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What Happens When The System You Ve Been Sworn To Protect Marks You For Death Jamal, D Ball And Andre Are Back For An EXPLOSIVE Spin Off To The A Thug S Redemption Series, Only This Time, One Of Them Is Not Making It Out Alive Jamal Was Positive That He D Seen The Last Of Corrupt Police Officers When He Took Down Kristoff And Every Dirty Cop That Was Working With Him But A New Discovery Puts Him In Even Danger Than Before After A Bomb Is Planted In His Car Nearly Killing Him And His Partner Dante, Jamal Is Made Aware That A Hit Has Been Put Out On Him By None Other Than His Brothers In Blue While Trying To Protect His Partner, Dante Runs Into Another Problem When A Teenager Catches A Police Shooting Of An Unarmed Black Man On His Phone Which Puts A Target On His Own Back Dante Must Choose Between Being Detective Dante The Cop Or D Ball The No Non Sense Having Thug Wit Zero Fucks To Give In Order To Save This Kid As Well As His Partner Who Will Make It Out Of This Drama Filled Street Novel Alive