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The Pirates Of Penzance Takes Its Place Along With The Mikado And HMS Pinafore As One Of The Frequently Performed Gilbert And Sullivan Operas Its Successful Broadway Revival By Joseph Papp Refreshed Its Popularity Titles Pour, Oh Pour, The Pirate Sherry When Fred Ric Was A Little Lad Oh, Better Far To Live And Die Oh False One, You Have Deceived Me Climbing Over Rocky Mountain Stop, Ladies, Pray Oh Is There Not One Maiden Breast Poor Wand Ring One What Ought We To Do How Beautifully Blue The Sky Stay, We Must Not Lose Our Senses Hold, Monsters I Am The Very Pattern Of A Modern Major General Oh Men Of Dark And Dismal Fate Basically sang the whole way through Quite fun I had the movie running through my head the whole time which is probably part of why it was so fun Singing skill is required for Gilbert and Sullivan Alas, I am tone deaf I so wanted to be one of the sisters Or a pirate, that would have been fun, too.There s no objectivity here I love this script unreservedly I love the stage productions I ve seen, and the film with Kevin Kline Love, love, love with cat like tread upon our prey we steal in silence dread our cautious way we feel no sound at all we scarcely speak a word a fly s footfall would be distinctly heard Production company script Read as part of The Complete Plays of Gilbert and Sullivan on my Kindle as I watched and listened to it on video.As I said on my review of H.M.S Pinafore, I would never recommend reading these without watching or at least listening to the performance, as the songs are at the heart of Gilbert and Sullivan s operas However, I often find it hard to tell what the words are so watching while having the text in front of me was a great help especially in those cross singing duets. This is a hilarious satirical play on Victorian society It mocks the whole idea of the sense of duty , which was a common theme during the 19th century It also mocks the modern major general , the house of peers which turn out to be a band of hooligan pirates , and the police force Overall, it is a hilarious comedy and worth the read it s a quick one, too We read it aloud in literature class, and there was a bit of extra laughter mixed in for sure And don t forget to listen to the musical There s no matching The Pirates of Penzance as far as Gilbert and Sullivan operettas or early musical theatre in general goes Wacky, unpredictable, full of high art and low culture, poetry, slapstick and the absurd, it s a bit of farcical fluff that nonetheless resonates over a century after its premiere Though the Joseph Papp revisal in the 1980s DID perform some necessary structural updates as far as the evolution of musical theatre as a craft, it s impossible to deny that the basic bones of musical comedy were truly born here, and not with the Princess Theatre farces of Coward and Wodehouse a few decades later. This play is absolutely brilliant I love the premise, and the characters are so ridiculous that they re each memorable in their own right I didn t know what to expect in terms of a resolution to the central conflict, and it comes together better than I could have imagined And, of course, it s got the ingenious song I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major General, so you can t really go wrong with this one. 3 5 stars I don t really think it s the books fault as such, I listened to it as an audiobook and the narrator sounded like when you type in something as a joke on google translate and it feeds it back to you in a monotone voice Which made the whole book seem like it had no soul whatsoever which is a shame. If, by some unlikely mishap, you don t already know The Pirates of Penzance, then try and put that right It s still one of the funniest things of its kind ever done Fredric s kind but rather deaf nursemaid was told to apprentice him to a pilot, misheard, and indentured him to a pirate instead Now Fredric is 21, or so he thinks, and stuns the gang by telling them he s leaving But he falls in love with the beautiful Mabel, who also happens to be one of the adopted daughters of the redoubtable Major General Stanley, and after that things get seriously complicated Bonus once you ve seen it, you ll also be able to appreciate the innumerable parodies of the Major General s Song, which I think is supposed to be the most parodied song of all time In particular, check out Tom Lehrer s The Elements and Kevin Wald s I Am The Very Model Of A Heroine Barbarian