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3.5 Read and reviewed February 19, 2017 Trouble in Sweden Immigrant jihadists And wait till you learn why I ll never tell I was reading this at exactly the same time President Trump was warning the US of the terrible problems Sweden was supposedly having with immigrants, although he didn t elaborate That would have been interesting, especially when but I m getting ahead of myself and don t want to spoil the story It s my fault for not knowing that Klara Waldeen was a character from Zander s previous book, The Swimmer When I requested a preview copy, it was presented as a stand alone, and indeed, it can be, as long as you realise why there is a parallel storyline I had trouble following it because I found the changing timelines, storylines, and locations confusing and wondered what the heck some of these people had to do with anything Eventually, the loose ends are tied up full credit for that.Fadi tells his chapters in the first person, often addressing you , his beloved older sister, Yasmine They were Syrian children who grew up in Sweden with strict parents we hear of abuse later Their old fashioned, black dress pants, shawls, and jewelry How could that be enough We ve known this from the first day How could it escape them We re foreigners here And we will never be than the sum of our limitations For people like us it s never enough to do our best His parents also make up Arabic homework, saying the Swedish work is too easy But really, it s because they can hear us drifting away from it, drifting away from them, whispering, creeping They can hear us croaking, almost singing They can see our wings sprouting Fadi and Yasmine have only each other Then he sneaks into Pirate Tapes NOT a place you should steal from , using his sister s door code, and steals equipment So of course she s the one who has to flee to escape reprisals, leaving Fadi alone and exposed to everyone who knows he was the one stupid enough to do it.Yasmine goes to New York, cutting herself off from Fadi and her past, and we follow her there for a while Several chapters later, we are introduced to Klara Waldeen, who, as I said was a surprise to me She s working for someone with something to do with an upcoming EU conference, and she s getting suspicious about possible skulduggery Then back to Fadi, the poor lost soul who looks to God for companionship, beginning to pray and take on a Muslim look He tries to believe, but can t Adopted by some other seemingly disaffected Muslim youth, eventually, as his parents feared, he leaves the nest to strike out on his own, angry and bitter Then my black wings unfurl, lifting up through the rain and the light of the streetlamps lifting up over the empty parking lots and satellite dishes, up above all that asphalt and concrete gone Yasmine is surprised to get an email from her mother with a photograph of someone that looks like Fadi, back in their hometown, but when she returns, she doesn t know whom to trust, and neither do we Zander doesn t make this easy Meanwhile, Klara begins investigating strange goings on in her area of interest and puts herself very much in harm s way Plenty of nasty people.As I say, the stories are eventually brought together, but I admit to getting lost They are told in back and forth order they skip around from 2004 to 2000 to 2011 to 2015, etc , moving between three sets of characters and three main countries As it wraps up, I very much enjoyed the irony of the reveal, considering, as I said, that I read this during the week that Trump was making it sound as if Fadi s story was typical of Swedish problems.Thanks to NetGalley and Harper Collins for the preview copy from which I ve quoted, so some quotes may have changed. Depois da leitura de O Nadador, livro de estreia de Joakim Zander, parti imediatamente para O Crente, publicado no passado m s pela Suma de Letras Antes de mais, importante notar que, ainda que este livro seja o segundo volume da s rie Klara Walld en , n o absolutamente necess ria a leitura do primeiro, pois a hist ria independente e a participa o de Klara bem mais secund ria Dito isto, acho que a leitura do primeiro volume ajuda a perceber melhor a personagem e algumas das suas motiva es, pelo que se quiserem ler primeiro O Nadador, ser um b nus.Desta vez, voltamos a acompanhar v rias personagens em per odos de tempo distintos e temos de novo a personagem a que o t tulo do livro se refere a narrar os seus cap tulos na primeira pessoa O Crente Fadi, filho de imigrantes mu ulmanos na Su cia, que vive num sub rbio de Estocolmo onde existem v rios problemas sociais Desde pequeno, Fadi sempre se socorreu da irm mais velha, Yasmine, para se manter longe de grandes problemas e sobreviver numa sociedade que o ostraciza, mas quando ela decide ir viver para os Estados Unidos, Fadi sente se perdido e acaba por juntar se a um grupo que o recruta como soldado do Estado Isl mico Quando a hist ria se inicia, Yasmine recebe a