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So I thought it would be hard to top Cade But Jason has done it I loved this I will be rereading closer to release and doing a full review then since this is a very early version, but if you haven t added these books yet RUN NOW Overall rating 4.5 Tea Party Hat stars Triggers Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler Jason A Profite D Une Vie De Riche Play Boy Pendant Cinq Annees, Juste Apres Ses Etudes Mais Desormais, Ses Parents Posent Un Ultimatum Mener Une Vie Plus Serieuse Et S Impliquer Dans L Entreprise Familiale Ou Alors Ils Lui Couperont Les VivresLa Derniere Chose Que Veut Jason Dans Sa Vie, C Est Avoir Des Obligations Mais Lorsque Son Meilleur Ami Doit Partir Faire Un Long Voyage Professionnel Et Qu Il Lui Demande De Veiller Attentivement Sur Sa S Ur Tessa, Le Jeune Homme Ne Peut Pas RefuserA Ans, Tessa Est Une Jolie Jeune Femme Que La Mort De Ses Parents A Fait Grandir Trop Vite Et Rendue Particulierement Serieuse Dans La Vie Elle Cherche Donc Une Vraie Relation Amoureuse Et Pas Une Rencontre D Un Soir Mais Jason Est Irresistible Leur Relation Semble Condamnee D Avance A Moins QueIls Se Desirent Mais Recherchent Ils Vraiment La Meme Chose ARC provided by publishers via Netgalley in exchange for an honest reviewIt s official I m addicted to Brighton Walsh s writing and story telling After reading Captive and now her newest release Tessa Ever After, I am hooked and she is officially on my auto one click list of authors Tessa Ever After chronicles the tale of a single mother learning how to cope with motherhood without the help of her big brother, Cade She soon finds herself struggling to balance work and taking care of her young daughter So when Cade asked his best friend, Jason to look after Tessa, sparks of attraction begins to ignite Tessa and Jason have known each other for so long so it completely catches them off guard when they find comfort and a growing attraction to each other The chemistry between Tessa and Jason was tangible and palpable It is one of those magical and unexpected romance that will steal your hearts when Ms Walsh showcases two individuals finding the missing piece in their lives Jason was able to be the support system that Tessa needed and showed her that she is an amazing mom to her daughter Hayley And as for Jason, Tessa was the game changer She was the one who showed Jason love So if you are looking for a sweet, sexy, touching and beautiful New Adult read then I highly recommend you to read Tessa Ever After This book gave me those warm fuzzy feelings and left me smiling throughout the book Brighton Walsh Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages This was just perfection Love love love Tessa and Haley and Jason I especially loved Jason dressing up in feather boas and fluffy hats, playing tea party with Haley Or teaching her evil laughs Or everything single thing he did with her The swoons are plentiful and since its Brighton s book, you know there are sexy times And especially because it s Brighton s book, there were some delicious things happening For me, this was better than Caged I really hope we get another book in this series Paige and Adam, please Huge thanks to my pretty PA, Christina, for letting me borrow her arc Oh, my heart It feels all warm and fuzzy because of this book Tessa Ever After was yet another great romance by Brighton Walsh with a lovely cast of characters Speaking ofCharacters Jason WHAT A WONDERFUL GUY He s incredible with Haley He doted on her and loved her and seemed like he would be a great father He was very good to Tessa, thoughhe did some really idiotic things that made me upset and everyone else.I loved that he changed so much I loved that his past didn t make him the man he was in this book I loved that he was willing to do so much for Tessa and Haley and did it without question.He waskinda perfect, but not really He still had flaws, which is a really good thing He had to have them or else I wouldn t have loved him so much.Tessa She was amazing as well I love how much she owned how her life is and how grown up she was.Haley SO ADORABLE It s impossible not to love her She s too cute Paige SHE WAS SUCH AN AWESOME AND INAPPROPRIATE FRIEND I LOVE that she got her own book I wondered how she would handle decisions in her story since she pushed Tessa so much in this book I read her book right after this one, so I didn t wonder for long She gave Tessa a lot of advice and support.Drama There was little of it There were SOME bumpy parts which can be expected in any story and situation , but there was little drama Even though there were quite a few worries and insecurities shared as they grew closer together, Jason and Tessa had a certain ease between them There wasn t a LOT of denial as they were realizing their feelings.Final ThoughtsI definitely enjoyed reading this one I did like it than Caged in Winter, mainly because it was so easy to love the couple It also helped that the supporting characters showed up often I would ve loved cameos, though Just saying Maybe all the high expectations I set got the best of me because even though I thoroughly enjoyed this book, I can t say that I loved it Sigh Tessa and Jason have a great chemistry, yes, but I felt that the story dragged on too much when everything could ve been solved if it didn t take Tessa being away from Jason for him to realize that Tessa and Haley are the family he really needs Oh well, we wouldn t have had a story if it went that way though Nonetheless, I still think that Brighton Walsh is a great writer and I will always be looking forward to whatever she writes next. This book THIS BOOOOOOOOOK Definitely one of my fave NA books since I started binge reading them about a month ago The characters were amazing, the chemistry was off the charts, my emotions were EVERYWHERE seriously I laughed, I cried, I can t even It s got it s fair share of conflict, but mostly, this book just made my heart SO happy UGH So good. Can this be real life Better yet, can real life be like a fast food restaurant so I could get one order of Jason to go, please and thank you I ve needed this baby in my hands ever since reading and loving Caged in Winter I just knew Jason and Tessa were going