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This is a romance, but it s also the story of a woman s search for alternatives when traditional medicine gave up on her Definitely worth reading. Barely above waterSuzie has a disease that her doctors can t figure out what it is She finds out about a dr in another state that may be able to help her She quits her current job and moves where the dr is at She takes a job coaching a swimming team but finds she has to do a lot than coach She also meets Matt where she is working at He is not sure on how to deal with her illness It is a mystery for part of the book of what she has Very interesting book Enjoyed the kids and the swim team Will she find out what is wrong with her and will she get better I did receive the book from the prism book group in exchange for a honest review. A Reader S Favorite Book Award WinnerAn Illness Comes Out Of Nowhere And Strikes Suzie Morris Her Boyfriend Dumps Her She Has No Living Family, And Her Physician Can T Diagnose The Malady Suzie Relies On Her Christian Faith As She Faces The Uncertainty Of The Disease, And Turns To A Renowned Alternative Doctor In Destin, Florida She Takes A Job Coaching A County Sponsored Summer Swim Team She S Determined To Turn The Fun, Sometimes Comical, Rag Tag Bunch Into Winners Her Handsome Boss Renews Her Belief In Love, But Learns Of Her Mysterious Affliction And Abruptly Cuts Romantic Ties Later He Has Regrets, But Can He Overcome His Fear Of Losing A Loved One And Regain Suzie S Trust Frankly, not being one who suffers a debilitating illness, I found myself worried for Suzie as I read about the healing process, concerned she was being duped But learning the author writes from personal experience made it fascinating.The romance is sweet and the heroine s work teaching swimming to children whose parents work in the hospitality industry was a good touch For me, though, they weren t the most interesting factors of the book If you have or think you have one of those mysterious and life changing illnesses chronic fatigue, chronic lime disease, etc I d suggest reading Barely Above Water While I can t and won t recommend the treatments talked about, don t miss the information at the back of the book from Ms Pallotta and her medical experts Very interesting This well crafted novel is layered with several interesting facets The story of the local swim team, Susie and Matt s evolving love story, and the deviation of Lyme disease.Not only is it an interesting concept, there is a great deal of information in this novel of which the general audience is not aware Susie s health issues have taken over every aspect of her life, and she s willing to give up a lucrative career to find a cure.The alternative route she takes requires faith, enduring emotional pain, and seemingly giving up on everything to find an answer Well done. I learned so much as I read this book Suzie s relationship with Matt is adorable Not only did I enjoy a sweet love story, but I learned about a mysterious illness that I had never heard of before All the symptoms of the young woman made me want to read on to find out what she had What could this illness be Another tidbit about this story is that the author knows firsthand about this illness so she was able to describe it perfectly That was not all that I learned I found out how hard young children have to work to be in a swim meet The children are adorable as they interact with both Suzie and Matt Loved the story and very well written Barely Above WaterThis book is a blessing to all those who are suffering from any chronic illness I believe the author did an excellent job of showing Suzie s struggles with her illness and fears of ever being able to have a normal life I love the fact that Dr Granger prayed with his patients and I really enjoyed the beach sermon I would have love to see God play a significant role in the characters lives. This was a good book Suze moves to try and find a solution to her medical problems Cautious about starting a new relationship, will she find out the cause of her illness and find love in the process I received a copy for my honest review This book was really, really good So different than most of the books that I have read lately, so a nice and very interesting read, to say the least A young woman gives up a job and home to move to another location where she feels God has lead her to help her with the mysterious health issues she has been dealing with Starting up a new life when health is causing so many problems is difficult at best Having had no success with conventional medical help she seeks another route, hoping for better results This was a very thought provoking book for me as I have also dealt with health issues that are still unresolved The story is faith promoting and a good reminder to trust in the Lord in all things Great book, and I loved it I received an Ebook version from the author for my honest review which I have given. When conventional medicine has no answer for her illness, Suzie takes the chance that an alternative doctor can help her She moves to Florida and takes on a part time job coaching a swim team to support herself as she deals with her illness.I liked that this novel highlights an ailment that s not commonly talked about The attention to detail and description of the alternative treatments was illuminating The characters are given time to develop a relationship, which I always approve of This is a story for readers who enjoy contemporary romances and appreciate details.I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review You can see my entire review at More Than A where I rate a book s content.