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Anna Covey is a ‘Surplus’ She should not have been born In a society in which ageing is no longer feared and death is no longer an inevitability children are an abominationLike all Surpluses Anna is living in a Surplus Hall and learning how to make amends for the selfish act her parents committed in having her She is uietly accepting of her fate until one day a new inmate arrives Anna’s life is thrown into chaos But is she brave enough to believe this mysterious boy?A tense and utterly compelling story about a society behind a wall and the way in which two young people seize the chance to break free

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    I'm so pleased I reread this It was just as mind blowing the second or third time aroundMeet Anna I hate my parents They broke The Declarationthey're in prison now None of us knows anything about our parents any Which is fine by me I'd have nothing to say to them anyway Imagine a world where people could live forever A world where a pill called Longevity prevented people from dying However to take part in this world you must sign The Declaration a contract confirming that you will never have children in order to prevent overpopulation Those who have children anyway are sent to prison and the kids referred to as Surpuses sent to live in halls where they are beaten starved and trained to become housekeepersAnna is one such Surplus she has accepted her lot in life thoroughly brainwashed by the horrible Ms Pincent That is until Peter turns up a late arrival Peter has spent much of his life on the Outside and begins telling Anna of her parents How there is an underground movement fighting against Longevity that Mother Nature believes in the new and young rather than keeping the Old alivePeter's arrival turns Anna's entire world upside down and it isn't long before she decides to take action A thrilling dystopia with a fantastic premise Highly recommend Because no one needs to live forever I think that sometimes you can outstay your welcome

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    I normally love dystopian teen fic And the premise of this one sounded fairly interesting I just assumed I would really enjoy it But right off the bat I was annoyed by the beginning a nine page long diary entry Such a lazy and boring way to give background information I mean diary entries CAN be done well and written in a believable way The ones in this book are not A lot of times it's a case of telling instead of showing which always makes events feel flat and not uite believable Other times the journal entries repeat things that just happened in the story only with the main character giving her very immature opinions on things as well stupid seems to be one of her favorite words The diary entries really irritated me But they aren't the only parts I found frustrating about this book The characters don't feel real at ALL to me a sterotypical evil headmistress a naive brainwashed girl who is suddenly UN brainwashed without any real conflict of conscience after overhearing ONE conversation a traditional mean girlbully type a heroic overly patient boy who has all the answersblergh None of them have any depth whatsoever On top of that the overcapitalization The entire thing just feels really immature and unoriginal to me I'm uitting to read something compelling

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    My opinion on this book swayed back and forth between 3 and 5 stars so I eventually settled on 4 and I'm now going to do my best to explain whyWhy it got 4 starsThis book got 4 stars for being a highly original and intriguing story I'm a real lover of dystopian societies especially those set in a foreseeable future and this is one unlike any other but with elements that are so cleverly woven with the current thoughts and fears that it makes it seem like a tragic possibilityThe book tells the story of a society where longevity drugs mean that the body never grows old and dies they keep all the organs working and eradicate diseases such as cancer heart disease and AIDs But a society where no one dies cannot exist unless no one is born eitherHence the declaration Signing the declaration gives you eternal access to longevity drugs as long as you swear to never have children Any children born illegally are called 'surpluses' and sent away to surplus houses where they are taught of their lack of worth How they are a burden to mother nature and the Legals who were here first they are trained to be slaves to the Legals and to expect beatings and mistreatment as a punishment for their parents' sinsIt's an incredible and well constructed idea and you can feel the frustration at being told your nothing by people who have selfishly warped nature in order to avoid death It uestions some of today's issues particularly some practises found in China and is a story about the value of life and strangely of death I cannot wait to read the second book in this seriesWhy it didn't get 5 starsuite simply I didn't like any of the characters The protagonist Anna was selfish and bratty and just really uite pathetic at times Also Peter was a drip I've never been a big fan of the male hero coming in and saving the helpless princess but if you are going to go down that route at least make your hero memorable There just isn't much to say about Peter other than the fact that he was boring The most interesting character was Mrs Pincham and the strange twist to this story that does come as uite a shockI am eagerly anticipating and just hope that the author can develop her characters to match up to the standards of the the very imaginative story

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    Would you make the choice to live forever even if it meant you wouldn't be allowed to have children? In the year 2140 most people do In order to take Longevity people have to sign the Declaration People that choose to have children anyway are arrested and put in prison and the children are taken and put into something that resembles an orphanage The children are referred to as SurplusSurplus Anna is one of the most promising occupants of Grange Hall a bleak and cold housing unit for illegal children She is proud of her accomplishments as a housekeeper She will soon reach the age where she leaves Grange Hall and is placed in a permanent job Anna is happy she has been able to pay back society for exisiting She feels anger toward her parents for even putting her in this situation and adding to the drain on the world's resources Anna doesn't think much about a life of freedom until Peter shows up at Grange Hall and tells her things that only her parents could knowTogether Anna and Peter set out on an adventure that changes their lives forever They both find family they didn't know existed and Anna learns just how much she can care for another person THE DECLARATION is a frightening look at what can happen when the government takes control over life itself As appealing as living forever may seem it is clear the conseuences far outweigh the benefits

