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Jovens Apaixonados Com Demasiadas Verdades Escondidas H Segredos Que N O Devem Ser ReveladosAuburn Reed Tem Toda A Sua Vida Planeada N O H Espa O Para Erros Ou Imprevistos At Que, Um Dia, Entra Num Est Dio De Arte E Conhece Owen Gentry, O Enigm Tico Artista Dono Do Est Dio Auburn Sente, De S Bito, Que Algo Muda Dentro Dela E Decide Deixar Se Levar Pelo Cora OOwen, Contudo, Guarda Segredos Que N O Quer Ver Revelados As Escolhas Do Seu Passado N O Parecem Permitir Lhe Um Futuro Livre, E Auburn Tem Demasiado A Perder Se Decidir Lutar Por Ele A Nica Forma De N O P R Em Risco Tudo O Que Importante Para Si Deixar Owen Confessar Tudo O Que Ele Tem De Fazer Para Salvar A Rela O De Ambos Mas, Neste Caso, A Confiss O Pode Ser Muito Mais Destrutiva Do Que O Pr Prio PecadoSer O Amor Capaz De Sobreviver Verdade Confesso Uma Hist Ria De Imenso Amor E Coragem, Que Nos Faz Acreditar Em Segundas OportunidadesInclui P Ginas A Cores Com As Ilustra Es Dos Quadros De Owen

