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From The Bestselling Cozy Mystery Writing Team Of Sally J Smith Jean Steffens Comes The Next To Die For Novel In The Aloha Lagoon Mysteries SeriesTravel Agent Gabby LeClair, A Divorced Big City Transplant Trying To Find Some Aloha Spirit In Her Soul, Prides Herself On Working Hard To Give The Aloha Lagoon Resort Guests A Once In A Lifetime Experience But That Turns Out To Be Than Anyone Bargained For When The Body Of A Client Is Found Dead During One Of Gabby S Island Tours The Victim Is A Lawyer Who S Escorted A Small Group To Aloha Lagoon For Distribution Of A Deceased Billionaire S Estatebut It Looks Like Someone Believes The Only Good Lawyer Is A Dead Lawyer Between The Bad Press Causing Her Phone To Go Silent And The Police Working On Island Time, It S Up To Gabby To Find The Killer Before Her Business Goes Belly Up With The Help Of Her Good Friends, And A Hot Helicopter Pilot With A Flirtatious Streak, Gabby Turns Sleuth To Figure Out Just Which Member Of The Lawyer S Party Had It In For Him But Before Long It S Clear There S Way At Stake Than Her Livelihood, And If Gabby Isn T Careful, She And Her Friends May Find Themselves On An Island Getaway To DeathThe Aloha Lagoon Mysteries Ukulele Murder Book Murder On The Aloha Express Book Deadly Wipeout Book Coming In Sept Photo Finished Book Coming In Oct Deadly Bubbles In The Wine Book Coming In Nov Mele Kalikimaka Murder Book Coming In Dec Death Of The Big Kahuna Book Coming In Jan About Aloha Lagoon There S Trouble In ParadiseWelcome To Aloha Lagoon, One Of Hawaii S Hidden Treasures A Little Bit Of Tropical Paradise Nestled Along The Coast Of Kauai, This Resort Town Boasts Luxurious Accommodation, Friendly Island Atmosphereand Only A Slightly Higher Than Normal Murder Rate While Mysterious Circumstances May Be The Norm On Our Corner Of The Island, We Re Certain That Our Staff And Lagoon Natives Will Make Your Stay In Aloha Lagoon One You Will Never Forget

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    Loyal friendships, romance, a tropical setting, and interesting characters make this a charming cozy mystery I liked how Gabby is an amateur sleuth who knows and acknowledges her inexperience How did people like Sherlock Holmes and Rick Castle do it ask obvious questions without seeming like total idiots I certainly didn t seem to have the knack for it Maybe it just took time and practice, or maybe it took someone who didn t mind looking like a complete and utter busybody p.56 Investigating was hard Everything pointed to everyone, yet to no one at all, and all at the same time p 141 She is different from other amateur detectives in that she doesn t embed herself in the mystery out of curiosity, but rather out of necessity Her business is on the line and it is up to her to save it She is independent and brave and doesn t allow herself to get close with others But the relaxed pace of life in Hawaii and loyal friends convince her that just maybe she can let down her guard a little With a little luck and help from her colleagues, Gabby is able to single out the potential suspects, follow the leads, and see where it all takes her in the end An enjoyable read that has you dreaming of a Hawaiian getaway Best read with a tropical drink in hand

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    4.5 stars Review to follow

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    I really had a great time reading this story It s a funny, light mystery set in gorgeous Hawaii The authors do a great job throwing out red herrings throughout the plot The spunky lead character, a travel agent event planner finds a romantic protector in an adventurous pilot This is book 2 in the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series, and, in my opinion, can be read as a standalone story Enjoy

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    I love the Aloha Lagoon Mystery series by Gemma Halliday Publishing If you are new to the series I highly recommend booking a room at the Aloha Lagoon Resort and grabbing your spot on the beach because you are going to want to stick around The Aloha Lagoon Mystery series is a series of books written around the Aloha Lagoon Resort Each book is written by a very talented and creative author and centers around one aspect of the resortit could be the Blue Hawaii Wedding Chapel or the Loco Moco Cafe or the Happy Hula Dress Boutique or Gabby s Island Adventures. And Gabby s Island Adventures by Sally J Smith and Jean Steffens is where we are hanging out in Murder on the Aloha Express which is the second book in the series Gabby owns and runs Gabby s Island Adventures and she has just booked a huge group for a tour The group is on the island honoring the last wishes of Thomas Wesley Senior Real estate mogul Wesley Senior wanted his last will and testament to be handled where he and his wife spent their honeymoon So his very devoted lawyer, David Sherwin Esq., is there with Thomas Wesley Junior, his wife, family and a few friends to honor those wishes.Unfortunately before they can get down to business Sherwin is murdered while on the tour that Gabby set up Not only does this put a damper on the family s plans but it puts a big black cloud over Gabby s business when news of the murder on her tour gets out and the cancellations start to pour in Gabby has no other choice but to talk to the members of the family and try to put the pieces together on Sherwin s death.With the help of her twin employees, Lana and Koma and business partner Rick, Gabby starts asking the family and friends questions But with the help of the internet and one member of the party, Gabby gets herself a little too close to the murderer..I LOVE these books and especially after reading a few I can really appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into each of them Within Murder on the Aloha Express, Smith and Steffens keep with the series and mention people that are in other books in this series It doesn t matter what book you start with because they are all individuals of their own I do, however, suggest you start with one of them and keep reading them You seriously will not want to leave Aloha Lagoon Resort even if murder seems the common denominator

