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of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Cindy 23yrs oldHero Paxton 31yrs oldPlot 2 5Grovel noneCheating none HEA yesTriggers noneAverage score 2 5 and I am being generous Best Line noneWorst Line almost everything the h saidPersonal Review This was a disappointing love story between the most irritating woman I have ever come across and a mysterious man who should have known better.Random Ramblings I LOVE the sound of the ocean That was one scary creepy odd meeting ever Seriously, this girl has no shame She is starting to annoy me How did he find out who she was and it was anti climactic Seriously, the story no longer makes sense I am giving up on this seriesOverall Feeling Me the whole way through 3.5 Stars Number four in the series, Mr Mysterious AKA Paxton Vance finds himself embroiled in a lustful affair with a mystery woman named Cinderella.Cindy knows everything about Pax, she is his very own stalker, and she wants him for herself and won t stop at anything to get her prize.Pax has been a complete mystery throughout this series, and finally we get to know the real him he was nothing like what I was expecting, he was gentle and caring, a mummy s boy, and a normal everyday guy, a complete opposite to his mysterious badass persona.My main disconnect was the insta love and the many, many secrets that are starting to get revealed, and to be honest, I didn t know whether I was coming or going This book was crazy, which is not necessarily a bad thing, I still enjoyed it and I can t wait for all the loose ends to come together.Whilst this was my least favourite of the series, it sets us up perfectly for the last book Mr Match, who just so happens to be the son of one of my favourite ever book heroes, Spencer Shrike.Mr Mysterious can be read as a standalone, but it is part of an ongoing story arc Told from dual POV ARC gratefully received from the author in exchange for an honest review image error I didn t like this book This story makes very little sense I don t understand how or why the two main characters fell in love The romance is not believable and the plot isn t either So the romance consist basically on this Cinderella became obsessed with Paxton when she was a teenager There is no explanation or connection told to us for this to have happened, but still I can believe that part From then on she becomes a stoker, learning everything about him until one day appears into Paxton s life without any prompting or reason Paxton, initially rejects her craziness, because, duh, she is insane But, after a short while of her openly stoking him, he gives into her and becomes obsessed right back From there, we go to them living and working together, because why not he doesn t know the girl, but she is adorable, he knows she is lying to him and that she stoked him, but hey, he wants her, she is beautiful to meeting his mother, to being in love WTF This is sick, it is not romantic, it is unhealthy and it is absurd The plot behind the romance is incoherent and has no resolution, it feels random and very poorly done It looks like it has very little thought put into it It has different things thrown into it to make it mysterious, when in truth it ends up being a mishmash of vague ideas Therefore, between the questionable romance and the well below par plot, we have a story that is a garbled mess What is , once again, we find in this installment a background of sexism coupled with subtle old fashion feministic vindication that leaves a bad taste for me The whole thing feels wrong I do not recommend this book Mr Perfect Mister 1 3.5 starsMr Corporate Mister 3 2.5 stars ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review You know who you are What you re doing Where you re going And then a girl named Cinderella sends your whole world spinning Once upon a time, there was this girl who decided to read this book called Tragic and ever since then she became obsessed Yes, obsessed You see, she decided to stalk the author Who wouldn t want to stalk an author named JAMotherfuckingHuss So fast forward to several books later, this girl once again became obsessed with another series that features five Misters Yeah, think of it as J.A s version of Prince Charming All different, unique, sexy, and appealing in their own way Slowly, she was able to pair off the Misters to their fated Missus With three misters living their own version of happily for now, JA decides it s time to treat her readers to her own fairy tale version So yeah, JAMotherfuckingHuss had to put her signature stamp of brilliance of unexpected surprises and twist and turns Hence, Mr Mysterious got his own Disney ending, well not exactly but he did end up with Cinderella Cinderella Shrike, to be exact so you can t say that JA didn t give you a fairy tale ending It s just Mr Mysterious is a different kind of Prince Charming and this Cinderella, is no damsel in distress Instead she is a bomb. Baby Bomb, to be exact Paxton Vance aka Mr Mysterious isn t as mysterious as he thinks Well, not really since Cinderella Shrike was able to dig inside information on Pax Well, like she stalked Paxton Vance Why would she do that Cinderella was obsessed with Pax and that s putting it mildly She already knew that they were meant to be He was her Prince Charming and he just needed the