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    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED SPOILER FREE Exquisitely heart wrenching and absolutely unputdownable, Confess is another unique Colleen Hoover masterpiece and one of the must read books of this year From the moment I read the blurb, I was intrigued by the story And once I started reading, I discovered that there s even to this story than meets the eye There s an added layer to it that I absolutely loved but that I won t mention because discovering it as you read is honestly best This review is spoiler free.I can honestly say that this was the first time ever that a book made me completely break down crying like real tears pouring down my face tears in the very first chapter The pain and loss and love were so achingly profound that I couldn t help but be overwhelmed by the emotions How can a fifteen year old girl defend her love when that love is dismissed by everyone But, true to Colleen Hoover s amazing ability to make you feel a range of nearly every single human emotion possible, just a few pages later, I was laughing right out loud.The story is about a heroine named Auburn who, by the age of 21, had already lost the most important thing in her life and was now just struggling to make ends meet Faced with an impossible situation, she was desperate for any income she could get When she came across a curious building, quite literally covered in scraps of paper with people s deepest, darkest confessions written on it, she had no idea what she d find inside She certainly wasn t expecting to find a quirky, ridiculously handsome, and very talented artist who practically begged her to work for him.What she didn t know was that he was keeping a secret He remembered her knew her from before but couldn t tell her how So the balance of their dynamic was very interesting as they both fell for each other while each respectively keeping back huge personal secrets that could change their lives They are the past and this is the present, and Auburn is somehow both She would be shocked if she knew how much of her past has affected my present, which is why I won t be sharing the truth with her Some secrets should never turn into confessions I read this book as slowly as I could to prolong the experience The story was completely unpredictable Most books give you a vague idea of the direction they re heading in but not Confess I read each page with no idea what would happen next and I honestly loved that about it I have such complete trust in Colleen Hoover s writing that I never once doubted that she would take the story exactly wherever it needed to go So I just sat back and enjoyed the ride I m losing track of the lies I m telling her, and lying to someone like her isn t normally something I would do But I don t know how to tell her the truth I ve never felt stronger than I feel when I m with her I ve never felt like I had a purpose like I feel when I m with her I think about the first words I said to her when she showed up at my door Are you here to save me True to CoHo style, Confess is completely different than anything else she s written And, like I mentioned, there s an addition to the plot that added in just the perfect measure of heart warming depth and heart wrenching angst to the story I loved the way it was introduced It all felt so incredibly real.One of the things I love most about Colleen Hoover s writing is how deeply she makes me care for her characters and how strongly she makes me feel for them The opening chapter of this book the one that had me break down crying was the perfect representation of that because if she could make me feel that much for new characters in just a matter of pages, just imagine what she can do with an entire book.While this book is certainly sexy, it s not overly steamy However the circumstances of these characters lives forced them to grow up fast, and this felt like a very mature book The emotions and pure, raw intensity poured into even just a single kiss took my breath away over and over again The we kiss, the we realize what we re losing He pulls back and looks me in the eyes with a pained expression He moves his hand from the back of my head and brings it to my cheek, brushing a thumb over my bottom lip This already hurts All in all, reading Confess was a truly magical reading experience Because of all the layers in this story, there were actually three completely separate but intricately entwined storylines happening I know that might sound a bit contradictory but it ll make perfect sense as soon as you read it I promise I felt fully and equally invested in all of them and couldn t wait to see how they d all come together.This book is most certainly a romance, but it s also so much It s a story of survival, courage, unexpected chances, fate, sacrifice, confessions, lies, love, and healing It s deeply emotional and very fast paced I flew through the pages and was unable to put it down When he feels my tears falling against his chest, he doesn t do anything to stop them Instead, he simply holds me with a much tighter grip and presses his cheek against the top of my head I know, baby, he whispers I know If you follow my blog, you ll know I m a huge Colleen Hoover fan I ve loved everything she s ever written most especially because of the uniqueness of her stories and her ability to make me care so much for the characters I feel like if she wanted to write a detailed account of the paint drying on her walls, I d read it in a heartbeat And I bet you she d end up making me emotionally attached to that wall too Ooooh AND This book has real artwork incorporated into it that was commissioned especially for Confess As you read, you ll see these pieces inserted in the story in relevant places In my advance copy, they weren t there yet but I read the descriptions of these paintings and I cannot wait to see them Guys, this book was truly fantastic Beautiful Unique Heart wrenching I LOVED IT Rating 5 stars Standalone ___________________________________________________ For 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    2 1 2 stars Erm I think I have a love hate relationship with Hoover s work I keep coming back for of her addictive writing style, despite having so many issues with her characters and slut shaming Though, I think it s official that I enjoy her far when she s writing intriguing, possibly supernatural thrillers with Tarryn Fisher, than when she s writing contemporary romance Never Never is still my favourite But Confess is not too bad.One of the things that almost always bugs me about Hoover s novels is the way she characterizes her female protagonists They re bland, innocent, good girls and often victims They slut shame other women, and when they start to behave in a flirtatious or sexual way themselves, we re treated to a piece of inner dialogue where they chastise themselves What the hell am I doing I don t do this kind of thing I don t invite guys into my home.Texas is turning me into a whore The annoying use of whore aside, what is this, the 1800s Auburn Reed is another example of this But I am prepared to admit that I think this is deliberate in a Bella Swan kinda way Because Hoover is writing contemporary romance, I think she leaves her female protagonists deliberately open for interpretation so that her readers can imagine themselves in the story I get it I just don t really like it.There s also a bunch of the usual tropes The guy Owen has had many girlfriends but Auburn is inexperienced There s another total douche in the picture whose attempted sexual assault yes, another one of Auburn is supposed to make Owen look better Owen is flawlessly beautiful, not a blemish to be found skin that looks so flawless, it makes me want to chase his father down and give him a high five for creating such an impeccable son I suppose these are all small bits and pieces My real gripe is that I never really got a sense of the sexual romantic chemistry between Auburn and Owen There were many things about their relationship that I liked and will talk about in a minute but I never wanted them to be together, which is generally the whole point of a romance novel Instead of roaring YES when they slept together, I found myself wanting to skim read the sex scenes.Okay So there s all the negative Now, I can talk about what I did like.Firstly, aside from his good looks, Owen seemed very different from other NA love interests He was quirky, weird even, and a bit pretentious and hipster in a way that actually made him interesting, rather than annoying I found his oddness charming Secondly, there s a reveal about Auburn which I didn t see coming and thought was an unusual addition to a NA romance I liked it.I also really like it when authors attempt to do something a bit different, especially in a genre that is defined by cliches and tropes In Maybe Someday, Hoover combined music and writing by releasing an album alongside the book with songs supposedly written by the characters In Confess, Owen is an artist and there are some beautiful illustrations in the book On top of the artwork itself, I really love the inspiration behind his art He welcomes anonymous confessions in a dropbox at his art studio and his work is inspired by them Very different.Owen was a very interesting character overall and it actually seems a shame that he was wasted on a romance novel where I didn t buy into their chemistry Oh well, at least he had some great dialogue with Auburn.Definitely not a bad book, but I think I will wait for Hoover s less romancey novels I m still excited for Never Never Part Two.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Tumblr

