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How Far Would You Go To Save Your Sister Scarlett Has Never Left The Tiny Island Where She And Her Beloved Sister, Tella, Live With Their Powerful, And Cruel, Father Now Scarlett S Father Has Arranged A Marriage For Her, And Scarlett Thinks Her Dreams Of Seeing Caraval, The Far Away, Once A Year Performance Where The Audience Participates In The Show, Are OverBut This Year, Scarlett S Long Dreamt Of Invitation Finally Arrives With The Help Of A Mysterious Sailor, Tella Whisks Scarlett Away To The Show Only, As Soon As They Arrive, Tella Is Kidnapped By Caraval S Mastermind Organizer It Turns Out That This Season S Caraval Revolves Around Tella, And Whoever Finds Her First Is The WinnerScarlett Has Been Told That Everything That Happens During Caraval Is Only An Elaborate Performance But She Nevertheless Becomes Enmeshed In A Game Of Love, Heartbreak, And Magic With The Other Players In The Game And Whether Caraval Is Real Or Not, She Must Find Tella Before The Five Nights Of The Game Are Over, A Dangerous Domino Effect Of Consequences Is Set Off, And Her Sister Disappears Forever

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    record scratch freeze frame Yup, that s me Scarlett Dragna, main character of the YA hit Caraval You re probably wondering how I ended up in this situation If everysinglethingthathappenedinthiswholebook was anything to go by, it was through a combination of pointless lying, constant embarrassment, obsession with Some Guy, a big act of caring about a younger sister despite very little indication of that being true, unrelenting drama about a dumb wedding, repetitive interactions, weird descriptions, gender based generalizations, and insanely personal info dumps about emotional happenings from the past insert elegant bow here And that, my dear friends, is my Scarlett Dragna impression Thank you Yes, thank you Oh, please, stop with the standing ovation I m just like all of you Except I possess such bitterness and have such a grasp of the future that I wrote a character description at the 25% mark, and god did it hold up.Yup You guessed it I didn t like my most anticipated book of the year.https What a surprise you probably all chant in unison I almost felt guilty about writing a negative review about this book because it s about to be damn negative but then I remembered it s THIS BOOK S FAULT It marketed its damn self as a young adult The Night Circus It must take some serious goddamn gonads to look at a masterpiece, essentially magic with a front and back cover, and go, Yeah My book is just like that Spoiler alert it s really, really not.Oh, God, this review is going to be long My bullet point list of notes alone is long And I am putting away fruit snacks like nobody s business, so I ve got enough sugar in my system to sustain a lengthy burst of anger Strap in, everybody Note from later I sugar crashed when I was almost done this review But it did last me through most of it THE SETTINGAll I want is a good setting All those times I said I just want a good character to love and settle down with, I think and relish this rare gift of a moment I think I was wrong I think I care most about settings Hence why books with magnificent settings get five star ratings no matter what And thus, it is my curse to eternally pick up every book that is compared to The Night Circus.This book does not have a good setting It s confusing everything that seems solid is gone back on later Nothing is real That doesn t lead to a good setting But I ll talk about the constant, piece of sh t cop outs later in this review It lacks the strong descriptions that a setting literally needs It doesn t feel magical at all More on that later, too But above all, it s not goddamn GROUNDED.Haha That GIF made me feel a little better Thank you, my favorite person of all time forever, Bo Burnham Anyway, as I was saying This Is Not Grounded In Round 14 of 3947234829 why The Night Circus is better than this book and the latter should never have been compared, TNC takes place in our world Yeah The author presumably realized 1 maybe we need a little bit of magic And 2 she couldn t create one of the greatest settings of all time while also establishing a fantasy world It would have weakened the whole book.But Stephanie Garber did NOT make the same choice Instead, we re unceremoniously dumped into a world where there are islands and colonizing empires and that CLASSIC YA trope of using clunky terms to differentiate the world from the real one like Hot Season, because they don t have WORDS FOR THE SEASONS Even fun, during this book characters travel between countries colonies islands empires I have no idea, and the reader has NO GODDAMN CLUE WHAT IS GOING ON.Alright, I think I ve talked about the setting for too long I see that now But this is an UNFORGIVABLE OFFENSE, OK THE CHARACTERSWe re introduced to a world s worth of characters here, and this book achieves quite a feat they all manage to be either flat, boring, or both Yaaaaay I m totally ready to try to pretend