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The Fettered Flame Is A Genre Bending Fantasy Novel That Continues The Saga Of Two Dying Worlds, Plagued By Their Own Unique Struggles For Power Follow The Journeys Of Cor A Woman Striving To Understand Her Powers Of Magic And How The Connect To Her Past, Atesh Her Contemplative Dragon Companion, And Jwala A Dragon Plunged Into A Rebirth Of Ancient Ideals The Fettered Flame Is The Second Installment In The Shkode Trilogy A Quirky And Modern Take On Dragons And Wizards, Exploring Themes Of Identity, Prejudice, Violence, Compassion, And The Ways We Are All Connected

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    E D E Bell is a paradigm shifter Her fantasy books defy gender roles and are chock full of modern social themes caused by age old societal ignorances and prejudices.The series began with a four dimensional researcher s child causing a world to split into dangerously unstable twin worlds of Teirrah and Arev Each world knows nothing of the other s existence, except as stories, legends and myths.Humans inhabit the one known as Teirrah, and anthropomorphic dragons How cool is that populate the other world At the moment, mutual destruction seems eminent unless the worlds can reunite.My favorite storyline has been between Atesh and Cor, a dragon and human, who are now together in Teirrah Initially, they re pretty surprised to see each other and learn of the other s existence, but are now communicating with the the four dimensional researcher as best they can and it isn t easy via a plant known as Ha, and seeking to stabilize the worlds There are other thought provoking characters and stories in each world, but I have to say the storyline which follows the Grande Dame of Teirrah, Francie, is now vying for my favorite spot No spoilers, but I can totally say, I didn t see it coming I m anxiously awaiting the last book in the trilogy It s shaping up to be a spectacular finish This talented, quirky author has my attention

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    Hi First, I commend Ms Bell in her fine presentation within the High Fantasy genre, without diverting to current must do low urban fantasy tropes Enough foreshadowing has happened by the second book, The Fettered Flame, that I anticipate a rousing climax at the end of book three.I caught Ms Bell on her first Shkode book, and gratefully got the the opportunity to read the advance review copy of this second of the series This book continues the quest of the odd couple, wizard and dragon Their lives get complicated by politics and revolution in both worlds, and a helper who may or not be helping.Unlike most series, enough of the first book is interleaved in the story line that you should be able to read without confusion.

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    I wrote this book It s a little bit of everything, including dragons and wizards I hope you check it out and enjoy it.

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    The second volume of the Shkode Books was definitely easier to follow than the first Probably because the central ideas were already established and we know all the characters now They are fleshed out in this book, and we aren t struggling to follow along In this volume, our main characters are dealing with conflict and the destruction of life as they know it The worlds of humans and dragons have been split in two, as explained in the analogy of splitting a sheet of paper, not cut in half, but literally splitting the sheet in two, leaving two thin, but same sized worlds They are fragile and are beginning to tear Places even disappear as the structure of the universe and time rip apart.Our heroes, mainly the non violent, vegan Cor, who has discovered her legacy of magic, handed down by her deceased parents, and has joined up with Atesh, a scientist dragon who has crossed the barrier of worlds to join with Cor, are trying to find a way to heal the worlds They both see the benefits of the plant, ha, which allows them to communicate with a mysterious voice that is trying to get them to understand how to heal and possibly put the worlds back together.There is violence happening in both societies, on the dragon side mostly because the Emporess Zee has a murderous second in command called Dronna In human society, the disparity between the haves and have nots, and the government that enforces a strict societies rules and the different groups who have formed to oppose them, have resulted in the destruction of the University where Cor used to learn without permission and the Capitol President Greg King is being defied by his General Stone, who prefers a aggressive response to the OLS group that caused all the destruction in the resistance to the Unified Government Human society doesn t allow women to live unencumbered lives and gay individuals are deep undercover Dragons settle differences violently and live in fear of their ruler Only a few people realize that while society is being ripped apart, the world is not going to be there for them to put it back together I am looking forward to the last volume to see what will happen I was given a free ebook in return for my unbiased review.