to be an amazing couple, and I couldn t wait to read their story Thank goodness for friends who love to share Tessa is sister to Cade hero of the first book and Jase is his best friend The three of them grew up together and have always been very close Now that Cade has moved out of the state, Jase has been the one to look after Tessa and help with her adorable four year old daughter Lately and even before Cade left the picture , Jase has been thinking not so brotherly thoughts toward Tessa He s always been the playboy type due to his parent s God awful marriage, but he knows Tessa deserves so much than that She needs someone who will be a lover and a life partner, and she s certainly looking Can he be that guy for her I could have read this book for days and days Of course, I always want to get to the happy ending, but if this had a bazillion epilogues I would read them all Brighton Walsh writes the swooniest and sexiest romances, and I think Tessa Ever After may just top them all I loved watching both Tessa and Jase come to terms with their attraction for one another It s hard for Tessa to not notice Jase, but she hasn t let herself go there in a good long while because she knows he s not one for committed relationships She longs for stability and a true connection She hopes that s with Jason, because he s the only guy who makes her burn, but she s cautious I will always, always, always connect to heroines who love love, and that perfectly describes Tessa She doesn t want hook ups or meaningless relationships she wants passion, yes, but also the real deal I m the same way, so it made it so easy for me to root for her and want her to find what she was looking for I could definitely understand her hesitancy toward Jase They have combustible chemistry but does he want Truthfully, I ve been sick of the playboys lately, but Jase is different He doesn t play with Tessa s emotions or keep his feelings shrouded in mystery He s, for the most part, open and honest with her and so genuine Seeing him realize that Tessa is the first and only girl he s ever loved yeah, I fell for this guy hook, line, and sinker He s got easy charm and a dirty mouth that will do than heat your cheeks He also treats Tessa with devotion and respect, and he adores her four year old daughter I m not always a big fan of kids in romances, but Hayley is just so cute and funny and it melted me the way Jase interacts with her I was counting down the pages for him to get out from underneath his parents thumbs, who want nothing than for him to be their perfect, dutiful son It takes a while, but I think you ll find yourself in a puddle of goo by the end.I can t say enough how amazing Brighton s New Adult books are If you re a fan of the genre, you need to pick these up asap, but even if you re wary, know that these are fantastically written and oh so satisfying She writes characters and romances that have me thinking about them months later I can t wait for the next Thank you, Jess, for sending me your extra ARC You are a sparkling unicorn in my life 3This review can also be found at Love at First Page. REREAD SOBS This was perfect I love Brighton s words and swoony heroes Tessa Ever After epitomizes what I want out of every romance novel a romance to get my heart fluttering and me melting into a puddle of swoon After reading and falling in love with Brighton Walsh s writing in Captive, I knew that Tessa Ever After and anything else she writes after, would be books I pick up without any hesitation With Tessa Ever After, she has created another winning novel that has positioned her as one of my top favorite romance authors.I found Tessa to be an intriguing character in the first, what with her being a teenage mom, and I wanted to know about her In Tessa Ever After, we get exactly that With Cade, Tessa s brother, having left town, Tessa is forced to grow up, in a sense, to take care of her little girl I like how Brighton Walsh represented Tessa s struggles so realistically The littlest of things would set her off and I tried to imagine myself in her position and I realized I would probably have reacted in the same way In fact, I d go as far as to say that Tessa actually handled her situation very bravely I loved the bond that she had for her daughter too The love that Tessa had for her really shone through the pages, and Tessa really strove hard to keep her daughter happy and I really admired her for that Thankfully, Tessa also had Jason to help her out during her mini crises Man, I loved Jason so much Talk about a swoony hero For me, it was insta love when it came to Jason I fell hard for this guy and I just couldn t get enough of him Also, he has seriously dirty mouth that had me blushing so much throughout the book Jason, himself, is going through some issues with his family, specifically, his inability to say no to them, but with the help of Tessa and her daughter, he finally did some growing up.One of my favorite parts in Tessa Ever After was the sweet moments between Jason and Tessa s daughter Those moments were so tender and had me sighing in happiness We got to see a really different shade to Jason s character and it was one that I adored Of course, I also loved loved loved the romance in Tessa Ever After Not only did Tessa and Jason have smoldering sexual chemistry, that was capable of setting my e reader on fire, but they were also the sort of couple that helped each other grow throughout their relationship They encountered a few obstacles throughout their relationship, because of Cade and because of interfering from Jason s parents, but by the end of the book they were a truly strong couple I m glad that Brighton Walsh didn t drag out their separation too much In fact, I think their separation was important because they needed to make some individual decisions that they wouldn t have been able to make while being in a relationship Seriously, Tessa and Jason had one of my all time favorite romances Add to that Brighton Walsh s amazing writing style There s just something enchanting about her writing style that sucks you in.Do you enjoy swoony heroes, strong female characters, fabulous writing and romances that have you sighing in happiness for days Then, Tessa Ever After is the book you ve been waiting for