to feel emotionally connected to these goons for 400 pages First Scarlett Cannot believe we were trapped inside the head of the most boring character of all time throughout what was supposed to be a suspenseful thrill ride But, obviously, was not She s easily embarrassed, obsessed with propriety, falls in pretty much instalove with Julian because he s hot Lies all the time because poor widdle gal is embarrassed of something or other about herself Super weak Constantly questioning her own reasoning and letting others make decisions for her Tries to act like she s a protective older sister, but, speaking as a protective older sister, she doesn t give much of a sh t about family when she s staring into Julian s eyes or literally sucking his fingers But then we get into a whole different type of characters Those who, by the end, we know NOTHING ABOUT Tella, Julian, Legend We re given descriptions of them that are gone back on, returned to, and gone back on again Nothing is real The whole thing is confusing and an absolute waste of energy I came SO GODDAMN CLOSE to DNFing this book because it has about 100 twists and none of them make sense. I wanted to shake myself out of a nightmare What the hell was going on for 400 pages Beyond that, they re boring and I don t want to talk about them And so were the villains Scarlett and Tella s dad is literally ruthless for no reason His wife left him and now he plays psychological games of abuse with his daughters There s a moment where he essentially tries to get his daughter s fianc to rape her And for what reason It makes no sense No sense at all He slaps a random girl across the face at one point, murders some random dude I don t know what excuse to make for that except that this book is sloppy.THE PLOTWord to the wiseif you haven t read this book, you may want to skip this section Even the stuff I don t mark as spoilers may be somewhat spoilery I ll try, kind of.So this book centers on Caraval, the supposedly wonderful setting I ve already moped about for way too long Caraval attracts a bunch well, an unknown number of people, and is supposed to be a scavenger hunt style game Somehow, though, in spite of the bajillion people who actually give a sh t competing against her, Scarlett just stumbles into the goddamn clues.Here s my world famous I ve become famous since the beginning of this review, right Scarlett impression, coming back to show you what following her through this shindig feels like Oh, this terrible poem slash cheat sheet I was unceremoniously given says I have to earn the next clue It s probably just this thing I randomly picked up along my travels with zero fanfare Or maybe it has something to do with a situation I just stumbled into Doesn t matter which choice I make, somehow it ll be manipulated into being the right one Where are the stakes I also feel like 80% of this is just us listening to boring old Scarlett being like, Omg, I think Julian is lying to me Whatever shall I do I don t trust him I just want to kiss his face off Etc, etc And despite spending ALL OF HER TIME with him, she s never just like view spoiler And when Scarlett s piece of shit dad shows up with her fianc to like, punch her in the stomach until she says she ll make babies or whatever, she and luhhhhhhverboy have the DUMBEST REACTION They get caught in a poor widdle thunderstorm, stop to make out for somewhere between 90 minutes and 7 hours, and get caught by the Dynamic Duo of Bad Characters despite being about 1 f cking yard away from an entrance to a hidden tunnel system. An entrance they knew about all along I wish they both died hide spoiler

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    I feel the same way about Caraval as I did about The Star Touched Queen last year In fact, many of my comments are the same, so if you enjoyed that book then it s probable you will like this one also.Caraval is a fantasy without world building or significant character development It relies on its dreamy descriptions, purple prose, and a heavy helping of romance to make it dazzle To take a quote from my review of The Star Touched Queen, if you buy into these metaphors, put on your prose tinted glasses and let yourself get drunk on the glittering descriptions, I suppose you might be able to ignore that s literally how I feel about this.It is about two sisters Scarlett and Tella who live on some random island in the middle of random world X with their abusive father who wants to marry Scarlett off to a count she s never met Caraval is, as it sounds, a carnival like game on another random island People go there to play and if they win, they get a wish The mysterious Caraval master is a guy called Legend, who Scarlett has been writing to for years, but he has now finally replied and sent three tickets for Scarlett, Tella and Scarlett s fiance Upon arrival at the island, Tella goes missing and it soon becomes apparent that finding her is all a part of the game Scarlett must solve the clues and find her sister before Caraval is over.For one thing, this is a writing style that