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In this book Emmanuel Alloa offers a handrail for venturing into the complexities of the work of the French philosopher Maurice Merleau Ponty 1908 61 Through a comprehensive analysis of the three main phases of Merleau Ponty's thinking and a thorough knowledge of his many unpublished manuscripts the author traces how Merleau Ponty's philosophy evolved and exposes the remarkable coherence that structures it from withinAlloa teases out the continuity of a motive that traverses the entire oeuvre as a common thread Merleau Ponty struggled incessantly against any kind of ideology of transparency whether of the world of the self of knowledge or of the self's relation to othersAlready translated into several languages Alloa's innovative reading of this crucially important thinker shows why the issues Merleau Ponty raised are than ever those of our time

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    In this short and illuminating essay on Merleau Ponty's work the author defends that resistance to transparency that is the idea that our practical mode of understanding the world can be fully made explicit is the main theme unifying all his reflections Despite the title this book is not really meant to be an introduction to Merleau Ponty's philosophy