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Since The Beginning Of Time, The Angelic Hosts Of The High Heavens And The Demonic Hordes Of The Burning Hells Have Been Locked In A Struggle For The Fate Of All Creation That Struggle Has Now Come To The Mortal Realmand Neither Man Nor Demon Nor Angel Will Be Left Unscathed Norrec Vizharan Has Become A Living Nightmare While On A Quest To Find Magical Treasure, The Soldier Of Fortune Discovers An Artifact Beyond His Wildest Dreams The Ancient Armor Of Bartuc, The Legendary Warlord Of Blood But The Mysterious Armor Soul Now, Pursued By Demons Who Covet The Dark Armor For Their Own Devices, Norrec Must Overcome A Bloodlust He Can Scarcely Control And Learn The Truth About His Terrifying Curse Before He Is Lost To Darkness Forever An Orginal Tale Of Swords, Sorcery, And Timeless Struggle Based On The Bestselling, Award Winning M Rated Electronic Game Form Blizzard Entertainment Intended For Mature Readers

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    growing up with the game from adolescent to mature the story took me back in time and explained to me about the war of the old and how it was related to the events of the game It feels close to home with the characters chiming words related to the games Words such as potions , mana , deckard kain , tristram and speaking of tristram, I had a good feeling while reading the book and listening to the town s background music in diablo 1.

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    This book is a must read for any of you who played the PC hit Diablo I thought it was a good book and took me right to the town of Lut Gholein and described it well Norrec is a great hero and reading about his misfortunes is very amuzing, although it ends well There are also two books in the series, but only this one and the third book being written by Richard A Knaak.

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    I cannot say I enjoyed this book as much as I enjoyed the synopsis And be quite honest, I only went about 3 4 of the way through My brother recommended it to me when I was desperate for something, anything, to read I liked the storyline, loved the video game But the author continued to drag on the same small thought for a paragraph a piece I felt like they were describing a black scarf in a hundred ways before we could move forward Now, there really wasn t a black scarf, but I think you get the idea.I hope someone else got something out of this book, I just was too damned bored..

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    Legacy of Blood proved to be an amazing array of action, adventure, romance, and horror all neatly rolled into one tightly packed adventure that makes Lord of the Rings look like child s play I found it quite easy to fall in love with certain characters, and befriend others as the author easily takes us on a magical journey quite unlike any other I ve ever read before Garunteed, you will be kept on the edge of your seat, and clamoring for by the time you finish the last pageI ve already decided to treat myself by looking up the rest of this amazing series, and Richard A Knaack will not disappoint

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    A good book and the only Diablo novel I ve read at this point I ofcourse played the games and loved the universe so I decided to pick this one up a few years ago I did enjoy the book but I only loved certain parts, other parts didn t seem as interesting. I particularly loved the happenings on the ship voyage somewhere in the middle.I overall liked Knaak s writing I ll most likely seek out of his stuff in the future.

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    I love the games this story comes from and I have to say, I m am a fan of Knaak His writing grabs your attention, bringing his characters to life, not only through the personalities, but through the background, which he spreads throughout the story, so by the end, you think you ve known about the character from precious books Just like the setting of the story, this books embraces the darkness that surrounds the world of Sanctuary.

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    I really enjoyed this book There were some fairly predictable plot conclusions, but the adventure along the way was very exciting I saw several key resolutions coming and wished dearly that the characters would see what I found so obvious, though they did not have the level of knowledge that the reader does to know the truth.

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    I thought it was a pretty good book considering it was fashioned after a video game I found the Sin Wars series a little better than this book in my opinion though If anyone is into angels and demons battling over humans then they should definitely give this book, as well as the video game, a look.

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    I liked this book a lot but I don t know if people with no experience with Diablo either by playing or reading will enjoy it as much as I did.Richard A.Knaak s writing style is very nice to read and this book was no exception.Then ending is good although there are some vague points left uncertain.Goodread.

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    Whether you re into fantasy or not, you must read this book This is what got me into the fantasy genre in the first place Amazingly well written An enthralling read Beware You will not be able to put this one down until you re done Trust me