never appeals to me So many metaphors and similes that I know are supposed to be evocative and exciting, but they re nonsensical Phrases like this It smelled like the middle of the night He tasted like midnight and wind Tella s expression fell, like a doll Scarlett had dropped I understand that some readers like this kind of mysterious, weird writing, but it just pulls me right out of the story I m sat there thinking how the hell does something TASTE LIKE MIDNIGHT What does it even mean that Tella s expression fell like a doll that Scarlett dropped Does it mean that Tella is like a doll being dropped i.e unhappy doll or is the author equating the downwards turn of her expression with the downwards fall of a doll Or neither it just sounds good And here, have some Something about him made her feel perilous shades of silky black The world tasted like lies and ashes when Scarlett woke Something acidic and moldy and burnt bubbled up through Scarlett s throat the taste of death Let s forget for a second that death now has a taste is the author just listing random words that sound cool Think about it How can something taste acidic AND moldy AND burnt I just don t believe that good writing is collecting as many exciting, descriptive words as possible and shoving them all together, regardless of whether they make any sense.But whatever That s just taste for the writing style I personally thought the story was lacking too, unless you are seeking romance and descriptions of male muscles than actual fantasy and mystery From the very beginning, Scarlett goes on and on about the gorgeous men around her Julian and Dante often forgetting that her sister is missing because she is so caught up in her own romantic ambitions And, of course, when Julian is seen talking with another girl, said girl is described as some tart in a bar in comparison to Scarlett who blushes every time Julian looks at her He had the sort of profile meant for sculptors and painters Full lips, strong jaw, coal dark eyes sheltered by thick, dark brows. Do you think that she means sculptures and paintings instead Or is it a stereotype I don t know about that artists are supposed to have a certain sort of profile AnywayI found so much of this book unsatisfying I gave it an extra star because it remained interesting enough for me to read to the end, but there s not much than a flowery romance contained within these pages The mysteries and reveals are not particularly exciting, and there s a poorly executed end moment where a character reveals everything through a long speech like a magician dropping character at the end and telling the audience how they did it.Also, as a side note and I wasn t sure if I was going to mention this or not I got a very strong sense that I had read this story before Most people probably won t know what I m talking about But back when I was about eleven twelve years old, I read a book called The Forbidden Game by the same author who wrote Vampire Diaries, about a girl who gets pulled into a game and must find her friends before the time is up There s also a mysterious, gorgeous guy called Julian pulling the strings holy shit, I was in love with him back then and this book is so similar Really It makes me wonder if the author read it too.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube

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    Reread this gem before picking up my arc of Finale because I m not ready for these books to end Hitting up the audio this go around, compliments of my library via Hoopla How can I write a review for this giant ball of awesome and do it justice I was intrigued by the summary from the second I found this was coming out, but had no clue if it would live up to the hype The back cover boasts of The spell casting fantasy destined to become a sensation and Fox 2000 has already purchased the rights to turn this into a major motion film, which claims some pretty mind blowing story is within the covers This book was even better than I could have imagined and then some Hi, my name s Chelsea and I m addicted to Stephanie Garber s world of Caraval The blurb tells you everything you need to know going in honestly, the less you know the better and the confused you feel, the enjoyable your reading experience will be Every single chapter had some sort of twist, and whether it was minor or major, it got me EVERY SINGLE TIME This book was somehow 400 pages, but it went by too quickly I kept saying Just one chapter and next thing you know, it was finished Sort of Because YAY book 2 is coming Well, once she writes it of course No pressure Steph I m only gnawing my nails to the bloody nub in anticipation Surprisingly, one of my favorite things about this book was the budding romance between Julian and Scarlett I must be maturing HAH and opening my reading door to some new things, because years ago this would have grossed me out to the core The good news is it isn t gross and cheesy the tension continually grows throughout the book but it is really quite clean This is something I wouldn t bat an