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Alternate Cover Edition Of ASIN BMUIDJoel Anderson Doesn T Take Anything SeriouslyNot His Relationships, Which Have Been Few And Far Between Since His Brutal Divorce Not The Drama Of Working In A Tattoo Parlor, Which Seems To Be Around Every Corner When Things Get Him Down, He Smiles And Cracks A Joke But He S Not The Kind Of Man You Cross, Or You Ll Find Yourself At The Wrong End Of His FistsAnnika Belousov Takes Everything SeriouslyLike Her Job As A Reality Television Producer, Given That She Typically Has Something To Prove Or Her Love Life, Which Is Defined By A Series Of Requirements Affluent, Ambitious, Accomplished, To Name A Few Definitely Her Family, Who Worked Their Whole Lives To Afford Her Every Opportunity, A Sacrifice She Doesn T Take Lightly When She S Tapped To Produce A Reality Show At Joel S Shop, She Doesn T Think Twice, Just Goes In For The Kill, As If There Were Any Other Way The Second Annika Walks Into Joel S Shop, He Makes It His Mission To Crack Her Open, But She S Not Having It He S All Wrong Too Crass, Too Hairy, Too Un Serious But It Doesn T Take Her Long To Find Out There S To Him Than Smirks And Tattoos And What She Finds Could Put Her Career And His Heart On The LineNot That Joel Cares Because For The First Time In A Long Time, He S Found His Tonic A Standalone Romantic Comedy 3.5 Hairy Stars They say opposites attract and those words have never been true about Joel and Annika A tatted up cocky hero that knows what he wants and a ice queen herione that prides herself in putting fear into the male population But when these two get together, it s about to be an entire set of new rules.Joel Anderson has worked hard for the past seventeen years making his tattoo shop into a successful business He loves his job, seeing a client s expression on their face the moment he finishes a work of art on their skin, is something he would never get tired of looking at Being approached to have his own reality show along with his workers, Joel agrees to enter the world of the unknown and along with that comes the uptight executive producer who he s determined to break her shellI then decided two thingsOne My new mission in life was to make her laugh.Two I d crack her open if it was the last thing I didCan Joel and Annika build something real together Or will they ruin each other in the proccess Annika is a woman that doesn t take crap from anyone She s learned early on the business she s in that weakness is not allowed and after years of perfecting her craft, she s now one of the most respectful woman in her line of work Now an executive producer for Joel s show, she s determined to get her job done and not fall for him But Joel has other plans and you know what So does AnnikaThree steps and I was in his arms Two heartbeats and I looked into his eyesOne breath and I kissed himI have to say I really liked the reality tv show set up It added a certain element to the story and Joel was a hero you couldn t help but fall in love with and everything he did.What s a reality show without some form of drama right Buuuuuut this is where it got complicated for me Although I really did enjoy part of it, I felt like certain scenes moved too slow for me and I wanted to happen That being said, I think if you enjoy a different setting and love a sweet alpha, then this one is for you. You know I always find it hard to review good books The books that pull at you, elicit the biggest emotions, the books that leave you in the happiest place bookworm heaven THOSE kind of books are the absolute hardest to review It s no secret that I am a huge Hart fan It s no secret that with each book Hart releases my love for her gets stronger Know why Because Hart has a distinctive way of telling stories Hart tells stories that are full of emotion and realism, character and connection Hart pours herself into her words resulting in those words then pouring into me and it s the best feeling, honestly every time I pick up a Hart book, I know I m going to get a full reading experience Do I ever worry that her next book won t compare to the last No, I don t Because each and every Hart book is different, each and every character is different, each and every storyline is fresh and cannot be compared, shouldn t be compared I trust Staci and her writing, I trust that she ll make it an experience I won t forget and that s why she s one of my favourite authors and will continue to be while she puts pen to paper, or fingers to keys.Harts latest masterpiece is Tonic Joel and Annika s story, and oh my wow, what a story it is From beginning to end I have lived and breathed these characters wanting them in my head, my heart and fixed permanently under my skin And they are, and they ll stay, deeply inscribed forever like the most perfectly beautiful tattoo.At just 16% I got the tingles You know the ones Those feelings that set up your soul, those feelings that sizzle right beneath your skin, setting off goosebumps and butterflies Those feelings of utter bliss and love over what you re reading Those tingles I got them and I felt them strongly What developed after that can only be described as pure bookworm pleasure Joel and Annika s relationship is fire and ice Hot and cold A delicious push and pull It s strength and love, weakness and hate all rolled into a perfectly pristine package of angst and brilliance At 36% everything exploded That delicious angst detonated into searing heat and left me breathless Joel is one wicked, dirty, hairy b tard He s utter sin, wrapped in perfection Everything about him set me alight, from the raw visceral animal side of him to the deep swoony side that stole EVERYTHING from me Annika, the ice to Joel s fire So hard and cold and strong but so utterly real and believable I loved her, her persistence, her sassiness, her boldness that set her apart from any other The polar opposite to Joel but perfect than anything I could have imagined If you ve read a Hart novel before you know that Staci has a way of wrapping you up in the softest blanket while her words break you down and embed themselves deep in your heart and her characters become your friends, people you love, but all the while you know that something will come and blow it all apart taking you down with it In Tonic, the boom of the bomb she drops is really painful It s loud and rips the blanket and your heart to smithereens And it left me a mess A total blubbering mess filled with my own anger and desperation But through the cold, the heat always wins and Staci, piece by piece, put my heart back together, slowly but surely, she made me smile through tears She made my heart sing through raw devastation and she set my soul ablaze though love At 92% I never wanted Tonic to end I never wanted to leave the world of Joel and Annika I don t really think I ever will I m sure they will remain deep in me alongside all of Hart s previous characters Tonic left me breathless, it made my heart ache and burn yet sing with the raw, realness of its words It was everything I wanted and It was fire and ice, hot and cold..practically