not cia que Fadi teria sido morto na S ria, e decide regressar ao seu pa s de acolhimento original porque suspeita que a hist ria n o est bem contada O Crente um livro muito atual, pois explora a marginaliza o da sociedade por motivos culturais e religiosos Enquanto estamos no presente e acompanhamos a busca de Yasmine pela verdade do que aconteceu ao seu irm o, voltamos ao passado para entendermos as motiva es de Fadi e o que o levou a recorrer religi o e ao extremismo como forma de exteriorizar a aliena o que sente numa sociedade em que a compreens o e a integra o de quem se sente exclu do est o longe de ser uma prioridade um livro com um ritmo algo lento, semelhan a do seu antecessor, o que n o necessariamente mau A isto n o alheio o facto de s com a hist ria j bem adiantada o leitor perceber qual a rela o de Klara com todo o enredo que estamos a acompanhar Mas assim que ela se revela o livro ganha outro f lego e torna dif cil abandonar o livro Admito que o enredo de O Nadador tivesse sido pessoalmente mais cativante, mas considero que as quest es abordadas em O Crente s o talvez mais pertinentes No final de contas, foram ambos dois bons livros, que me deram a conhecer um autor que vou manter debaixo de olho no futuro. The Brother Stunning Suspense ThrillerJoakim Zander came to prominence with his knock out debut The Swimmer, which I thought was a stunning thriller and would take some beating, he has put that to be bed with ease The Brother is the follow up and is one of the best thrillers of the year, it will simply take your breath away and breathless at the end.Zander has once again come up with a plot that is contemporary, without preaching at the reader, that is absorbing, thrilling and keeps you in suspense throughout This is not a typical Scandi Noir thriller, this really is an international outlook in this book, that takes you to dark places without being dark.Yasmine has promised she would always protect her little brother Fadi, but it is five years since she left Bergort, a suburb of Stockholm Her new life in New York is not everything it seems but she is surviving, just, when she receives new that her brother has been killed out in Syria and she devastated When she receives a message from her mother with a picture of Fadi, she is convinced he is still alive and she needs to get back to Stockholm and find him.Accepting help, while supposedly working for a big agency in New York she is able to get back to Stockholm and find Fadi What she finds is her old suburb suffering nightly riots, and Bergort is literally burning Not everybody is pleased to see her back, especially as she gets messages to stop the search and go back to America.What we get is a thriller where the story is narrated by both Yasmine and Fadi, as the picture builds so we can understand how things are and how they had come to pass At the same time a different thread is built around Klara, a researcher based in London, but from Sweden, and her story intertwines with the books main narrative.What the reader gets is an explosive story, a story of loss, jihad, Government Spy Agencies, and the people caught in the middle As the story heads to its conclusion you really are not sure how this will end, for all three main characters, you hope for the best but fear the worst This is an ambitious thriller that really does deliver on all levels and its breadth is wonderful and entertaining The characters are believable and well written, and once again the research that has gone in to the writing of this book is really fantastic.Read The Brother and the suspense will keep you breathless and entertained, a really stunning Swedish thriller. 2,5 This was intense The plot is probably not for everyone, and shows the brutal reality we have in the world right now But well written and told.This book will be published in the US January 17, 2017 When I read the first book written by the author, I wasn t aware, that it was the first of a new series So when I recently got asked if I wanted to read this new one I wanted to see how things went with the main figure and said yes In this second Klara Walld en book the story is quite different The main figure is not present from the beginning It takes a while until she appears and the Klara in this thriller is a different one than in The Swimmer Still the same person, but she has changed.Klara lives now in London After all the bad things in Sweden and the death of the father she barely knew, she goes to the big city to work for a woman she doesn t know very much either But she needs the distance, needs to believe that her life can change for the better after all that had happened And for some months it works Until she discovers, that even in London not everything is okay Too much alcohol, too much working hours and a project, that soon turns out to be a very dangerous one And when she meets Yasmine and has to learn that a man she thought she could trust, is involved in a high pitched game, she turns again to the only