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Oliver Shrike Thinks Ahead He Likes To Make Lists And Tick Off Boxes He Plans, He Plots, And He S Got Everything Under ControlUntil One Day He Sees My Videos On His Dating Site The Private Erotic Videos I Make Just For HimWhen I M Looking At The Camera I Can Practically See His Face Hear The Internal Arguments Feel His DesireBecause I M That Kind Of WomanYou Should Delete My Videos, Oliver Shrike It S Your Job To Keep That Dating Site On The Up And UpBut You Don T, Do You You Watch Them You Get Off To Them You Crave ThemEvery Week I Make A New One With You In Mind I Ve Got You Addicted To My Body, My Moans, My SecretsI Ve Hooked You Now, Mr Match You Ve Been In Control For Way Too Long And This Is Where It EndsMr Match Is The Last Book In The Mister Series NOT A Standalone BookMr PerfectMr RomanticMr CorporateMr MysteriousMr Match Mr Match is FINALY here, from the moment I learned who Mr Match was I was eager to read this book I couldn t wait to read about Oliver Shrike and jump back into one of my favorite book worlds As soon as I realized this story was set in Fort Collins I felt at home.I loved reading about Oliver s life and seeing so many familiar faces and places I loved the second chance romance between Oliver and Katja I actually wish their story had of a focus, but again we had so many loose ends that needed to be tied up Oliver Shrike s story is also the conclusion to the series and we finally get all our questions answered and in true Huss fashion, expect the unexpected I love how Julie brought the Misters to life and created this world of secrets, mystery and intrigue to keep us coming back I will miss these guys, but have loved reading their stories ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 5 SHRIKE STARSI don t know how Julie does it It all started with a lie One helluva of a lie Five books, five Misters and five remarkable women And isn t it interesting, that number Five Five Ford Yes, I could be totally reading into this but I m just sayin How she weaves such a fascinating, sexy, wild plot that starts with Mr Perfect and ends with Mr Match, and she manages to make everything make sense All the tangents and connections and shit, my mind is still reeling GAH And Oliver Shrike Oh my, Mr Shrike, I fell so hard, so fast and so far for you I never anticipated this Mr Match is my fav Mister Sorry, Pax I still love Mr Mysterious, but Oli s got my heart And who knew he was a poet His adoration for Kat is sweet, swoonworthy and not to be missed I highly recommend this series Julie has this knack of giving you a mindbender and men to die for Well the end is here GAH Oliver, Oliver, Oliver, I love your daddy and something tells me, I m going to love you just as much I m going in ARC generously provided by Julie in exchange for an honest review For reviews and blog posts. Match is the final the Mister s series, and it was an epic conclusion like only JA Huss can do Oliver Shrike has grown up loved, surrounded by his family As he builds his own empire, there are only a few things in his life that aren t really perfect as pie A few of those things shocked us in the prior books, some of those things were all part of the building plot of all five books and of course romance in Match almost ALL of those things come full circle Each Mister has had a piece of his past return Ten years have passed and suddenly they can t seem to escape the rape case that nearly ruined their lives all those years ago With the only Mister left without his moment, everyone is waiting for Oli to come face to face with the woman that is going to be the key to the next phase Only Oli isn t quite ready to give up the fact that his past HAS returned With all the Misters in Fort Collins, it s only a matter of time before all hell breaks lose.Oliver knew there was something about Katja Kat when he picked her up in that uniform He knew she wasn t legal, but there was something about her that made him offer her that ride, that took her home, that TOOK HER and then let her go Four years later, Kat is back and using his own dating website to send him her very own x rated messages But her return, his past, their past, the rape case, the other Misters it s all tied up and it s all fucked up The only thing you can do is sit back, hold on and prepared to have your mind blown.Before I touch on the conclusion of the series, I have to talk about Oliver Shrike I remember when Spencer and Veronica had Oli and we all just fell in love with this kid We knew he was going to be just as smooth as his father That he was going to have the heart of both his parents And he did He surpassed EVERYTHING I expected and wanted for him Filling Spence s shoes isn t easy But all I can say is Gimme Gimme Nuff said That scene OMG I died because I drowned in the puddle it caused.Oliver was dirty, sweet and so much deeper than what you saw on the surface That depth started to show itself in Mr Mysterious but it isn t until you get Oliver Shrike in living color that you really see just how perfect he is For fans of this author, you will love the return to FOCO although you don t get to interact with the other characters from RR, just knowing they were down the street was enough Now onto the WTF ending of this series Bits and pieces were given throughout all the books, but nothing ever really that would allow you to piece it together And like with all the prior books, I tried hard to get a solid feel for how the story would end, what it all meant and I was still just left wandering out in the unknown But this is HUSS, so she is going to give it to you, when she wants you to have