happened Oh, I just needed to sit down for a for a little bit With that, he rallied himself and carried on shooting On the way home that night, he passed out cold During the next three months, Evil Dead left a path of destruction through the South as wide as Sherman s march to the sea Among other things, we destroyed the paint job of a white pickup truck, bent the housing of our 16mm camera, ripped the roof off a rental truck with the help of a low slung tree branch, and crushed the septic system of my folks house in northern Michigan.3 1 2 stars So I met Bruce Campbell He came to my high school because it was close to where he and Sam Rami would make 8mm films back when they were kids Infact, areas that I grew up in were actually in the book I have read a handful of biographies and most of them at some point were pompous and these writers spoke about themselves in a way to separate themselves from common people with that said Bruce does not do that He does not see himself as a huge star and pokes fun at himself along the way His ups and downs, his friends and family This Bio is something unlike anything else ever written because it seems that Bruce is just a common man whos done common things in a uncommon way. After hearing Bruce kick all this on Wait Wait Don t Tell Me, was reminded to put this on at the top of the to reads.Having been raised on the Evil Dead culminating in my official designation by Bruce Campbell himself as the 1 fan , in writing, on my VHS copy , I was excited to read those parts of the book, and Bruce didn t disappoint Fake blood recipe, dentist investment cabal, and all What I wasn t expecting, and really enjoyed, were the origin stories about himself, his group of childhood friends, and the other humble film aspirants they met along the way including the Raimi and Coen brothers The amount of work they put in, their relentless curiosity about all stages of the process, their willingness to put themselves out there no matter how undignified the situation to keep learning, experimenting, and keeping one ear peeled to hear opportunity knocking it would have fit very nicely into The 10,000 hour rule chapter of Outliers That kind of spunk would have made me dig Bruce Campbell even if his good humor, wit, Evil Dead pedigree, and bite sized chapter layout hadn t already done the job Bruce, you had me at hello. I like the Evil Dead movies, and the campy humor of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are my favorites I really liked The Adventures of Brisco County Jr when I was younger, too I don t know why, really, except that it was on TV and stuff I don t remember much about it except the title Whatever, I liked it Bruce Campbell is like Stephen King in that the thing that he s best known and most loved for happened super early in his career King has The Shining and The Stand, his two big hits, and Bruce Campbell has the Evil Dead franchise and Brisco County Jr But other than those things, I probably couldn t have named one other thing that Bruce Campbell was in But looking at his IMDB page, it s like a mile long Go figure He s been in everything Or close to it And he talks about much of it in this book I couldn t really rate this 5 stars though, because there were some parts of it that I was just like Ehhh, ok then about like a lot of the stuff about his childhood with his brothers, which was funny at times, but didn t really interest me much I wanted to know about his work, not how many toy soldiers he mutilated But man, the work stuff was good, especially about the start of his career and Evil Dead So fascinating I really enjoyed it Anyway, pretty good book Bruce is charming and relateable and funny, and I loved how he started each section with fan or hate mail Ya can t please em all D I finally got all the Quarry books was dying to read them, so why did I read this instead Am I a FAN A Deadite Yeah, sort of I ve loved the Evil Dead movies since well, a really long time, and I ve liked Bruce Campbell s acting He doesn t seem to take himself too seriously his on screen sense of humor seems to mesh well with mine After reading this book, I understand why.Let me qualify this by saying I m not much for following actors or famous people When I heard Mel Gibson got a DUI, I shrugged flipped the channel I ve seen plenty of drunks go back out that saddens me, but I really don t care about his personal life it s none of my business It s not like he s a friend or anything I watch his movies for entertainment nothing else.If you like the typical glitzy Hollywood story, this isn t for you Campbell writes, St Martin s Press, in their wisdom foolishness decided to give me a shot on this tale of Hollywood s unrecognized lower middle class He succeeded in showing that to me From the importance of the guy that cleans up the lot to all the techs extras I was also surprised by the breadth of his experience the number of roles he has had Very cool I was quite surprised by some of the things he was subjected to, often because his boyhood friend, Sam Raimi Spiderman director was delighting in torturing him while in the throes of yet another artistic vision short on cash I can t wait to watch the ED trilogy again with the knowledge that this book imparted It was a neat glimpse into Raimi s early career, too Great directors actors don t spring out of the earth, but work their tails off are gambling the whole way It gives me a new respect for them Self employment is scary enough To do it in the face of the whimsical executives of Hollywood is down right terrifying To have a sense of humor about it is just fantastic Campbell has both my thanks for all the entertainment he s provided me my respect for having the courage to make a decent living in this weird industry Check him out at