eye at letting my teenager read the romance was tastefully done and, while refraining from being cheap and raunchy, sucked the reader in as the relationship grew IMO, this showed what true talent the author had in being able to gain the reader s interest in her romantic composition without relying on overdone sexual situations that are graphic and distracting from the heart of the story.JULIAN I know Scarlett is supposed to the the show stopper here, but Julian stole the limelight for me I fell in love with his character from the first page he showed up he s rugged, bold, and hilarious while carrying meaningful dialogue and playing a deeper role than just eye candy I found myself cheering for him constantly throughout the story, and even when suspicion is cast his way multiple times which both was rightly and wrongly cast , I couldn t have cared less This series I believe was set up, not as a complete focus on one character with many supporting roles, but as a character study on multiple people with a complex story that interweaves multiple interests While it is told mostly through Scarlett s POV, we have a view into other s interests as well, and the massive cliff hanger on the final page has set this up to be a strong series that should continue without a hitch.There is an overall dark feel to this book, and there is some disturbing violence in a fantasy related sense, but it was necessary and intriguing to the story line The mystery surrounding Legend and his traveling Caraval performers was breathtaking I found myself completely lost in this otherworld To me, it had a historical fiction feel with a side of science fiction due to the fantasy aspect, which made for a unique read I m not sure what else to add, other than I have an advanced case of Caraval hangover and need the book 2 cure ASAP If you enjoy Young Adult novels, regardless of your age, you ll want to open your heart and your book shelf up to this one I hate writing reviews this far in advance for a book that doesn t come out until next year, but go ahead an pre order, make a note to yourself to request at your library in January, or go to NetGalley and request your copy, because it will have a guaranteed spot on my Top 10 Wrap Up at the end of the year I received my copy from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review So SO grateful and am already sending up prayers for book 2 once it s ready.

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    Before you enter the world of Caraval, you must remember that it s all a game .4.5 stars I m very impressed with this book The most important thing you need to know is that, although it s marketed as such, it really isn t a competition per se I mean, it s as much a competition as THE NIGHT CIRCUS is.Sure, it s a game indeed, a treacherous game that you can lose yourself in at any moment, but it s not a competition I m not going to elaborate, because I d have to reveal some things that will spoil some surprises, so you ll just have to trust me on that.But it s good, so good It plays with the reader so well It s not only Scarlett who risks her life to win the game, it s also us, or so I felt I felt as I were a player myself Sometimes characters are clueless and don t see what is in front of them while we readers scream our heads off trying to make them SEE This never happens in this book Because whenever Scarlett learns something, we learn it too.The reader in me can t help but try to guess what has happened and who that character is and what the characters will face in the future, etc I just can t help myself And so that s what I did But even though I kept trying to have things figured in my mind before the main character ever could, I still ended up being delightfully surprised.What really shines in this book is the action Every new chapter brings a new setting or mishap or character the story progresses well Sometimes scenes can be lethargic because of an exaggerated amount of description, but that too never happens in CARAVAL What stole my heart was the magical, fairytale esque writing style and narration Though it obviously is a young adult novel no cross genre going on I didn t mind that it wasn t sexy or ghastly It s very worth reading if you re a fan of fantasy novels, uncanny and treacherous stories and thrilling, intelligent plots.Blog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin

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    This freaking book HOLY CRAP I have a feeling this book is going to be a huge hit when it comes out, and rightfully so This is the kind of story that you just want to devour because you can t get enough It s a beautiful story about sisterhood and adventure, full of amazing characters and a delightfully dark world It s this grotesque Wonderland like world where the Mad Hatter is calling the shots Honestly cannot wait for you guys to get your hands on this Keep an eye out for it because wow Video review to come closer to publication date

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    Well that was disappointing.