it Mr Match and the whole Mister s Series was a suspense wrapped up in a romance that was trapped in a tangle of mystery Bravo, for not only keeping it all straight throughout all the books but for leaving us readers with a few things to ponder and spin on our own I will forever be trying to figure out what could have been for those small slivers But my mind never would have taken me to this ending It never could have fathomed this is what it was all about, how it was all going to end And I LOVED IT Every TWISTY TURN of excitement, passion, dirty dirty dirty SEX and I will forever be grateful that I was given FIVE MISTERS because HUSS knows this girl needs than just one The Mister Series has all been standalone novels until now While you can read any of the prior four releases in any order, Mr Match is the grand finale of the entire series. This book was bitter sweet I m sad to see this series end, but what an amazing ending an amazing series I loved that all the Misters had their own story but also had a bigger story that connected all the Misters together with an epic ending in Mr Match I loved every single one of these guys and can see myself re reading this series over and over I highly recommend to readers who want than just a romance novel ARC provided by author. This was the last book in the series and took care of a lot of the questions from the rest It was really exciting Full of murder, explosions, betrayals and sex All the stuff that make these Mr Books fun to read. In this book in the series we follow the secret life of Mr Match and his long kept love of Katya who disappeared from his life 4 years ago and he s been patiently waiting for her return and now the wait is over because Katya is back and this is where all the stories of the previous mister series come together in an exciting, action, suspense filled drama I loved it, loved all the characters and the hot, steamy sex I loved the story line it was interesting and addictive, the only problem that I had with this story is that it was hard to keep track of and I got a little lost because the story was so intricate in it s plots from the other books and you needed all the little pieces to fit together So my advice is to read them in one whole sequence because I left a too long of a gap in between reading the books. 5 Mr Match StarsWell holy freaking YEAH What a way to complete the series I am in awe I little shocked and kinda sad it is done I look forward to the audiobooks because I will get to experience them again in a different way.Book 1 Mr Perfect is my favorite of the whole series and this one is a very close runner up So much happens, so much is revealed and you re going to be gob smacked I tell ya.These Misters I swear they get under your skin and you don t want to let them go Oliver was probably the book after Mr Perfect I was most looking forward to and he doesn t disappoint he is a naughty one with secrets of plenty I think that s why Katya fits him so well, she likes to be seen but not if that makes sense to anyone who hasn t read the book it will when you do Ok I will stop typing what are you waiting for get your copy You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review First and foremost, I am a little sad to say goodbye to the Mister Series since Julie has taken her fans on one hell of an adventure with Mr Perfect, Mr Romantic, Mr Corporate, Mr Mysterious and now with Mr MatchThe long awaited conclusion of the series was everything you could have wanted, expected, and needed from J.A Huss You express me better than I express myself You shall be to me than my poem So who is Mr Match Well, it s none other than Oliver Shrike Yeah, if that name sounds familiar then I know you know who is parents are Who can forget Veronica and Spencer s only son Oliver Shrike is the perfect combination of his mom and dad since he is indeed the modern gentleman as he is both sexy, intriguing, mysterious, and dirty Oliver runs a matchmaking service with his sister, Ariel His company matches couples to find love Or does it While Oliver s real work may be up for questioning, his personal life is pretty much tight lip Oliver keeps everything about his past life secretive especially when it comes to the matters of the heart And so when he comes across a video file on his matchmaking company, he is surprised to see Katya Kalashova I told you, I say, that when you came back I d kiss you everywhere That I d still love everything about you That your scars are my scars We can own them together Four years ago, Katya Kalashova was a seventeen year girl who got involved with Oliver Shrike Their love affair was a bit unconventional as these two were sexually and emotionally attracted to each other They both kept secrets and yet every scar, pain, and emotions were visibly unspoken They both knew that this thing between them was the real deal But what happens, when the fairy tale romance comes to an abrupt end Katya Kalashova had to leave Oliver Shrike She knew it would hurt but in order to save her sister and Oliver, she had to do it And so when she returns back to Colorado, the first person that she wants to see is him When she sends him a private video, the ball is in Oliver s court on whether he wants to meet and see her again She is to me than my poem Oliver makes the first move now that Katya is back He makes it known to her that this time she can t run away from him again He knows that she has secrets but he will stop at nothing in order to help her It is only a matter of trust Will Katya be able to tell Oliver the whole truth And what is Katya s role in the Silver Society For four books, Julie has laid out the