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Learning The Bash Shell, Third Edition, Is The Definitive Guide To Bash, The Free Software Foundation S Bourne Again Shell It S A Freely Available Replacement For The UNIX Bourne Shell, And Is The Shell Of Choice For Users Of Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, And Other UNIX SystemsYou Ll Find This Guide Valuable Whether You Re Interested In Bash As A User Interface Or For Its Powerful Programming Capabilities This Book Will Teach You How To Use Bash S Advanced Command Line Features, Such As Command History, Command Line Editing, And Command CompletionThis Book Also Introduces Shell Programming,a Skill No UNIX Or Linus User Should Be Without The Book Demonstrates What You Can Do With Bash S Programming Features You Ll Learn About Flow Control, Signal Handling, And Command Line Processing And I O There Is Also A Chapter On Debugging Your Bash ProgramsFinally, Learning The Bash Shell, Third Edition, Shows You How To Acquire, Install, Configure, And Customize Bash, And Gives Advice To System Administrators Managing Bash For Their User CommunitiesThis Third Edition Covers All Of The Features Of Bash Version , While Still Applying To Versions X And X It Includes A Debugger For The Bash Shell, Both As An Extended Example And As A Useful Piece Of Working Code Since Shell Scripts Are A Significant Part Of Many Software Projects, The Book Also Discusses How To Write Maintainable Shell Scripts And, Of Course, It Discusses The Many Features That Have Been Introduced To Bash Over The Years One Dimensional Arrays, Parameter Expansion, Pattern Matching Operations, New Commands, And Security ImprovementsUnfailingly Practical And Packed With Examples And Questions For Future Study, Learning The Bash Shell Third Edition Is A Valuable Asset For Linux And Other UNIX Users Back Cover Not a bad book, but it is really boring With 300 pages this goes into a lot detail than I would expect from a book that says in a nutshell in its cover It does not help that even in its 3rd edition from 2005 it makes you feel like you are in the early 90 s or even the 80 s the use of Unix instead of Linux in the title is a dead giveaway.If you have the perseverance to wade through all the tables of command options and some not exciting examples you will learn a lot. I ve told myself to get a book about bash so many times in the past that my Goodread s Want to Read shelf was getting boringly monothematic Last month I planned to get my hands on bash Cookbook but a comment on convinced me to dedicate my time to this title instead To make it short, I m not exactly enthusiast some just some parts were interesting others most were overly detailed and accompanied with complicated examples, a pain to get through.This is a book that clearly targets beginners, people with close to no experience with Linux and the bash shell If you work on a daily basis with the penguin, you better move along.Ok so, let s imagine I recently moved from Windows to Linux and I want to explore what the bash shell offers me What do I get off these 300 pages Well, the book is divided in 3 parts Very basic shell features Basic shell scripting Basic shell features.The first part, which covers the first three chapters, tells you about basic commands, such as ls and all the arguments it swallows Unless you have never opened the terminal before, you might want to skip these pages.Next the authors introduce some basic shell scripting, starting from variable naming to arrays and flow control This was, by far, the most interesting part of the whole book in my opinion, but still, the author has covered only the very basics What I ve found particularly annoying was the choice to list all the possible options available just to find out, later, that the book wasn t about system programming so that they would have not been explained.Finally, we leave the magic world of scripting and get introduced to other basic features, such as jobs background foreground, handling signals.Throughout the book the authors use an example that gets improved as they introduce new concepts This gets early out of control in my opinion it s overly hard to follow, mainly for a beginner A very annoying thing of this example is the fact that the authors names variables, functions and files using Alice in Wonderland Alice, the Hatter, for real Other examples are found in the book They are short ad hoc code snippets found next to some command just explained I ve often ended up either using man or googling to find.I don t really suggest the title, neither to those new to the bash shell, nor to those that are merely interested in scripting This book covers a little of both, but doesn t really give any value.As usual, you can find reviews on my personal blog Feel free to pass by and share your thoughts This book is fantastic if you ve never really programmed before and have no idea whatsoever of where to begin learning programming An extremely rudimentary knowledge of how to use the Linux command line is all that is required.The book introduces programming concepts gently using sample exercises or projects My professional background is far removed from the IT world, although I ve been using Linux Debian, Ubuntu and Arch Linux so far for a couple of years and even I m amazed at how easy the material is to grasp The authors have done a splendid job. Bash agility fluency on the Unix Linux terminal is a super foundational meta programming skill that I feel like gets short shrift as we all rush towards machine learning and cryptocurrency Yo, but the stronger your bash fu, the easier your management of remote servers and such Like, I did this the other day and basically floated away on a rainbow chariot pulled by mighty unicorns pip freeze diff requirements.txt YES, I AM POWERFUL.Just like Friedl s book on regular expressions, another clarifying book on an important meta topic, this bash book was SUPER helpful and I wish I had had it in 2014 I literally remember sitting at my desk in Dar es Salaam, staring at OSX Terminal and watching some Coursera course on some tech topic, and marveling at the instructors bash incantations Wtf was he doing Is there some structured way to learn about Terminal I thought I didn t even know it was a shell language called bash I didn t know shell bash Lots of stuff I WIIISH I had had this then.Anyway, yes, you can probably pick up these same bash skills by just osmosis over long periods of time I did there was a lot in here I had already learned or had sorta half known and used anyway , and I think experienced programmers will consider it real bashy basic But if I had a young lady beginning her career transition journey into tech, I would hand her this and the regex book, and the keys to Udacity, and GODSPEED YOUNG MADAM And now, for much meta inspiration on people s hardware, editor, and shell choices, here s