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    OMG THIS BOOK THE NOTEBOOK, UGLY LOVE, TFIOS, AND HOPELESS HAD A SECRET LOVE CHILD AND THAT LOVE CHILD IS CONFESS. If you know anything about me then you know Colleen Hoover is my favorite author If you don t know anything about me than that is pretty much all you ne

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    Loved Confess Here s a link to my booktalk

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    5 OMG stars Colleen Hoover is a genius Every book of hers so different, and every one gets me right in the feels Confess was no exception If anything, this one hit me harder than many of her others I can t say it s very often that I cry in the prologue of a book, but when you start out this way, it s bound to happen I loved the confessions I thought that was such a brilliant and unique idea for a story To base it on real confessions Things we have that are scary to put out there I loved the connections between the characters, the sacrifice, and the writing Most of all, I love how every thing became full circle in the end EVERYTHING This was a beautiful story that I won t ever forget And the art was just gorgeous I was so happy I had the paperback at home as well as the kindle copy so I could look at both This story was real and raw and beautiful It wasn t perfect, the characters were flawed, but I love that too I don t want a story with perfect characters that make no mistakes If you re looking for a story that will grip you from the very start, make you laugh, make you cry, and make you FEEL, pick this one up

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    This is the kind of New Adult book I enjoy reading.Confess wasn t a shallow, cheesy or overdone story it was deep, evocative, realistic and damn hard to put down Usually, I get quickly bored if a contemporary read has a slow kill me now pacing and, while this one definitely had it, I COULD NOT STOP READING.I read everywhere I read in the bus, during recess, in the car while going grocery shopping with my mom she actually doesn t mind it, but she keeps talking to me she actually talks when I m reading and in class I don t do that I never do that I even find it disrespectful for someone to be connected on Facebook, for example, when the teacher is speaking yet, I just wasn t able to turn off my tablet, put it aside, and continue living on without knowing what will happen to Auburn.She got to me Her story touched a part of my heart I had no idea could be affected I wanted to strangle everyone that hurt her I wanted to shield her from Trey, from Lydia, and help her get the happy ending she deserved Because she did deserve for everything to turn out well for her She might have appeared weak by moment but GOD DAMN the things she went through and her need of keeping someone she loved close to her prevented her from doing whatever her heart desired but instead choose what felt RIGHT and SAFE So it is very likely that you will be frustrated or deceived by her during your reading Personally, I took those emotions and splashed them at the villains in the story.Something I hate with New Adult stories is when they spotlight characters that are DESPERATE for romantic love, for a relationship, for sex and would do anything to get those things Auburn was a woman that was willing to sacrifice so much for someone that I cannot tell you about, and seeing her accepting to let go of Owen whom she was in love with and treated her well, in order to never lose that person in question it might surprise you to discover who that is released my admiration.Circumstances made it that there was an insta love between the two main protagonists from whom we actually have the point of views I say circumstances because it seemed as if everything, when they first met, brought Auburn and Owen together and created a connection between them, including their sharing of a same middle name Those were details but sometimes it s the little details that can make a relationship between two people look firmer than any other one.Oh, how I loved the writing Beautiful, smooth I always thought Colleen Hoover to be way too overrated but, believe me, I m taking that thought back.PS The paintings were completely stunning

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    You know that a book will haunt you for a very long time when it brings you tears from the very first pages.I finally understand the Colleen Hoover hype.She is totally worth it Hopefully,she has than one fate,Owen Probably not one of the most popular quotes,but it touches the essence of this extremely beautiful and heartbreaking story.Fate was cruel and brutal to both Owen and Auburn,but they were given a second chance in happiness when they met.And then,they were torn apart.Auburn had some priorities,and a relationship with Owen could jeopardize everything she fought for all these years.She silenced her heart,but it was not enough,because when she was with him,she felt like someone truly found her I m afraid if I listen to my heart once,I ll never figure out how to ignore it again I don t think I would be able to read Confess again.Not because it wasn t a gem,but exactly because it was.Every page,every sentence hold pain,a gut wrenching,lifesucking pain.I lost count of the times I was on the verge of tears and I could taste bile in my mouth.It consumed me in a unique way,I wanted so badly to right the things that went wrong,to kill Trey and Lydia with my bare hands,to align the stars in the sky so that Owen and Auburn would end up together.I swam in a sea full of emotions and despair,I was struggling to reach the surface with every breath I had left,and then I kept thinking that if I felt this way about a secondhand experience,then Owen and Auburn are some of the strongest protagonists I had ever met There are people you meet that you get to know,and then there are people you meet that you already know Owen and Auburn are two characters I came to love deeply.Their lifes were messy and they had not complete control over them.Auburn was treated horribly by the same people she tried to appease,a tragedy was tattooed in her soul,yet she found the courage to love fiercely.Owen expressed himself through art,but he had to confess his sins and take the blame for sins he didn t even commit,to help his father become a father again and to show Auburn that she was a wonderful person who deserved a lot .She deserved him.And I deserved Confess.And you deserve it Every reader deserves it. I ll love you forever.Even when I can t