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    Read 2 April 2019I am hERE to reread before Finale and also am just so happy to be melting back into this world It s such a vivid, lush and gorgeous book, I pretty much can t contain myself I do think Legendary is superior to the two, but I really appreciated Scarlett s journey through PTSD this time She s absolutely fighting through the trauma of abuse to live a life where she can make choices without spiralling into fear I m just I love Scarlett Tella is my fave and Legendary is my pick of the books, but Scarlet is not weak sapling Also it s GORGEOUS And I am 10 10 here for literally every time someone mentions Dante, they re like, eh, he s pretty and he knows it He does know it Dante is the prettiest Read 1 Sept 2017Okay why didn t I read this sooner IT S SO MAGICAL I totally preordered it and then immediately decided to wait 9 months to read it I don t know either, mate This is the life of the Procrastination Queen Also I saw a lot of disappointed reviews, so I was prepared for teeth gnashing and refurbishing it as a hat if I didn t like it But I kind of accidentally loved it Except for the narrator I would be like 500% okay if Scarlett fell into a bucket of soup and never got out BUT NARRATOR ASIDE wow it was weird and wonderful The world was actually incredible.It s like set in this mysterious carnival type island world So think gondolas and weird tunnels and magical shops and doors that change directions and rooms that grow and shrink with your emotions It was like Alice in Wonderland but SINISTER and with a vague circus vibe and like set IN VENICE Duuuude I like I LOVE it when buildings have their opinions though lowkey am curious why that room didn t crush Scarlett because that would ve been exciting BUT OK The writing was rather beautiful too.Except for that line where she likened a kiss to giving birth to the dawn or whatever and I m likemate You do not put BIRTH and KISS in the same thought with a guy you just met Ya know Anyway I really liked all the vivid descriptions It didn t feel too flowery but just added to the magical vibe So so much magical vibes Mind twisty They start off the book saying nOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS and Scarlett promptly forgets that 2 seconds later and freaks out over everything I would like to stuff her in a shoe But it was really really well done I had SO many questions It tossed me about a LOT And I questioned everyone adn decided they were all evil by page 3 So basically I had a freakin good time I loooove worlds that are so morally grey and all IT S A GAME AND EVERYONE S GONNA GET STABBED I mean Monopoly was so yesterday Okay but real talk Scarlettwhy.Just why She was the typical I am a good and wholesome creature sort of character who informed us 87 x per chapter that she was GOOD Aka, super boring I do think she had good character development, but if a bucket had narrated it would ve been just as exciting Which is weird that I still love the book a LOT even if Scarlett is as stimulating as that plastic fork over yonder Nice SISTER STORY Except Scarlett was boring and Tella was a self centred ass, but you know what Familyya can t pick em And I do love books about sisters, EVEN IF Scarlett did forget for a second she wasn t Elsa and threw out the You can t love a boy you just met line even though Scarlett was freaking in love with a boy she just met. Apparently we are in Disney now The romance was honestly super BITTER and I liked it.Let s have some salt and vinegar on those CHIPS my friends, because Scarlett is Too Holier Than Thou to fall in love with the rougish sailor who I was totally all for 100% of the time Especially when I thought he was the villain That would ve been a fab plot twist But whatever JULIAN YOU DASTARDLY LITTLE SNAKE I loved how they fought so much but obviously cared about each other shipping A few negatives Eh, okay so the ending had a LOT of high stakes things going on butit was kind of writing so apathetically I wasn t even worried It was too rushed and the reactions of the characters weren t realistic enough Also I m a fussy turnip Just in case you didn t pick that up yet I also am frikkin sick of fantasy being so sexist because there s literally no need in a world that s not attached to ours STAHP And there was a LOT of repetition Irritating ya But I survived because I m a champion inside.ALL IN ALL Look I thoroughly enjoyed the magical setting and it gave me ALL SORTS OF FANTASY APPRECIATION No really I finished it and thought I love this, I genuinely do and I want to immediately read books about Caraval and hopefully find myself a bedroom that expands when I put books in it because I am heckin running out of bookshelf room here Narrator nope Although I loved that it was in 3rd person Julian yes Creeptastic psycho mysterious Carvanal master HECK YES And the world is honestly so inspiring to me I need to eat a cake and sit down for a while.Every person gets on impossible wish, if the person wants something than anything, and they can find a bit of magic to help them a long.

