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A Secret Duo Of Romance Authors Team Up Under The Pseudonym Max Monroe To Bring You A Sexy, Laugh Out Loud New Series Are You Ready To Meet The Billionaire Bad BoysBlind Dates Online Dating Profiles Been There, Done That Georgia Cummings Has Zero Luck With Dating, And The Era Of The Internet Is Not Her Friend No Matter How Fast She Runs, How Many Corners She Turns, She Can T Find Her Way Out Of This Weird, Alternate Universe Where Men Think Dick Pics Are A Replacement For Small Talk And Getting To Know A Girl One Crotch Selfie And She Might Write Men Off For Good But Why Can T She Stop Fantasizing About HimKline Brooks Is The Quintessential Billionaire Bad Boy Dark, Styled, Short Hair, Muscles For Days, And A Panty Dropping Smile Except He Isn TAs His Employee, He Won T Touch Her With A Ten Foot Pole But She Won T Touch Him Either Too Bad Their Hormones Missed The Memo Disclaimer If You Re The Type Of Woman Who Prefers Crotch Selfies To Small Talk, This Book Isn T For You If You Enjoy Random Men You Ve Never Met Filling Up Your Inbox With Dirty Words And Porn For Reasons Focused Towards Diddling Your Donut Than Laughing At The Absurdity This Book Isn T For YouIf You HATE Laughing, This Book Isn T For You If You Want Your Male Leads To Grunt, Thrust Like Jack Rabbits, And Have One Track Minds That Prefer A Nice Pair Of Tits To Brains Every Hour Of Every Day For The Rest Of Forever, Well, Then, This Book Still Isn T For You But If You Enjoy A Good Swoon, A Hearty Laugh, Witty Banter, And Some Hot As F % F %ing, Then Consider Georgia Cummings Your Girl Friday And Kline Brooks Your Next Irresistible Book Boyfriend

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    I did a great job writing this book Everyone should read it Oh, wait I didn t write this book I get really confused when it comes to what I ve written and what I haven t written But now that I think about it, this is definitely not a book I wrote But I thought it was hilarious I haven t read Harry Potter yet, so I m not sure if that s a series I wrote or not But I definitely didn t write Tapping The Billionaire.

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    That cover is all kinds of sexy, but sadly we are not rating on covers lol Well, let me tell you that I started this on audiobook and I HAD to switch to ebook I have never in my life been so annoyed by a narrator as I was by that lady Justno I debated DNFing this a few times but I actually finished so I decided to rate review There wasn t anything that was glaringly bad about this but a bunch of little things that just didn t work for me One of these was Kline s almost perfection As much as we would want a Kline in our lives, a real man is not that unflawed It sounds weird but he totally gave me that too good to be true vibe Georgia, I found annoying She s the chick that tries to be funny and isn t inevitably causing you to roll your eyes The gesture Kline makes to win Georgia back after a misunderstanding was a lot of bit over the highest top How he arrived at that being what he needed to do is completely beyond me and nothing about the story led me to believe that would even be a possibility It did get minutely better after I switched format but not by much When they were intimate, it was pretty darn hot Other than that, I was just mostly curious as to what was going to happen Safe.

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    UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE Really Sweet, sexy, laugh out loud hilarious, and utterly addicting From start to finish I was LOST IN Kline and Georgia I swear, I have a fucking book buzz Like a book buzz that makes me want to tap dance across this darn review I m so in LOVEEEEEEEEEE Go read it GO GO GO AmWorkingOnFullReview

