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Prostitution Was Widespread In Th Century Paris, And As French Streets Filled With Prostitutes, French Art And Literature Of The Period Paralleled This Development In This Book, Hollis Clayson Explains Why She Provides The First Description And Analysis Of French Artistic Interest In Women Prostitutes, Examining How The Subject Was Treated In The Art Of The S And S By Such Avant Garde Painters As Cezanne, Degas, Manet, And Renoir As Well As By Academic And Low Brow Painters Who Were Their Contemporaries Clayson s analysis is a well articulated survey of the social factors that contributed to and popularized avant garde subject matter in Impressionist paintings Rather than focusing on a particular artist usually Manet vs Degas , Clayson followed themes such as the ever present yet illusive physiogonomy of a loose woman during the mid to late 19th century Don t be fooled by the size this is not a coffee table book unless you also have a dictionary lying about however, it is an excellent read for anyone pursuing the subject of clandestine social relations of the demi monde. Must read for Impressionist art lovers and fans. paris by night