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    Welcome, welcome to Caraval The grandest show on land or by sea Ever since Scarlett was a child, she heard tales of the wonderful, mysterious and dangerous Caraval Trapped on a tiny island by her monster of a father, Scarlett dreams of nothing but attending Hundreds and hundreds of people hope and beg for a position in the games all in the attempt to obtain the grand prize a single wish.Much to Scarlett s delight and terror, just a few days before her wedding she receives an invitation At the insistence of her younger sister Tella and a mysterious boy, Scarlett escapes her island home and tyrannical father to enter the games Only, things do not go as planned Her sister is missing and the dangers are mounting will she be able to make it to her wedding Will she be able to make it out alive The main problem I had with this book is the decision making skills, the magic and the general YA ness Unfortunately, that overshadowed the book The Decision Making skills aka we are always going for the worst option, aren t we There s being shelteredand then there s being extremely stupid Scarlett Dragna falls under the latter There were so many, many times I wanted to shake her if there is choice between a dark, dank ominous cave vs a gentle sunlight path, she d be halfway down the cave monster s gullet before I could blink She just has a knack for that sort of thing It probably doesn t help that despite repeated assurances that What happens beyond this gate may frighten or excite you, but don t let any of it trick you We will try to convince you it s real, but all of it is a performance A world built of make believe Our lovely Scarlett believes everything every single thing that is said to her The Magic aka it s not SUPPOSED to be realistic, Haha I loved the idea of the Caraval the ethereal magic, the enigma of the game and of course the trickery of Legend But, the book fell short The world building needed to be significantly stronger For a world that was purported as being one of intense magic and intrigue, everything was a bit meh and haphazard The author used the excuse but it s magic as a crutch so freaking much.To explain there s magic worlds out there that I believe 100% Harry Potter, for example, was beautifully fleshed out Yes, it was pure magic but it was also purely believable I could instantly tell you what would and wouldn t make sense in this world Caraval not so much The author has all these wild crazy ideas and instead of building and connecting them she just called it magic and that was itFor example, one of the bigger things in this novel was the clothing changes A dress changes color, shape, form And is the perfect size How Magic but how Is it a spell Enchanted object Mysterious ancient witchcraft It s magic No seriously How do you have godlike seamstress powers I SAID IT WAS MAGIC Okay So there s magic dresses But how does that connect to the magic people Mysterious sellers Artifacts Magic cocks gun So ultimately, the magic was used as a cool and trendy tool rather than a fleshed out aspect of the world General YA ness aka this sounds familiar Of course, because this is YA romance, all the big kisses had to have oddly specific descriptions He tasted like midnight and wind, and shades of rich brown and light blue. And, even better It tasted like the moment before night gives birth to morning It was like the end of one thing and the beginning of something else all wrapped up together Swoooooon. The 2018 PopSugar Reading Challenge A book recommended by someone else taking the PopSugar Reading ChallengeAudiobook CommentsThe tone and inflection were alright, but listening to it fell a bit flat I think it was because how frustrated I was with Scarlett s decisions The narrator Rebecca Soler was fabulous in other books, I think it was just me being annoyed with the story rather than something on her end If you are curious about Rebecca Soler, check Tucker the Reader s interview Blog Instagram Twitter

