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Spiritual Historical Novel A Ma is a historical spiritual novel set in the 17th century Age of Enlightenment Macao that follows lives and spiritual insights of settlers of this little peninsula in the middle of China A Ma main protagonist is Ama an African alchemist Goddess a guru a lover a story teller that inspires and gathers artists preachers priests philosophers from all around the world within the magic settings of her coffee house She believes in a spiritual truth that we all can live our highest potential discovering the gold within Traveling through space and time we find ourselves in the midst of an amazing blend of Chinese Portuguese and Africans that live together on this little peninsula This magic place that is rapidly growing as a centre of trade offers a pot for the highest alchemy practice ever the alchemy of humanity creating an energy matrix that will change the lives of generations to comeWe are transferred into the time of strong religious clashes and dogmas and the scientific revolution where our protagonists join the fight of the enlightened minds of the time such as Giordano Bruno and Da Vinci for the establishment of the New World Through Ruben a Portuguese Jesuit Priest who came to China to convert the Chinese into Christians and through Ama and her family friends followers and enemies we enter into the insights and challenges of the time they lived in we join their attempts to learn from both the Eastern and Western philosophy and we witness their personal inner transformation In China some prominent historical events shaped the future of Western and Eastern philosophical thought and civilization All the events and manuscripts mentioned within the book the Dutch attack to Macao 24th of June 1622 the Reform of the Chinese Calendar during 1630s Father Schall’s Appointment to the Chinese Board of Mathematicians during 1650s Witches Hunt and Witches Manual etc are carefully researched historical facts The book uses history to create the connection between actions of the individuals that live surrounded by magic A Ma takes us on an exploration journey discovering the secrets of the bond we all have created during the millions of life times on Earth the bond of consciousness and suffering Will Ruben manage to break this bond and enter into the world of alchemical transformation discovering his own divine potential? Will love that guides him transform him will his friend guru and lover Ama manage to break the matrix of habits thoughts and patterns that surrounds them? Will Ama’s friends manage to reach enlightenment will human society manage to shred the veil of dogmas that encircles it or will the forces of Dark Ages be stronger or will Ama be prosecuted as a witch? Interspersed with graphic sketches of life in Europe and Macao in 16th century this work presents a historic and imaginative fable of the Chinese Portuguese way of life within this little settlement that at the time could have been a centre of spiritual progress of the Age of Reason The book has 12 chapters narrated by the people Gods spirits that knew Ama Historical philosophical and spiritual fiction A Ma explores the human and social alchemy

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    Natasa Pantovic Nuit A Ma Alchemy of LoveHistorical Fantasy Historical Fiction Historical Mystery set during the Age of Enlightenment A novel about China eastern philosophy enlightenment love magic Gods Ama Portuguese priests the settlers of Macau Macao during the 16th and the 17th centuryBeautifully written wisdom of agesAlchemy of soul within the alchemy of loveThrough the eyes of 12 narrators Ama s friends Gods spirits Historian Lover Alchemist Reuben Father Benedict etcA Ma explores the human and social alchemy through the historical events in Macau Dutch Attack Chinese Calendar Reform missioners work Witch Hunt through the eyes of Gods Goddess Amas father De Nobille a Portuguese Alchemist her mother spirit her loverWe also follow a universal spiritual journey that is within each one of us the path from suffering to love Each character chooses their own path to God and each path leads to Divine whether it is called Christ or Buddha or TaoSpiritual not religiousMust read at least once

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    Deep profound reading Fallowing a very interesting story set in the 16th century of Alchemy magic Chinese I Jing The dance of Yin and Yang rational and intuitive is very obvious within the chapters of the book A female dreamy approach to life versus a male an energetic and scientific approach Ama lives during the scientific revolution of Age of Reason during the time when missionaries tried to convert Chinese to Christianity finding a rich advanced intriguing culture and philosophical approach to Life and God that is amazingly different from our Western one Learning from the Chinese that during the centuries lived in a huge land surrounded by a wall is just an attempt to bridge two sides of the world two ways of thinking two approaches to spirituality art music the Yin and Yang of energies manifestations creating an Alchemy of Humanity and witnessing an alchemy of soulsThe book is multi leveled and I enjoyed following Amas life learning about different African Chinese customs exploring spiritual stories of different eras and moving through the historical events of the time in Macao and in China the Dutch attack Building of the annual Chinese Calendar Father Schall appointment to the Board of Mathematicians first Universities in Macao translating manuscripts from Chinese to Portuguese and Spanish witch hunt and scientific revolution that moved the centuries ahead Ama puts us in the main seat We feel like we are driving the history of humanity together with Gods spirits and enlightened people of the time We are the alchemists who work on the personal transformation and lovers or confused souls that are too attached to the idea that we all need suffering to grow In fact there are many messages reoccurring through this work it reflect the wisdom of today's search What is the alchemy of love? What is God? How to live Divine in all the areas of life Soul and spirit spiritual not religious deep and complex interesting and playful