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    oh, the feels queen CoHo has done it again there is something about colleen hoovers writing that wraps itself around my heart, squeezes, and never lets go she has a way of creating words i never knew i wish i could say and once again, she has mastered conveying emotions and feelings and desires and it effectively ruins me every time i have come to the conclusion i will never not love her stories 4.5 stars

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    Oh, em, gee FIVE STARS Finding your heart somewhere between the truth and lies 2 truths and a lie about Owen Owen s dad is a lawyerOwen has a cat named OwenOwen has only 2 phone numbers in his phone 2 truths and a lie about Auburn Auburn gave Owen a drunken haircutAuburn grew up in Portland, OregonAuburn has a roommate named Emory 2 truths and a lie about Confess The horror movie 1408 is mentionedThe story is broken into 3 partsTwo states play a major role in this storyI have a confession out of the 9 things mentioned above 7 are true and 2 are lies Have fun figuring out which ones are the lies and which ones are the truths While reading this book I had to keep stopping to tell my husband what a great book I was reading And then, throughout the day, I would give him an update on what was happening in the book When he arrived home tonight he asked me if I had finished my book I wonder if he ll miss hearing me talk about the book or if he was checking to see if I ve come back to reality lol The dedication is was what prompted me to tell my husband about Confess The confessions you read within this novel are true confessions, submitted anonymously by readers This book is dedicated to all of you who found the courage to share them Whoa That dedication intrigued me Then the first confession left me with my mouth hanging up It still haunts me to think about it I have so many questions for this anonymous person I suppose that will be one confession that goes to the grave with the person Actually, all the confessions were fascinating and left me pondering the person behind the secret CoHo is one of my favorite authors When I open her books I know I m in for something special Her stories challenge me to think outside the box My first CoHo experience was with Slammed I had never even heard of Slammed poetry prior to reading that book I had the same experience with this book the concept in this book with the confessions was a brilliant idea I LOVED IT I want to live in CoHo s brain and figure out where she gets all these awesome ideas Also CONFESS includes original artwork by Danny O Connor to augment your reading experience As an arc it didn t include the artwork I m looking forward to the published version so I can view his artwork. I love how CoHo enhances your reading by offering to her stories like in Maybe Someday it had music that accompanied the story I don t want to elaborate too much on the story line because something s are best experienced on your own RELEASE DATE 3 10 2015Pre order order Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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    No one could accuse Colleen Hoover for not being creative with every single thing she s released thus far She always has a knack of infusing something unique to her books from poetry, to songs, to plot twist In this book, it was art They were beautiful The way she used the confessions with the art was very unique They were the best part of the book for me.Unfortunately, the rest left me underwhelmed I have no problem with cliches or whatever as long as I am able to relate to the characters Sadly, Owen and Auburn left me cold I couldn t find anything remotely interesting about them Sure their lives are fucked up and they suffered tremendous tragedies in their young livesbut most characters in this genre often have tragic pasts so they don t automatically make me feel sympathetic any What keeps me interested is how the characters deal with their tragedies In this book, it was a big fail At least for me I feel for Auburn somewhat Her situation wasn t an easy one for sure But I wasn t impressed with the fact that she only grew a backbone AFTER she met Owen Prior to that, she just moved with the flow It was as if her life didn t start until she met Owen She wasn t sure what she wants to do or even what she likes She s only doing view spoiler the hair thing because of her son hide spoiler