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Disney World Is Often Referred To As The Happiest Place On Earth And The Character Mickey Mouse Is Long Ingrained In Our Collective Memory The Walt Disney Company Is One Of The Largest And Most Valuable Companies In The World But Behind All Of That Was One Ambitious Small Town Farm Boy Who Failed As Often As He Succeeded, And Finally Found Worldwide Fame Thanks To A Cartoon MouseThroughout The Rise Of Walt Disney, LIFE Magazine Was There, Covering Everything From The First Mickey Merchandising To The Launch Of Walt Disney World In , And Now In This All New Special Edition, LIFE Revisits Both The Man And The Magic In LIFE Walt Disney From Mickey To The Magic Kingdom Very Few People Know That As A Young Entrepreneur, He Struggled With Bankruptcy, Borrowing Money Until He Had A Hit With The Mickey Mouse Cartoons In The Late S Beloved Movies Of Today Pinocchio, Fantasia, And Bambi Bombed When First Released, And It Wasn T Until The Astronomical Success Of Disneyland In That Finally Put His Company Into The BlackFrom Early Days To Troubled Times, And Successes And Failures Too Numerous To Count That Bring Us All To The World Of Disney That We All Know And Love Today, LIFE Walt Disney Is A Fitting Tribute To A Creative Force That Has And Will Continue To Influence Countless Generations For Years To Come Left me wanting A quick history that added facts to what I thought I already knew about the man behind the mouse Makes me want to read. This is the perfect book for what it is a brief, entertaining tribute to Walt Disney As you d expect from a Life book, it is full of photographs, reproduced large and in crisp, clear format The text is snappy and engaging It took me about 2 hours to finish the whole thing, paying close attention to every word and every photo.This isn t a good pick for someone wanting an in depth exploration of who Walt Disney was or how the Disney empire came to be Nor is it likely to satisfy someone wanting a thoughtful examination of Disney, warts and all.But it would be perfect for a Disney fan who wants a glowing, engaging, easy to digest introduction to the man who started it all. Very similar to the documentary Walt the man behind the myth