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Sam s belongings are in a pile in the middle of his room He has to tidy up but he keeps getting distracted Sam discovers patterns and things in common by color, by size, by type, etc No matter what though, Obo the robot is the best I really liked the concept great for teaching adjectives, patterns, and the idea of classifying things The collage like illustrations gave the items the sense of texture and makes the items real and emphasizes the uniqueness of each item As a library paraprofessional myself, all I could think of was that I could see Sam becoming a librarian in the future for his interest in classifying and organizing everything Nevertheless, it s a fun and useful story for teaching. Cute book with lots of drawings Lots of pages for counting things and sorting things by type, color, size, rhyme, etc. Marthe Jocelyn Is Back With Another Clever Concept Book To Follow Hannah S Collections, Ones And Twos And Where Do You LookThis Time, She Tackles Counting And Categories Sam S Things Are In A Heap Time To Tidy Up He Starts To Organize His Things, But Quickly Runs Into Trouble He Can Make A Pile Of Black And White Things But The Penguin Also Belongs In The Things With Wings Pile He Can Make A Pile Of Rocks But The Round Rock Also Belongs In The Round Things Pile How Will He Ever Sort His Things Marthe Jocelyn Takes A Fun Look At Categories And Counting In This Very Cleverly Conceived Story Kids Will Delight In The Cut Paper Images Of Everything From A Zipper Pull To A Robot, And Sam S Surprising Solution Makes For A Tidy End To This Unique Story Copyright 2017Number of Pages UNKNOWNBook Format HardcoverReading Level Ages 3 7Genre concept bookLit Requirement Concept 2Summary Sam need to clean up and so he sorts through his toys and other objects He sorts by color, attributes and other categories This book helps with the concept of sorting objects out and grouping with other objects like them.Response I liked this book and the pictures are beautiful too I liked that the objects being sorted were clear and you could see every object This book is good if you are going to teach a child about how to sort items out I would recommend this book to those who need to teach sorting. All of Sam s toys are in a heap on his floor It s time for him to clean up He finds one unique toy, then two dinosaurs, and counts upwards But there are other ways to sort toys into categories Maybe by what they are made from or their shape And then there are the toys that fall into both categories Some of them rhyme with each other Others have the same pattern on them They can be every color in the rainbow or have qualities that make them similar like being fuzzy or smelly Some float Others fly So many ways to sort Jocelyn has created a book that is all about the concept of sorting items into categories Again and again, she shows that toys can be put into any number of categories It s all in how you look at them The book also incorporates counting on some of its pages It s a book that is perfect for conversations outside of the ones in the text Questions of finding other toys that fit the new categories on the page, or even thinking of other categories that Sam hasn t used yet There s plenty to be creative about here.Jocelyn s illustrations are done in cut paper collage Some items have a lovely depth to them, created by shadows on the page On another two pages, there are shadows on the wall that add to the fun On other pages real objects appear with drawings of others This is a vibrant visual feast where children will want to look closely at the items and talk about how they match or don t match.Have items on hand to sort to continue the conversations started with this creative look at sorting Appropriate for ages 3 5. Sam s things are in a heap In attempting to straighten things out he discovers how they are the same, how they are different and all the different ways of thinking about things. A good book for teaching the concepts of sorting and categories, with some creative and imaginative ways of grouping items, this book would be most useful in a classroom setting I appreciate the book s utility, and the artwork is cool, but there is no real story beyond Sam sorting his 100 things in various ways Not exactly compelling. diverse picture book ages 3 5 , counting sorting Book prominently features diverse characters yep, Sam the only character in the story looks to be a brown skinned kid of ambiguous background.However Not really that great for preschool storytime this is really of a one on one book the text asks the readers to take a close look at each spread, and that s really not going to work well for a large crowd The content is OK for the 3 5 year set, but it really needs individual attention vs a storytime group setting Doesn t really fit the counting theme too well The book assumes that you are well versed in counting already, and focuses on the sorting matching instead.see also This books make me want to sort the world into a billion lil piles A fun read a like for the I Spy fanatic in your life. Various ways of sorting things by color, by shape, by texture, etc.