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Published in 2002 in the United States under the pseudonym of Dinah McCall this book was published in Great Britain for the first time in 2003 and is 376 pages of well crafted thriller that never eases up the throttle Storyline When the fingerprints of a recent murder victim turn out to be the exact match for a man who supposedly died 30 years earlier FBI agent Jack Dolan heads to Montana and the dead man's last reported address He finds a peaceful little town best known for its medical miracles and dedicated doctors and an intriguing woman in Isabella Abbott Jack suspects someone ruthless is lurking in the shadows a hired assassin code named Hawk someone with orders to kill But what secrets are worth dying for? And what is Isabella's part in the savage mountain mystery that surrounds White Mountain? The Jack learns the he understands why the secrets of White Mountain must be kept hidden

10 thoughts on “White Mountain


    This book has potential The plot is rather okay but the ending the ending is completely over the topI truly hated the ending All the characters Jack Isabella the Uncles and even Victor do some really stupid things just out of some really bad B class action movie At some point they are running around shouting things like Don't hurt her and Don't shoot that is quite annoying And the whole religious point the soul thing it's completely ridiculous Also in my opinion the characters mostly Jack and Isabella but also Victor Ross are not smart enough They do some silly things and don't see obvious connections And I quite liked Victor I seriously hoped for some kind of happy ending for him despite everythingAll in all a good idea but weakly introduced BTW Leningrad the city Victor lives in is Saint Petersburg for some time now they changed it in the beginning of the 90s The plot takes part after 2000 so it should be Saint Petersburg