right push and directiontowards her She didn t need him to rescue her but instead this Cinderella wanted to be the one to rescue him And she s not going to fade away, you guys She s not a fade away kind of girl She s going to fight You have no idea how much fight that girl has Cinderella initiated contacted with Paxton She made sure Pax was well aware of who she is Well not really, she did leave the tidbit out that she was Oliver Shrike s baby sister While leaving out some important details, she was able to challenge Paxton and seduce him with her witty and sassy personality And of course, Pax couldn t help but be drawn to her bombshell sexual appeal He was intrigued by Cinderella She was sexy, smart, badass, and of course mysterious It was like for the first time, he met someone who understood him emotionally, physically and sexually Their connection was electric It was pulsating, radiating, and brimming with an abundance of lust, passion and love He fixes things He hides the dirt, sweeps it under the rug, and makes everything go away But his own problem has never been fixed Never cleaned up And he hates the fact that he has put that smudge on his mother s pristine family name In the backdrops of their sexual escapades, Paxton and the rest of the Misters were still trying to figure out who is after and targeting them Pieces of the puzzle begins to unravel when mysterious envelopes were being delivered to their specific recipients But what happens when danger begins to not only threaten Paxton but also Cinderella Will Paxton be able to save his Sugar Princess And of course, how will Oliver Shrike react when he discovers his best friend is in a relationship with his baby sister Will Paxton be forced to choose between his best friend or his girl Mr Mysterious was just perfect This book was a sexy blend of intrigue, suspense, passion, and of course had JA s signature stamp of the unexpected From the opening page to the very last page, Julie delivered a story that was highly entertaining With her sexy prose, Julie held us hostage as readers are thrown into a whirlwind of mystery as we try to discover and see the bigger picture While romance was still in the forefront, Julie still maintained the suspense and mystery aspect of each installment as pieces of the puzzle comes into light There was nothing that I would change about this fourth installment The characters were a riot and each played their integral part in the story line But I will admit, I have major love for Paxton, Cinderella, Oliver, Ford and Ariel So if you are looking for story that has a symphony of heat, passion, mystery, and a riot of entertainment then Mr Mysterious might be the book for you but I would highly recommend you to pick up the rest up of the Misters Why settle for one Mister when you can have them all Prince Charming is gonna deliver the fairy tale to his sweet smelling Cinderella Whether she wants it or not And by the way, JA Huss endings are way better than the Disney s happily ever after because in this fairytale ending, Cinderella doesn t need a glass slipper but instead she just need Mr Mysterious magical tongue and appendage J.A Huss Mr Mysterious is the fourth book in the Mister series and definitely my favorite so far I am all about the Rook and Ronin series so naturally, I was all about Cinderella Shrike Since I absolutely loved Cindy I will start with her Cindy pretty much stole my heart from the beginning with her hilarious stalking and awkward encounters I was laughing out loud at the dialogue and the way she hunted down Paxton I felt like Cindy owned this story and I just wanted of her She was determined you have to love a girl who goes after what she wants Paxton, Mr Mysterious, is just that mysterious, but his sleuth ways were nothing for our girl Cindy She blew his mind with just how much she knew about him and definitely kept him on his toes Like I said, these two are easily my favorite Their banter was top notch and I couldn t wait to see what would happen next because with Cindy you never know As you know Huss s books completely keep you guessing and keep a curious reader like me eager to turn the page With each book, the series gets involved and the story gets deeper and deeper I will be honest with you, it s a lot to keep up with and I hope this last book really ties everything together While I am all about the love story this book also has a lot of twists and turns, so fingers crossed for an epic ending ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review 5Hear me, see me, know meSTARSDamn, this was just I m a live wire, raw, alive and volatile right now I really enjoyed this one I d been counting down the days for Mr Mysterious I d wanted Paxton Vance from the get go And in true Julie fashion, she surprised me Gave me what I fucking wanted and I didn t even know it I had visions of this dark, mysterious, broody man who was smart as a whip and sharp I got all that but also a man who has a heart He loves and respects his mother and has had his world shit on and turned upside down Mr Mysterious was exactly what I wanted But who stole my fucking heart Cinderella Shrike Yes, I ll admit that I ve a serious soft spot for anything Shrike Spence and his Bomb are just THE bomb And CindyI FLOVED her She was hilarious, fiesty, smart and all get out sexy I must declare, I have a new