clues and missing puzzle pieces and in this final installment, the answer to who is after the Misters are answered With Julie s meticulously and cunning prose, JA has readers on edge as she reveals the truth While the big picture is exposed, it leaves readers like myself greedy for as characters like Ariel, Five, and Rory deserves to get their happily ever after also So here is me wishing that these characters get a book in 2017 Oliver Shrike is tender and caring Deep and complicated He is poetry incarnate There is not one damn thing about him that requires adjustment or modification Not his temperament Not his body Not his mind He is perfection Okay before I go off tangent, I will say that Mr Match was brilliantly executed Oliver Shrike s story was told in a way that fit his persona He was a perfect symphony of bold, alpha, sweet, romantic, and dirty And as for Katya, she was indeed his perfect match She was his poem His words His missing piece His everything So if you are looking for a story the blends romance, suspense, and steam then look no further than the Mister Series. Just remember JA Huss has a mister to suit to everyone s taste So are you ready to find your match J.A Huss 5 And my heart wants Oliver Shrike StarsThe fact I got to see another Shrike man is a blessing in and of itself The fact that he s an artist just adds a nice little cherry to the top of my Shrike pie Seriously, I cannot get enough of this family As soon as Julie announced that Mr Match was and is Oliver Shrike, I knew I would do everything I could to read his story And since Mr Match is book 5 in the Misters series and canNOT be read as a standalone I knew I would read every single one of those men to get to Oli Oliver Shrike is tender and caring Deep and complicated He is poetry incarnate There is not one damn thing about him that requires adjustment or modification Not his temperament Not his body Not his mind It was totally worth it The ride has been fantastic and I am sad to see this series come to an end does it really have to end though Can t we just throw another Mister in there The Society started with six men I m thinking that needs to come full circle Anyway, Oli s blast from the past shows up on camera He runs the Hook Me Up website with his sister, Ariel, and Katya Kaloshova puts her body on screen for Oliver He knows it s her because his words are still marking her body He knows it s her because he d recognize her anywhere He knows it s her and he knows she s come back for him Katya Kalashova is some of the worst news I ve ever had the pleasure of fucking In one of the hottest self pleasure scenes I ve ever gotten to read, Oliver Shrike dishes out just enough to leave the reader wanting More Oliver More sex Gimme Gimme. He may deliver this scene, but it isn t without direction to KatThen stick two fingers in your mouth and suck them like you used to suck my cock Oli is a dirty, dirty manWhat part of whatever you want don t you get Katya,he says, mimicking my toneWhat part of I like a little fight don t you getJust like his dad And I can say that with a straight face I can also say that this apple did not fall far from the artistic, muscular, amazing tree We are animals We fuck like animals Primal and intrinsic and primitive.Katya gives just as good as she gets She may be back in Oliver s life to do a job, but that doesn t mean she doesn t want the one thing that has ever made her happy She wants Oliver and she is willing to do just about anything to make it happen Hopefully As long as her sister is safe, she will do what she can to get her HEA with OliI m gonna make you beg for it, ShrikeYes, this book has sex Yes, this book is hot But there is going on than just a hook up There s a reason this book cannot be read as a standalone when the previous four books can There s a reason you go into this totally fucked up and asking yourself what could possibly happen next How do this five men connect beyond that initial rape charge at Brown What brings this men together We were left with questions than answers in Mysterious so WHAT HAPPENS And if the brief moment all of the Misters were together in Mysterious wasn t enough for you, these men are all in this book Every Single One Perfect, Romantic, Corporate, Mysterious, and Match obviously He s not the most pleasant guy when he s irritable But then again, neither am I Actually, now that I think about it, none of us are Mac is pretty even tempered But the rest of us All assholesI think they re a bunch of dumbasses who think with their cocksAnd that is why I love these men It s a weakness But really, why is Kat back after four long years What does she need from Oliver Is she there to destroy him or save him I will throw everything away to keep her I will betray everyone I know.I want More lies, betrayal, deceit, fucked up beginnings that lead to fucked up endings Bring it on, motherfuckers We re readyThe Misters are back, gentlemen And as much as people would like to say they re not interested in our debauchery, they are So let s give them the headline they ve been waiting a decade forThese men are all different, but all brought together under the same charges That rape case at Brown, eleven years ago Because it s been than a decade since that one fateful night brought them all together What was Match s role in that night Why did he go down for something he didn t do Why did any of them take the heat for that night They all come together in this epic conclusion to a series that I could have never predicted It was a wild ride, Ms Huss, and I thank you for every minute of itYou express me better than I express myself You shall be to me than my poem