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    It s been a couple days since I finished this, and yupstill didn t like it at ALL 6 and change for a book 6 and change for a book by 2 mysterious authors I should have known better So what exactly didn t I like about this book For one, the heroine, Georgia, had a very masculine sounding voice early on She spoke crudely in a way that didn t work with me at all Now, we all have heroines that curse like a sailor and come head to head with the best of foul mouthed men For example, in RIGHT, by Jana Aston, the heroine, Everly, was also foul mouthed and inappropriate with her antics But for some reason, she didn t come off as crude and masculine It s all in the characterization and ability to provide a female voice that s both comical and realistic.Georgia was a successful and smart woman in her mid twenties that sounded like a successful guy in his late twenties Eventually, Georgia sounded like the woman she was, but by then I was turned off The second thing was the hero, Kline He sounded like a guy always ready with a line He came across as weird suave but we re told he wasn t a manwhore The relationship between him and Georgia suddenly happened It was like from zero to sixty and I couldn t understand it Some of the stuff Kline said were so weird cheesy Christ, baby, when you catch fire, you motherfucking burn Mixed with his Rico Sauve other one liners, I was completely turned off.Georgia wasn t any better, mind you As the book went on, my irritation brewed I considered DNF ing several times, but the money I paid I at least had to finish Here are some of her gems insert sarcasm While in the throes of passion, Georgia was coherent enough to say This is the best orgasm of my life Really, Georgia Was it the best You re still talking in full sentences While addressing Kline Christopher Columbus my pussy prideland ugh, really I understand some people might find that hilarious, but I just can t So not funny to me, but loads of crass On top of not liking the main characters at all, there was too much sex, too much eye rolling scenes and the big miscommunication was so irritating I understood why Georgia got upset, but Kline You re an idiot I usually try and stay away from the whole billionaire plot, unless it s completely different I wish I stayed away from this one Needless to say, I forced myself to finish, literally skimming the second half I wasn t invested in Georgia, Kline or their relationship I didn t care about what happened but I needed to not DNF a book that cost than my average read Lesson learned.

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    Get it here Currently FREE Barnes Noble Listened to the audio for a re read At the beginning of the weekend I couldn t find anything to read that was actually grabbing my attention So after some mild complaining to my friend she practically begged me to read this series and I gave in And now after devouring not only this book, but the next two in the series as well, I could kiss her for this recommendation I honestly loved this couple and couldn t get enough of them They were funny, and sexy, and so open with their emotions I felt like I was in their relationship along with them Georgia s quirkiness had me laughing hysterically on than one occasion, and just like Kline I found her adorable Overall, I m ridiculously happy that I finally started this series and got to meet these amazing men I m definitely a fangirl of Max Monroe now and can t recommend this book hard enough.

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    DNF 30%There s absolutely nothing wrong with this book Unfortunetly I m just not connecting with it on any level I love the funny and sarcastic in my romance reads as much as the next gal, but it s all missing the mark for me here Better to quit while I m ahead and not in the mood to throw anything quite yet.

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    I apparently have absolutely no sense of humor because for the life of me I could not connect with this book.I read the glowing reviews and thought that I would really like this as it had elements that I would enjoy,but no,not for me.I stopped at page 100 and could no longer continue.

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    4 STARS It s 2 27AM and I ve stayed up all night to finish this book Kline Brooks isn t your typical billionaire he s humble, nice, and a perfect gentlemen When he starts chatting online with a girl named Rose, he doesn t know what s about to hit him Georgia Cummings is an employee for Big Dicked Brooks also know as Ruck the guy she is chatting it up with online under the name of Rose See where things start getting a little twisted When Kline makes a move on Georgia, the two have no idea that they are secretly talking to one another online that s until Kline starts putting the pieces together When Kline uncovers the truth about Rose instead of telling her the truth, he uses it to his advantage and continues the charade Honestly, trying to sum up this story in a short review would never be possible All I have to say is stick to the end I was SO close to putting the book away for good due to its slow nature, but stick it out Once you make it 50% of the way, you ll be hooked.