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    Author Nataša Pantović NuitProduct DetailsPaperback 244 pagesPublisher Art of 4 Elements; 1 editionPublishing Date March 16 2016Language EnglishISBN 10 9995754193ISBN 13 978 9995754198Product Dimensions 6 x 06 x 9 inchesAvailable through Natasa Pantovic NuitTree of LifeA Ma Alchemy of LoveMindful Eating Exercises with Delicious Raw Vegan RecipesChanting Mantras with Best ChordsMindful BeingArt of 4 ElementsConscious Parenting Mindful Living Course for Parents

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    Beautiful read I enjoyed the story the history elements of it and than everything the style of writing It is one of those books which leave me inspired; when I'm not reading I find myself thinking of it and when I finish reading I find my thoughts referring back to it for many days

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    Ama Who is Ama? I asked when I saw her eyes for the first time looking at me from the cover of the book She intrigued me instantly I know Nuit and her work from the moment of her first exhibition launch of Art of 4 Elements poetry and art bbook in 2012 when a group of artist exhibited 120 works photos painting pastels inspired by Nuits 120 poems of elements and I was looking forward to hold this beautiful book novel in my hands I know that Nuit was writing Ama for than 10 years and I was aware of some of her writing anecdotes Ama had a life and personality of her own and the most amazing one For example Ama as a protagonist of the story was black before Nuit has decided to adopt her two kids from Ethiopia Her deep connection to the African story and wisdom is completely fascinating At one point I remember Nuit recalling she has decided to remove Amas love life from the book After she did all the edits she forgot about this little crazy episode She did not touch the book for a while and when returning to it she mistakenly returned to the previous un edited version of the story the one with Amas love life intact Nuit said that Ama did not want her to do anything so stupid as to remove such an important part of the storySo who is Ama? A divine female incarnated within a setting of the 17th century Macau China A most amazing female protagonist whose wisdom is vast and moving I read about Tao I read about alchemy I read about love and China and its amazing esoteric knowledge I think Ama will be something else for each one of us I will not spoil your story I will let you do your own discovery I personally was impressed with what I got from the novel Best reads

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    Loved this deep and intriguing novelBack into the 17th century gliding through Amas life exploring the wisdom of China such a fascinating culture and multi leveled dimensional stories of Reuben the man with no name tales of Macau A Ma goddess Father Benedict and Lilith was a very special experience Within my own life I already had a fascination with Chinese I Jing Feng Shui the Chinese most fascinating character writing so I found my own sanctuary within the setting of Nuit s 17th century story An uproar of wisdom that can not be contained by religious dogmas I was re incarnated within such a complex setting working with enlightened minds of the time I felt that this is exactly what Nuit wanted us to do take an active role worship the Temple of Ama return to own uest to follow the river to its ocean become one of many that instigates the change Beautifully written with a strong spiritual message I also deeply connected to the alchemy thread within the story I am very blessed that I had a chance to come across Nuit s work at the time my focus is within further understanding of Yin and Yang balance within the understanding of Kundalini understanding of Goddess and our Christians but also humanity focus with sufferingAma and her friends lovers family told me a story of change story of alchemy story of transformation and the book has a deep message for every day of the journey Yet this is not a book for all The special who have the opportunity to come across it will understand all the levels of the story and get in touch with the feminine eternal wisdom within Must read

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    Ama as a virginal youth or fully blooming female or as a Goddess herself This book transferred me into a journey to another sphere time through foreign lands mix of cultures perhaps even through different spiritual dimensions still touching upon uestions we all ask even today Is it religion or magic or heart we ought to follow? Love that is in its pure simplicity the essence of the path to highest spirituality through the deep respect of life elements water fire wood metal and earth Inside of your eternal search perhaps you will find the answers exactly within this book Do Gods and Goddesses face the same dilemmas as we pure mortals and how different we are truly from the Creators? How one contains the magic of two and One is mirrored in all How often the differences between us divide us and how often do they bring us together In an attempt to solve the secret of life and death do we come across the stage of the Creator Herself? Where is the harmony and how to live it? When is the moment when “The Essence became Now past and future disappeared” A Ma Alchemy of Love the spiritual book that I sincerely recommend to all the book you will return to always learning something new with the uestions that are at that moment within you “Everything in Nature manifests either through Heavenly Father or through Mother Earth” A ma Alchemy of Love

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    loved its flow beauty wisdom