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Healing From Psychiatry The Artist S Perspective Is A Compilation Art Book Featuring The Art And Personal Stories Of People From Around The World Each Contributor Was Harmed By The Institution Of Psychiatry In Some Way, Whether By Psychiatric Medications, Electroconvulsive Therapy ECT , Forced Inpatient Stays, Or Harmful And Restrictive Diagnostic LabelsThere Is Currently No Medical Support For People Who End Up Harmed By Psychiatric Treatments Many Who Are Harmed End Up Receiving No Acknowledgement From Their Doctors, Friends, Or Families, And Many Are Disabled By These Treatments It Is Imperative That We Raise Awareness About This Population Of People So They Can Receive The Support They Need While They Heal My Hope Is That This Book Will Help Raise Awareness, Even If Only In A Very Small Way, And That This Book Will Be A Comfort And A Useful Tool For People Currently Going Through Recovery From Psychiatric Drugs And TreatmentThis Book Touches Upon The Struggle Of Recovering From Psychiatry, But It Also Highlights The Strength, Creativitiy, And Perseverence The Journey Can Evoke It Highlights Many Encouraging Stories Of People Who Have Walked The Path To Recovery And Come Out The Other Side

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