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    This is not a terrible book but it's not great either The writing seems like a children's book but the content is young adult so that kind of bothered me It started really really slowly i felt like 'I get it already She wants to be a good little surplus surpluses are bad just shut up and start the story already' I got so sick of all the over explaining of EVERYTHING Things that could have easily been written into the plot or the reader could easily work out for themselves It also felt a little repetitive in places The characters were pretty unbelievable too and I didn't get any sense of why Anna started to care about Peter aside from the fact that the author told me she did That was pretty much the way the whole book was 'it's like that because I said its like that' kind of writingAs I said before it reads like a children's book and if you can accept the story as a child would without uestion then you will probably enjoy it a lot Final verdict its OK

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    The premise technology has advanced to the point that with just two little capsules each day everyone can live forever Hooray But if nobody's dying the world is getting mighty crowded so nobody is allowed to have babies any Anna is a surplus a kid born to a couple who did not Opt Out of the Declaration apparently a legal document that says I Won't Have Children? So she's been shuffled off to Surplus Hall where she learns menial housekeeping tasks to earn her keep in the world that doesn't want to support herThis could be a fascinating look at gender politics overpopulation medical advancements or global resources but it's just not It's okay It's a perfectly serviceable book for those who haven't read a lot of sci fidystopia But it's bland The few characters who stand out do so because they're almost cartoonish in their stereotypes the evil head matron with a dark secret of her own the troublemaker the sycophant Characters' changes of heart happen relatively suddenly with little to no time given to explain what prompted the change This is not to imply there's little explanation overall; long portions are almost nothing but explanation interrupting the narrative to give the background on the terminology or the history or the relationship between several charactersI might still recommend this to some teens but probably not as a first draft pick For better population control stories I'd steer kids to Margaret Peterson Haddix's Among the Hidden or Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale depending on their agesI'm on a dystopian kick lately With that in mind I recognize the irony in complaining that this book sounds like it should be perfect and yet misses the mark so completely

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    45 Yikes If there's anyone out there who thinks only the horror genre can scare them they need to pick this up I have a hard time with the classification of some books YA in particular Why is this YA? Because of the main characters? There are than a few supporting non teen characters What are they? Nothing? I mean I'm a decent ways past my teens and I can say that I'd recommend this to adults than to teens Now I know adults than teens so that may play a part but it's also not the entire reason This book is just as made for adults as for teens IMOMalley managed to pull me right in something not easily done I read a lot so I tend to find many books I love many many that I like and many that I don't like But out of them all even some of the ones I've loved only a small percentage took me in like this did I felt like I wanted to jump in the book and change all of the rules I wanted to save Anna Peter and her parents and ever other Surplus I think what I liked most was what happened with Anna's parents That sounds strange right? Yeah It does Allow me to explain I don't like pat endings I like when they're as realistic as possible This is probably my love of non fiction streaming over into my fiction reading but either way a 'happily ever after' ending rarely does it for me What happened with Anna's parents needed to happen If it wouldn't have happened the story would have lost all meaning for me around that time I've already started the seuel which I'm happy that I have available as this is one I wouldn't have wanted to wait in between on

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    This book surprised me in a good way I had expected to give it 3 stars but in the end I had to give it an extra star for the huge twist that I never saw coming This book has the political view points of Unwind and the government pull of Hunger Games During the story you find out what happens to the word when a drug company finds a way for people to stop the aging process and what has to be done in order to preserve resources People are made to sign a declaration in which they promise to stop having kids in order to take this new longevity drug and live virtually forever But as you guessed some people decide that having kids is worth and go against this order The story goes on to tell how a Surplus a child born after the declaration was put into effect has to lie and what they are taught about their lifeThis book is sad and I felt strong emotions for Anna No child should ever have to go through what she and several others were made to endure If you liked Hunger Games and Unwind I would say give this one a try It is the first in the series and it is milder compared to the two mentioned but I think it is a worthwhile read

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    This book could've been really been nice but it absolutely wasn't I liked the idea of the story but hated how it was told The characters were flat and uninteresting but what I hated most about this book was the writing It was immature and everything was described with the same words Like I said this could've been a really good book but it was pretty much ruined by the writing and how the author told the story

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    The Declaration wordt gekenmerkt door een enorm originele dystopische wereld die je aan het denken zet over de wetenschap en de bijbehorende ethische kwesties Heeft de onsterfelijke mens het alleenrecht op de aarde of moeten we juist de wetten van de natuur volgen? De levensechte personages gebrainwasht en al brengen het verhaal tot leven en de vlotte schrijfstijl zorgt dat je het boek geen seconde naast je neer wilt leggen Ik kan niet wachten om verder te lezen over Surplus AnnaMijn complete recensie vind je op Oog op de Toekomst 2015 I absolutely loved The Declaration This dystopian story is set in a future were people can live forever if they pledge to not have any children But of course there are children being born and those 'illegal' children are called Surplusses Anna our protagonist is a SurplusFirst of all I loved the idea behind this book It's very original and both the writing style and the world building are amazing I feel like the world could be like this in the future I really loved Anna's point of view because she is so brainwashed in Grange Hall feeling like a Burden who doesn't Know Her Place and working hard to repay her sins I also feel like her personality is realistic I feel like this book really uestions the current society we're living in and I like that a lot On the romance area I wasn't uite there yet but I can't give this book less than five stars I just couldn't stop reading Loved it★★★★★