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After Rafaela explores the subtleties of human relationships and how those connections can impact lives even years after the fact Chumas paints her characters skillfully, allowing the reader to easily relate to their unique struggles and emotions Each woman is beautifully flawed in her own way, and each of them needs to come to terms with the long ago death of a close friend in order to really move on.Chumas is a gifted writer I recommend this novel for those looking for a compelling story about friendship, love, and loss. This is a novel about four girls that were teens in the 90 s and the best of friends They went to school together, studied together, shared their most secret thoughts with each other, or so they thought Lenox, or Leni Sara, who changed her name to India and Becca all came from unhappy homes where they were either unwanted or discarded and then there was Rafaela, or Rafi who s parents truly loved her and gave love and at times a home to the other girls Leni and Rafi were the closest and were like sisters than just friends Rafaela s mother had also inherited a Villa in Italy from her family called the Villa San Antonio where the family went every summer to get away from the dreary weather of London The summer that Rafaela was to turn 18 all the girls were allowed to go with the family for the summer and spend their summer breaks at the Villa to celebrate Rafaela s birthday They were tended to by Valentina, an older Italian woman that lived at the Villa and loved the girls as much as Rafi s parents The summer was wonderful for the girls They shopped, partied, swam and became closer Everything was great until the day of Rafaela s 18th birthday when she tragically died.Twenty two years later Leni returns to Villa San Antonio to find her just as dead as Rafi and the rest of the girls had become Villa San Antonio looked sad, unloved, grief stricken, as though it were stuck in some sort of after Rafaela paralysis Leni could smell the sadness, musty, closed up, repressed aching I could relate to how she felt having recently lost my mother to Alzheimer s and found it very hard returning home again with only memories of my mother there.This novel, written by Jo Chumas is so poignant and heartfelt Her ability to draw me into the story of what was left of life after Rafaela and keep me up all night to finish grieving with everyone touched by Rafi s death was amazing I felt lighter when I was finished, but unable to sleep and lay there thinking about my own grief for the rest of the night Everything was so wonderfully described every crack, every garden, every piece of furniture so deeply described, I felt like I had been there and lived through it all, even the weather A storm was brewing, and an occasional, ominous rumble of thunder sounded far away in the mountains of Switzerland Over the horizon, the sky was turning crimson orange with violent twirls of mocha, like some exotic pudding I knew what each young girl looked like as they grew into womanhood and could see them and tell them apart as if they were part of my childhood Nothing I say can do justice to this novel and the story that the author has told It is a story that I will read again and enjoy as much or than the first time I read it I loved it My second Jo Chumas book and I was not disappointed From the very start of this book I fell for the characters and the scenery, the fast pace that kept me wanting Each of the main characters offered a glimpse into the current stresses and strains of living working loving in todays world as well as the naivet of youth and what we imagine will happen as we grow older.If you haven t read any of Jo Chumas work yet then do yourself a favour and grab a copy of After Rafaela or The Hidden, you will not be disappointed I promise you.Cannot wait for from this authorI am now officially a fan. You Re Going To Regret This Leni, For The Rest Of Your Life I Ll Make Sure You Regret It I Thought You Were My Best Friend I Trusted You You Betrayed Me And I Ll Never Forgive YouWhat If Obsession, Grief And Guilt Never Let You Go Three London School Friends, A Death By Drowning In Italy, And A Lifetime Of Secrets, Lies And RegretLeni, Rebecca And India Were Once Young Women On The Verge Of Great Things Two Decades Later, Their Lives Are Spiralling Dangerously Out Of Control And It S All Because Of One Girl, Rafaela In Death, Rafaela Still Controls Every Move The Friends Make And That Includes Bringing Them Back To The Villa San Antonio On The Shores Of Lake Como, Italy For One Final Showdown