person she knows for help The story is told from Fadi s point of view and through the personal perspective by Yasmine and Klara That changes from chapter to chapter Joakim Zander sends the reader on a journey that goes from New York to Bergort, Syria, London and Stockholm The plot is about Fadi, who becomes a soldier for ISIS, who thinks what he does is right, until he learns the bitter truth and that he is the reason why innocent men, women and children are dead now And when he sees finally who the real evil is, he turns on a path of revenge and hate becomes a ghost And that is where his sister steps into the game She can t believe that he is dead, and does everything to proof she s right And puts herself not only in life threatening danger, but sets things into motion she shouldn t have All of the sudden she is chased by a group of men who stop at nothing to keep her quiet The authors writing style is clear, blunt, insistent and dry Joakim Zander describes the dry and desolate Reality of young refugees, their fight to be accepted and no matter what they do it is never enough They face every day a ostracism by the native society, boredom is part of their daily life and how their expressions explode in senseless but dangerous riots.Joakim Zander has a special ability to create characters Characters who are on one hand very interesting, on the other full of abysses They are very profound, have their own demons their struggling with and in combination with religion, boredom, not caring parents and a certain cultural background the ground for trouble and dangerous actions are given The problems of a modern society, what ignorance can cause and that money and political power rule no matter what the human mind says yes, the author brings it all into the game.Klara and Yasmine are two young women who couldn t be any different then they are Klara grew up in a loving and caring environment Has never faced war or how it feels to be on the run from death and despair.Yasmine grew up torn between two different cultures and with a religion she doesn t see as her own Her job as a Trend Scout shows her new cultures, new people and places she s never been before or even heard of But she can t deny what or who she is And so one day she has to decide what to do to save not only her brother but also herself This is a weird thriller, who really starts to become a good one in the second half of the book Then The Believer turns into a haunting and diversified reading pleasure For all those, who read the first book I recommend the second as well To all others I advise you to start with the first book because in this one are mentioned a lot of things that happened in The Swimmer Originally posted on Gone With The Books , Zander ,. Yasmine Ajam Deixou Para Tr S O Seu Problem Tico Bairro De Estocolmo Por Uma Carreira Ascendente Em Nova York At Que Recebe A Not Cia De Que Os Motins Agitando Os Sub Rbios Da Sua Cidade Podem Ter Conex O Com O Desaparecimento De Seu Irm O Fadi, Que Foi Dado Por Morto Ao Lutar Ao Lado Do Estado Isl Mico Na S RiaEm Londres, Klara Walld En Trabalha Na Elabora O De Um Relat Rio Para A Uni O Europeia Mas Ap S O Roubo Do Seu Computador E A Morte Suspeita De Um Dos Seus Colegas, Klara Come A A Perceber Que Pode Encontrar Se Na Mira De Uma Trama Internacional Muito PerigosaOs Caminhos De Yasmine E Klara Cruzam Se Num Sufocante M S De Agosto Em Estocolmo Ao Mesmo Tempo Que A Imagem Aterradora De Uma Sociedade Sem Consci Ncia Emerge, Onde Os Poderosos Est O Dispostos A Caminhar Sobre Cad Veres Para Atingir Os Seus Objetivos 3,50Hace exactamente dos a os, en agosto del 2014, le la primera novela de un escritor novel sueco, Joakim Zander, cuya pera prima hab a causado furor y despertado pasiones en la Feria del libro de Frankfurt del 2013 Esa novela se titul El nadador y era un thriller pol tico que se mov a entre el Parlamento Europeo y los servicios de inteligencia norteamericanos Quiz s a otro lector le habr a escamado el m rquetin sobre la novela pero a m , que me gustan especialmente los thrillers pol ticos e internacionales las novelas de esp as de toda la vida, vamos , sent mucha curiosidad Y por ser una primera novela, no me pareci nada pero nada mal De hecho me sorprendi por tener un argumento muy visual y por describir y ambientar la trama muy correctamente y con seguridad en diversos escenarios como Siria, Irak, Afganist n, o ciudades de Europa como Bruselas y Par s El argumento era bastante potente y complejo a pesar de contener un par de clich s uno ya al iniciar el libro que hubiera desanimado a cualquiera , pero me dej el suficiente buen recuerdo como para leer ahora su segunda novela, El hermano, publicada este verano.Y El hermano ha resultado ser diferente a El nadador I loved Zander s first novel, The Swimmer This was a major disappointment for me Totally different writing style Will write longer review after I ve had a day or two to think on this. 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