perfect in every way. Having never read a Staci Hart book before, I wasn t sure what to expect when I started this But since I love a tattooed, bearded men I couldn t resist the temptation, especially since the cover it s so damn prettyTonicwas really entertaining and to be honest, so much better than I had expected An opposites attract story, Mrs Hart s newest release was romantic, passionate, sexy and overall a pretty light readThat guy That hairy fucking guy That hairy fucking guy with those stupid fucking eyes that looked at me like he could see me nakedJoel Anderson is the owner of Tonic , one of the best tattoo shops in town and that s why he had recently been approached by a big network to do a show about his shop He likes his private life to be well, private, so he s not very happy with the idea of being the star of a reality TV show He knows the show will be good for business, so he eventually accepts the offer very reluctantly When he meets the executive producer and the show runner, Annika Belousov, he s taken aback by her beauty even if he figures out from the moment they meet they are very different from each other From the first moments they meet, Joel wants to get to know Annika better, to make her laugh, to crack her open, but Annika seems not to be as interested with him as he is with her Joel is surprised a little the beautiful ice queen is not interested, but he s up for the challenge of climbing over the wall of ice she had put between them from their very first encounterShe looked like a doll, a cold, beautiful doll that belonged on a shelf where no man should touch herAnnika Belousov, unlike other, takes everything seriously, especially her job She s good at it and she loves it, but over the years she learned how to be a frigid b tch, to protect herself from the sharp edges of her demanding job Annika feels a strong attraction towards Joel from the start She tries hard not to think about his eyes, or his broad shoulders, or his tattoos, to forget completely about him since he s so different from her, since he s the opposite of what she wants She tells herself that his boldness or the fact that he s such a hairy guy are not appealing, but as much as she wants to stay away, she can t resist the tattooed, infuriating man Slowly, but surely, the sexual tension between them is getting out of control and soon they find themselves wanting to take a chance and risk everythingHis tongue swept my bottom lip, and I let him in, wrapped my arms around his neck I felt helpless and powerful, like I couldn t stop whatever I d started by kissing him, but like I could own him just as easily as I wanted him to own me Tonicsurprised me in a very good way I enjoyed the premise a lot since I love a good opposites attract story and the execution was quite good Also, the setting was a nice change The progression of the story, like the two main characters relationship was fantastic, believable and nothing felt rushed which I really liked The push and pull between these two characters was wonderfully done and so deliciously sexy and entertaining These two are opposites in every way, but, dayum the passion between them was amazing I loved these two together They were good for each other, simply fantastic together and sexy as f ck So, of course, the sizzling chemistry between them was palpable from the startEverything about him felt good The way he looked at me The way he touched me The words that passed his lips and hit me in all the right placesJoel was a fantastic hero I simply loved him His portrayal was really great and so very sexy This bearded, tattooed man will leave you hot and bothered with his sexy, dirty mouth, but he also will make you swoon Needless to say, Joel was the perfect mix of sweetness and sexiness He was a good guy, a great boss, a man who s not afraid to take control and go after what he wants which I really lovedSHE LEFT ME SHAKEN SHAKEN from pleasure, from emotion, from breathing her breath and touching her skin, she shook me to the core She was an earthquake, and I was changed forever because of herAnnika was a great heroine as well for the most part I loved her boldness and her feistiness, her dedication, how hard working she was, her independence, but I have to say at times she was a little too aggressive At least for me Needless to say, I liked her when she stopped being such a cold b tch Overall, she was a badda heroine I enjoyed reading about.There s some angst and drama, but don t worry, nothing overwhelming, just the right amount to make everything entertaining Overall, this was a great read I recommend If you want to read an opposites attract story with a slow burn relationship and two engaging main characters. 5 starsHeads and hearts are connected by threads impossible to cut completelyTonic is my first Staci Hart book, and now that I ve read it, I want to stop what I m doing and go back and read her others I absolutely loved this story It gave me just enough feels, plenty of laughter, snark and heart Tonic is a tattoo shop owned by Joel Anderson and his brother, Shep After much convincing, Shep talks his brother into staring in a reality show featuring the shop It s not something Joel wants to do, but he has his reasons The first day he meets the producers, in walks this ice queen blonde beauty Annika Belousov comes across cold and frosty, and Joel wants nothing than to warm her upIt can t end well Futile resolution washed over me, cold and steely It can t happen I could ruin my career or his heart or my heart or all of the above It s not worth itAnnika knows any kind of relationship with Joel would be a terrible idea Normally, this is never a problem for her She can very easily separate work and her personal life But there is something about Joel he s not the normal type she goes for He s tattooed and hairy He s also very handsome, warm and good natured The she gets to know Joel, the he shows her who he really is, the harder it becomes to resist These two aren t supposed to want each other It s not good for either of them at this point But what we want and what we feel aren t always the same thing I loved Joel and Annika s connection Their banter was something that kept a smile on my face throughout this novel They were smoking hot together, but there were also so many great feelings between them Joel was an amazing hero I loved how charming, protective and kind he was Annika was equally fantastic She was fierce, independent and even though she a cold exterior, when she loved, she loved hard Not only were these two fantastic, there were some amazing side characters And I have to mention Kaz who I had a big soft spot for Tonic is a fun and entertaining story with loads of heart and soul It s perfectly paced and the writing is enchanting I love books that are funny, but not too over the top funny, have just enough angst to keep things interesting, sexy but not down right erotic, and give me just enough feels to make my emotions flare up a time or two This book truly was the perfect mix of things that make my 5 star meter ding and make me one happy reader I highly recommend this book.