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    5 Laughing my ass off adorable stars My heart in your hands and you in my arms, that s all I ll ever need This book is hands down one of the funniest book I ve ever read I saw a lot of reviews, mixed emotions towards the heroine and her quirkiness and humour Well, damn, I can safely say that it s like this book was literally writen about a person like me Georgie is my spirit animal and heroine twin from every angle This made reading this book even entertaining Now I am going to think that in some way this book is was a show off about my future life and the man of my dreams who will come so unexpected but oh, so amazingly, in my life and knock me off my feet The banters were HILARIOUSSSSS Every damn character was funny in their own way Unique, sweet, cute, adorbs. whatever you choose, you will find it in this book Kline was epitome of the perfect man You will never guess that a billionaire, enigmatic , young and sexy man would be so humble, sweet and thoughtful He was the man with a big and soft heart Who believes in true love and the one woman who can change his life But let s not forget his filthyyyyy mouth Oh boy, mama like, holy Christmas This man and his delicious mouth would break any walls of any woman Of course he only had eyes for the precious Georgie a.k.a ME and his hot ass hell dirty talking was safed only when they were alone and together His was so smart and funny and outgoing The perfect man for the crazy head but also smart and beautiful Georgie Their connection was sizzling hot, irresistible and refreshing I enjoyed every page till the end I can t wait to see of them, to know what funny encounters are ahead of and how precisely they would handle them heheeee Cass and Tach I am watching you and expecting you

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    Thank goodness I didn t judge this book by its cover or title Tapping the Billionaire is the perfect example of each to their own and all that jazz As readers and reviewers, we are not all alike and that s a bloody good thing What s candy for one reader is brussels sprout for another I started reading this one completely blind I don t remember buying it so I can t remember what attracted me to it I m a bit over the abs of steel so I know it wasn t the cover If I can t remember buying it, I definitely can t remember what the blurb was And that title a little too crass and not something I would normally associate a female saying or thinking about a male BUT something drew me to it I ve had an extremely busy beginning to my year and yesterday was the first day in donkey s years that I could allow myself a full day of reading Maybe it was just my mood and my need for some lightheartedness, but this book CRACKED ME UP At stages of this book, I was laughing so hard I had tears and had to read to my hubby scenes that had me busting a gut laughing As per usual, hubby just nodded his head and smiled at me, but I know he was happy to see me happy like I said, crazy beginning to the year Tapping the Billionaire was a little escape from reality Maybe that is being a little judgemental of me Who am I to say that billionaires can t be normal blokes who live normal enough lives who just have a little extra change in their bank accounts Could it be, the escape from reality is because this guy wasn t a douchewaffle who got to the top because of his douchewaffle ways I wonder if it s considered a wee bit fairytale ish because this guy has emotions and feelings and wasn t afraid to accept them and share them Oh well, I ll take this escape from reality if it is and enjoy it.So, we ve established that I was in the mood for funny and I got it in the wacky and slapstick way that I have been known to love I fell in love with the dashing fairytale billionaire who was sweet and romantic What I have yet to tell you about is my favourite part the heroine Georgia Wheorgie Benny Georgie Georgie has great friends, a job she loves and a backbone and strength that I admired She isn t someone who settles for second best and works hard to get what she wants Georgie is also very honest with herself most of the time When her boss asks her out, she asks questions, analyses the situation and makes a decision that is far from rash I liked her and I wanted to see her find happiness.I got exactly what I wanted from Tapping the Billionaire with the laughs, swoonies and touch of angst to keep the story moving I will admit to having some hesitancy when I first started the story The author does not give you the real Kline Brooks in the intro He comes across as the same as all the other billionaires I ve met before egotistical and self absorbed As we get to know him we are given the real Kline BUT my first impressions, not good As I mentioned above, the cover and the title do nothing for me either Now, because I m a great reviewer tooting my own horn I just went and checked the price of Tapping the Billionaire and it s BLOODY FREE I m having an AHA momentmaybe that was why I bought it I am totally gobsmacked, to be honest Not one to judge ok, maybe judge a wee bit but I don t expect to receive full satisfaction from a book that is 0.00 I wasn t asked to read and review this book, this was chosen by me and I loved it enough to share my love for it.Here s the link to I m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance, drink coffee, be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews, fashion, food and pervathons