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    Love, money or sex which motive Terrific read Vivid characters and a rich plot filled with clues and twists The romance angle was also played well Why was the lawyer murdered Was the oldest motive in the book the reason why A rich background and a totally enjoyable experience.

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    A really good cozy mystery with interesting main characters, quirky secondary characters and wonderful scenery At times I felt that I was actually in Hawaii enjoying and investigating right along side Gabby and Rick I particularly liked the romance between Gabby and Rick, the tension between them as well as the quick camaraderie and the gentle sarcasm between them All in all a wonderful start to the series I will definitely be returning to Hawaii and Gabby s Adventures.

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    I loved Murder on the Aloha Express Any book that Sally Smith and Jean Steffens writes is going to be on my must buy list In fact I pre ordered this book but somehow in the mountain of books on my Kindle, it floated down until I forgot about it That is sad because I knew I would love it and I did A trip to Hawaii, wonderful well developed characters who quickly seemed like friends, a great mystery to solve It was a natural When Gabby s marriage ended, her thrill in living is a city working as a corporate travel agent faded Never did she believe that her friend s suggestion that she move to one of the Hawaiian islands would create a bigger life change than she cold ever imagine Not only is living on the island a whole new world but when one of her clients is murdered during a tour her business and her finances go down the drain With help from an irritating but hunky pilot who flirts like someone from and old movie, a really old movie and her two awesome apart time workers she determines to tackle the mystery and get it solved before she loses her business for good I loved that along the way she found a niche for herself and hope to see romance blooming in the future.Now I have to make sure that I don t let their next book drop out I have its release date on my calendar

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    Leaving a divorce and Chicago behind, Gabrielle LeClair sets off to open up Gabby s Island Adventures at the Aloha Lagoon Resort on the island of Kauai The business is doing well until a member of her tour group is murdered and worried clients start canceling their plans She decides to take an active role to solve the case with the help of her two young employees and a hunk of a helicopter pilot and get out of the news cycle as soon as possible Too many with motive, means, and opportunity to count, but with her business s depleted funds and eviction looming, she has to narrow down the field Will her business survive Will a killer go free WOW I am a big Smith Steffens fan and loved their book Murder on the Aloha Express I thought I had it figured out, but was hit with a couple of Oh, wow s to make it very exciting Gabby is a fun character trying hard to be of an island girl and embrace the aloha way, and to leave the past hurts behind and embrace the helicopter hunk The story was well organized leading to an exciting island chase On the side it was fun reminiscing about my own tour of the Fern Grotto and copter ride over the luscious Kauai countryside I tried to be an island girl, too.

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    I enjoyed this well written cozy Beautiful scenery, fun characters that are relatable I like the hint of romance with Gabby and Rick the author s descriptive writing style helped me feel like I was on the beach drinking a mai tai Love this series.

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    This is a wonderful story set in a beautiful Hawaiian resort When Gaby needs a change in her life, she decides to move from the cold windy city of Chicago to the tropical warmth, white sands and crystal clear blue watershow can anything bad happen Feeling confident about the move, she opens a travel agency at the Aloha Lagoon Resort,knowing how hard starting a new business can be She gets a good feeling when an attorney books some ideas for a large family who he works forthinking this is a great start While on an outing, this attorney gets killedis it an accident or is it murder Thus the mystery begins and secrets come out As the story progresses,there are suspects Gaby doesn t have time to wait for the police to investigate so she becomes partners in crime with the sexy helicopter pilot Rick Dawson Together they begin the journey to get answers and save Gabys business I really liked how the characters come together to help her This is a very good story that I recommend to all mystery lovers.