book girlfriend I was a goner for the fact that Julie brought in the Shrikes, Ford and fucking Five has been sprinkled throughout this entire series And she even leaves bread crumbs about some serious shit concering one of the Shrike progeny that s left me hankering for answers Like STAT Pax and Cindy were sides of the same coin And they d alternate between playing the mysterious one or the play it straight one These two were fantastic together And of course, it wouldn t be a JA Huss book if this story wasn t seriously twisted It left me with questions than before I m in desperate need of some answers Julie, I m totally one hot mess and so ready for Mr Match Game on Well done, well done BEFORE READINGHOLY From the onset of the Misters series, I knew which Mister I wanted.Mr Mysterious He s finally here Mysterious, here I come ARC generously provided by JA Huss in exchange for an honest review For reviews and blog posts. We are so close to the end One book and we will finally learn what the heck is going on This book brought answers as well as puzzles I loved Pax and Cindy I was actually expecting Pax to be darker, what with the name Mr Mysterious, but this one was actually really funny I loved how crazy Cindy was and how she just took over Paxs life However, I am incredibly sad about a piece of information you learn in this one and it doesn t even involve one of the Misters so I ll leave it at that The countdown begins for the final book in the series ARC provided by author. This is the fourth book in the Mr series and follows the action packed romance between Mr Mysterious Paxton Vance and his best friends baby sister Cinderella Yep that really is her annoying name and she has some weird stalkerish behaviour to go with it This book continues with the mystery surrounding the misters and brings in the other characters from the previous books I do really like this series its hot sex, romance, action and mystery rolled into one and the characters are very likable The story line is intriguing but this can t be read as a stand alone book you really need to read the others in the series from the beginning or you just get lost in the story line Narrated by the the brilliant talent of Elena Wolfe and Sebastian York. MrsToTheMisters TheOriginalTheOnlyOne TheyAreAllMine So let s just get this out of the way, shall we Every JA Huss Book surprises the heck out of me, blah blah blah blah, I should have learned by now that nothing is ever as it seems Mr Mysterious is the fourth standalone in the Misters Series and although books one through four can all be read independently and in any order, Mr Match book five, out in December is the conclusion to the FULL story that we ve been getting crumbs of throughout this journey Ten years ago five college students were accused of rape Ten years ago the woman pointing the finger was dead and all charges were dropped Ten years ago, Mr Match made a call and Five strolled in with a plan and instructions to shut The Fuck Up Ten years later, three Misters have been paired with the Misses of their dreams and their pasts are coming back to fuck them up Now it s time for Mr Mysterious to meet his Mrs and to wait and see what is coming his way.Can I just freak out about baby bomb OMG I love, love, love that this is who ends up with Paxton Cinderella Cindy Shrike is all grown up and she knows exactly what she wants The man that she s been obsessed with since she was a teenager But Cindy is ALL grown up and is ready to get her Mister Paxton Vance was a breath of fresh air What I expected was this dark and dangerous man see James and what I got was this guy who had his whole life turned upside down by some false charges and never fully gets to escape what he was accused of But once Cindy stalks into his life and makes herself at home, Pax is given a chance at something bigger than what he has Something than just an old charge, a dead girl and a mystery of what has haunted these five men for the last ten years JA Huss gives us clues to what is at the center of all of this, but still holds every card close Whatever you thought was happening, HA What a joke, not even close Everything you think is going to happen YOU HAVE NO IDEA For fans of this author, fans who have read ALL the books, you are going to love the little nuggets we get From the mentions of Ford, Spencer, Ronin and all the FANCY FUCKS your little heart desires, you will be in Huss heaven I can t wait for Mr Match s book I can t wait to see this man, to see how he compares to his father How hard he s going to fall for his Mrs and how much hell he and his TEAM are going to rain down on whoever is behind all of it MrsToTheMisters TheOriginalTheOnlyOne TheyAreAllMine Paxton Vance Isn T As Cryptic As He Thinks That Broody Nature And Tough Guy Exterior Aren T Fooling Me One Bit I Know Everything About Him I Listen In On His Most Personal Phone Calls I Read His Mail Before He Does I Even Know What His Mother Got Him For Christmas Last Year You Re The Man Of My Dreams, Paxton Vance You Just Don T Know It Yet But Don T Worry, I Ll Remind You I M Here To Give You Everything You Need, Before You Know You Need It So Don T Get Defensive Because I Take A Challenge Seriously You Have To Open Up To Someone, And That Someone Is Me Besides, You Can T Stay Mr Mysterious Forever Why Play The Game If You Never Want To Win