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    Whatever you ve heard about Caraval, it doesn t compare to the reality It s than just a game or a performance It s the closest you ll ever find to magic in this world Thank you to Flatiron Books for sending me an advance reading copy of Caraval for review purposes.4.5 STARSThis book was just absolutely ENCHANTING I didn t know how high or how low to set my expectations before going into Caraval but one thing is for sure by the time I closed this book Caraval surpassed all my expectations and I ve always been a sucker for circus carnival themed books but I never read another book that came close to one of my favorite circus tales and favorite books of all time, The Night Circus But Caraval has easily set its place right next to The Night Circus as one of the most magical stories I have ever read.From the very first page up until the last, there was never a dull moment while reading Caraval It was just an enigma wrapped in magic and deception One minute you think you have the story and the characters all figured out, the next minute the storyline takes you on a completely different direction There were just so many twists, turns, and puzzles that every page leaves you hanging at the edge of your seat.Although Caraval didn t really feel like it took place in a circus carnival like I was hoping it would, the world building was still very mystical Clues and objects are paid in your deepest secrets, greatest fear, or even days of your life There are tunnels that drive you mad and make you question what is real and what is simply part of the game Caraval was just full of so many surprises that ll keep you turning the page I had so many theories right from the very beginning that kept changing and evolving as the story progressed I was so immersed in trying to crack the big mystery that was Caraval and Legend Remember that it s just a game But is it really This book will definitely leave you with questions than answers in the end so prepare to be mind blown I can t even put into proper words how magical this book truly is Of course I can t speak for everybody, but I can almost guarantee that you ll never read a story like Caraval Stephanie Garber has made quite the entrance into this community with this captivating piece of work I almost can t believe that Caraval is actually her first book I can see so much potential in this author and in this world that she has created I definitely can t wait for book two because something tells me that Stephanie has tricks and magic up her sleeve for her readers The quote in this review was taken from an uncorrected proof and should be compared to the final copy upon release.

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    Full Review Update Spoiler free I cannot rave enough guys this book wins everything This has made it in to my absolute all time favorites I can t even function normally to describe it I am absolutely floored Zero complaints I enjoyed every sentence. every page I couldn t get enough It was whimsical, off the charts electric, romantic, mysterious, enchanting, enthralling full of twists and turns So many that I thought the ending couldn t possibly live up to the mystery this created. but it absolutely did.My advice is to go into this knowing NOTHING Seriously, I wanted to throw like 10 billion quotes in my review because I loved it THAT MUCH but its going to be so much mysterious if you just dive right in But I ll say this I was hooked from the first page There s a series of letters that Scarlett writes to the Caraval master Legend over a series of years This story begins when he finally writes back.I loved the writing and the pacing so so much It wasn t too slow but it wasn t too fast either it was just right for the character development Scarlett was the perfect choice for an MC and I loved being in her mind without any outside perspective Everything about the plot and the other characters are a complete mystery Good luck trying to guess everything you ll need it The best part of the experience for me personally was trying to guess who was who and who was good bad I literally cannot comment on any of the other characters because it would be a spoiler but oh man. you guys I think I m in love And the end CLEVER Wow I LOVED IT SO MUCH I thought Stephanie was writing herself into a hole with all the mystery but boy oh boy did she deliver The setting is another win for this book If you like the Night Circus, you ll be pleased The plot is totally different but the magical circus carnival like atmosphere is on point Alright, I know I ve done nothing but hyped up this book Do yourself a favor though go in with zero expectation, spoilers, hints, etc Just enjoy the ride.Now excuse me while I go work on fan art because this has taken over my world.My Blog Instagram Twitter Etsy