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    A child plays innocently in a mother s lab and a world is torn apart Time passes for life within the split world, history becomes lost to myth and fables and soon their reality is truly separated Until, they start to collide Nothing can save them from their impending doom, not even the promise of a mother to a heartbroken child.But, as long as life exists, there remains hope The Shkode series exists in a multi dimensional universe of endless possibilities and E.D.E Bell is stretching her imagination as far as it can go A diverse and excitedly inclusive book, the series showcases three worlds trying to come together to save each other The Banished Craft is a wonderful world building piece and sets the stage for book two We discover what motivates the characters, what hinders them, and just exactly what they ll do to get what they want There is a great comparison between the two separated worlds that builds in The Fettered Flame with amusing similarities and common ideas The dragons are anthropomorphic, which I hadn t been expecting It s another unique view of dragons, seeing them as free thinking, free spirited beings rather than mindless killing machines in search of war in many dragon novels I ve read I enjoyed reading how dragons would compare to humans in things like jobs and clothing and the dragon world is cleverly thought out and full of life.The books are very inclusive and very revealing of the characters, all their faults and personal experiences There were several moments I did not see coming The story is definitely unexpected There is a lot to learn about the world, but it s all in there and well laid out I really enjoyed this series and can t wait for book 3 When I was approached about the books, I did ask for a favor I asked for physical copies to give away I have a hardcover copy of The Banished Craft with a beautiful dust jacket and I also have an Advanced Readers paperback copy of The Fettered Flame, both signed by the author Enter the rafflecopter on my blog angelaburkhead.blogspot.com Starting 8 5 16 and do not miss this exciting sequel

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    A boundlessly imagined, expertly crafted tale of compassion, connections, and war, seamlessly anchored in refreshingly progressive themes and well developed characters Truly one of the most complex and intelligent high fantasies I ve had the pleasure of reading, and right up there with George R R Martin s Game of Thrones series It takes a seasoned writer to pen dragons, other worlds, and magic so that the reader starts to think of them as real I connected with Cor human as much as Atesh dragon , and I loved their particularly storyline, as well as the one involving Francieohhhh and Win I loved Win I found this story so evocative and easy to visualize Can you tell I loved it

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    Free ARC in exchange for honest review This is one of those rare times where I felt the second book is actually better than the first I loved reading this book as the characters underwent an ongoing metamorphosis This book builds upon on the genre busting, multiple thread tale of catastrophic change with vegan, LGBT, and non violence themes If you want something different than this trilogy is definitely for you.

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    I really enjoyed this installment of the Shkode series The many plot threads introduced in The Banished Craft are finally starting to weave together Looking forward to see what Book 3 brings

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    This was really good The first book was a solid introduction to the setting s , the characters and the conflicts With all the set up out of the way, this book gets to delve deeper into everything, to build on the foundations, and to escalate everything It does this very well, taking intriguing ideas and making them compelling The characters are well developed And there sure are a lot of them There s over a dozen viewpoint characters, though some get less focus than others It s interesting seeing which characters get a shift in focus from the first book A couple characters who were major parts of the first book end up moving a little into the background here, while lesser characters from the first get attention.In my review of the first book, I warned that there was some vegan elements, and for readers to be careful I m sorry to say that it s a lot prominent here, as Bell forces her pro vegetable agenda down our throats Gross I m joking around, of course Also much prominent, though, is the LGBT content The first book had a little bit of LGBT content, mostly restricted to the dragon world though there was a human lesbian couple in the first book, and they continue into this one This one has a lot , and a lot of it in the human world, with a couple of the major human characters being revealed as gay There s even a transgender dragon So it s nice to see of that.The most frustrating thing about this book is that it ended I m very much invested in what s going on, and now I have to wait for the next book.

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    This is an interesting book, dealing with different kingdoms throughout the world that they re on Each of the different areas is called something different from Oceanland to Caveland for example I think my favorite character of the book is the Grand Dame She was not at all what I expected I loved her Moxy Watching the play with gender identity, race identity human vs dragon , war human vs human , food choices vegan vs carnivore makes it all very interesting It was a lot of fun to read This is the second book in the series and the first book I have read by this Author I look forward to in the future It was full of unexpected surprises and was a fun read for me RECEIVED THIS BOOK AS A GIFT FOR A FAIR HONEST REVIEW and REVIEWER FOR Bloggin With M Brennan.