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'Fever Pitch with testosterone and eight pints of lager Like Fever Pitch it is not exclusively a novel about football This is a chronicle of a lost tribe the white Anglo Saxon heterosexual who is fed up with being told he is crap It is the story of a flight from fear by a group of Londoners who have seen the present and know it does not work King writes powerfully with a raw realism and clear grasp of a culture which has been denied but cannot be ignored' Glasgow Herald

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    With his ‘Football Factory’ trilogy John King provides us with an unflinching and uncompromising yet compelling look at the dark world of football related gang violence of Britain in the 1990’sKing neither condones condemns nor judges the perpetrators but merely tells is like it is – or at least certainly was at that time The stories he has created are bleak and brutal; the violence is often shocking frightening repulsive and at times unrelenting Although this is fiction it all too often feels very authentic it all feels very realThe ‘Football Factory’ trilogy ‘The Football Factory Headhunters and England Away’ is consistently well written and convincing throughout Despite the scale and nature of the violence portrayed King somehow manages to avoid being gratuitous Neither does it feel like King is glorifying the culture of violence he is writing about These books are about tribalism about the working classes of Britain in the 1990’s about an ingrained culture of alcohol fueled violence as part of everyday life Whilst Football is at the centre of all three novels and central to the lives of the main protagonists – ultimately and paradoxically it’s almost incidental to the main themes explored hereViolent uncompromising and bleak – but equally thought provoking compelling and intelligent This is not merely yet another story of hard men living hard lives and doing violent things

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    Boring pointless and long winded If i wanted to hear about drunken chavs fighting each other i would look out my window I couldn't finish the book as it was so boring The characters were so bland unmemorable and numerous that i couldn't remember who was who It's leaps back and forth in time but has no structure or defined characters If i wrote this i would fill my pockets with stones and walk into a river This has as much intellectual prowess as a wet teatowel It gives no insight into the secret life of chavs it just bores you to death with banality I found myself reading it and daydreaming about something else Then i'd realise i have read several pages in the process and start the arduous task of going back and starting again I don't know why the movie called itself 'football factory' as there is no resemblance Not that the movie is an Oscar winning finale but still Compared to this

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    As a football fan travelling to away games there was a lot I could identify with I'm not a hooligan but I've seen plenty of the violence that takes place The book captures the mood and atmosphere around games pretty wellIt isn't just a focus on the hooligans though there is a lot of observational stuff about men in general and how they interact in different areas of lifeThe writing is sharp and punchy pun intended and whilst some of the characters appear shallow this merely reflects the depth of their lives and valuesThis certainly isn't everyone's cup of tea but I feel it provides a good insight into certain male psyches Be warned though there's claret everywhereIf it isn't for you jog on

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    I really loved this one it gives a great insight in the english football hooligan scene and in the life of the english working class society in the 90s Also the language fits the story perfectly it is sometimes brutal quite direct but that is how the story is itself If you're interested in football and the culture of football fans i can absolutely recommend this to you

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    When I first read this it hit me like a punch in the mouth The narrator is a hard core Chelsea hooligan who walks the walk despite all the new security cameras and everything else that gets in the way of his tribe Someone who looks like a wanker in a pub? Drive his head into the sink down in the loo The narrator tries to justify his mentality juxtaposed against the bleakness of working class urban London Not for the sqeaumish non soccer fans might want to take a pass as well They might find out what makes the lower division south London team Millwall so notorious though

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    There's nothing different about me I'm just another bored male approaching 30 in a dead end job who lives for the weekend Casual sex watered down lager heavily cut drugs And occasionally kicking fuck out of someone

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    Surprisingly good and with a lot depth than the Danny Dyer film It's almost like a British social history Not as one dimensional as you'd think

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    I loved this book not so much for the content but for the writing styleThere’s no doubt that John King has the 80’s football hooligan down to a ‘T’ but he has a unique writing style that breaks all the rules – one chapter for instance consists of just a single sentence – but is somehow very readable The reader finds himself inside the mind of the football hooligan as he drinks with his mates shares banter with them stands shoulder to shoulder with them as they battle rival supporters drinks some with them runs fearlessly at rival supporters pulls girls with a style I found myself envious of and drinks some with his matesHarris the leader reminded me so much of someone I know that I couldn’t help myself from seeing his face every time he appearedI’d read the book years earlier and there was just one chapter that stuck in my memory Again it’s written in a kind of stream of consciousness reminiscent of Jack Kerouac the whole chapter taking place in a curry house There’s nothing wrong with breaking all the rules grammar punctuation etc as long as you know you’re breaking the rules and are openly experimenting with different writing styles and John King does this exceedingly well In this chapter we see a group of lads already inebriated enter the curry house sit down argue abuse other clientele chat up girls on the next table steam into their Rubies run out without paying fight other customers and pull the birds This book is like eating a bacon sandwich in that it’s a simple pleasure that is anything but simple The smell of sizzling football hooligans is enough to tempt even the staunchest of scarfers Football Factory is a winning combination of taste and smell you can practically smell the terraces and hear them from several streets away Indeed this book is thick cut and smoked with quite a kick to it and a little sauce thrown in for good measure Just like a bacon sandwich FF is hot and earthy but there’s a warning here reading this book will probably give you cancer as well All good things give you cancer it seems so I’m sure FF is no exception ‘Ave a pop at it

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    Strange book On the one hand the subject of football hooliganism is not something that adresses anyone on the other hand apart from the fact that even this way it is a book that has to do with football and that gives to it extra point if you love the sport behind the adventures of Tommy and his friendsthis novel gives us a quite interesting study over the life of the working class in Britain and deals with many subjects like corruption of the political system equation racism class poverty etcThe book structure is somehow uncosistent the different stories of the characters do not seem to connect Vince's monologues are a nightmare i had to read one of his chapters again putting imaginary periods in the text in order to make sense However Tommy's narration is interesting a welcome sense of humour is present now and then and all the characters are quite interesting since they seem to represent different aspects of the same society

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    A very difficult book to read and I ended up skimming over a number of chapters If you want to get into the mindset of a vile beer fuelled racist thug then this is the book for you I watched football up and down the country during the 90s when this was book was based and was looking forward to reading this Although not a classic I still enjoyed the movie for what it was At least the main character was semi likeable With this book I hated every character and couldn't care less whether they were on the receiving end of a good kicking or not The only redeeming factor was the occasional slightly funny moments when the narrator attended away games and his observations on northern townsVery disappointing