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The School Library Journal compares Secret Speakers to the Narnia Lord of the Rings and Wizard of Oz novels in their starred review “Kingworth has created a rich detailed fantasy world that is uniue and as vivid as all of them with charming whimsical touches” Hidden in the depths of Cloven Grave the harsh imposter Harrold King hides a deep secret the parents know nothing about After spending nine years hidden in a cellar thirteen year old Fair O'Nelli finally assumes it's safe to be seen She knows that her father and brother are missing or possibly dead But when she sets off in the company of three guardians to find Selador's Gate she heads right into Harrold King's secret If she and countless others are to survive she will have to start making choices that place friendship above fright faith over doubt and compassion over fear The audio book adaptation is brought to life by Booklist's Voice of Choice Simon Vance The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest The Girl Who Played with Fire British born Vance was awarded Audiofile Magazine Golden Voice status June 2009

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    Finished I’ve never had the opportunity to read a book in manuscript form so this was a fun first for me The format of the manuscript a pdf file made it difficult for me to sit down and commit to the story so I feel like I was reading this one forever but that was due to a personal preference for something printable vs an e document than anything else I’d love to re read this story someday in a traditional book format because it was definitely “one of those stories” I also feel like I need to add the following caveat I typically tend to shy away from the YA genre unless the book achieves cult status Twilight Harry Potter Golden Compass etc comes highly recommended from a friend andor really really really appeals to me and that happens on such a rare occasion that it barely warrants mentioning I’m sure that will change when I have children of my own someday because I love to read and if I bring future readers into the world I will want to know what they’re reading But since that is a blessed event that is in the unknown future I spend most of my time reading fiction for grown ups Now for simplicities sake because I’m rushed for time at the moment the rest of my review will be in list format Things I Liked I like allegories see my ultra high ratings for The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe and The Reluctant Fundamentalist if you want proof Once I got into it I had a hard time putting it down and had to keep reading to find out what happened next It was a perfect escapist read Things I Didn’t Like I think the prologue was too much too soon Fantasy novels freuently make me feel like I’ve just been blindfolded and dropped into the deep end of the pool I don’t like that feeling and tend to rate the authors you gently ease you into the world much higher I went back and reread the prologue after finishing the story and appreciated it so much I keep thinking that there might be a different way to engage the reader and build in the mystery Maybe cut the prologue short and then infuse the rest of it into the remainder of the novel as necessary? I would have also appreciated of a back story about Harrold King straight off the bat Knowing exactly what kind of person he is straight off the bat would have warmed me to the other characters much sooner than it actually did by virtue of the fact that he was a bad dude That probably ties in with my earlier comment about different ways to engage the reader As mentioned in my “intro” the format was a major hindrance for me I guess I’m just not that into e books Things I Loved The main character was a young teen girl who felt very real and was easy to identify with Gibber Will I wasn’t sure about him at first but he was one of those characters who really grew on me The second time I read the prologue Love Feeling comfortable with the new wordsideas and having a familiarity with the characters and their lives made the world building concepts feel less foreign and I was much open to the message it was promising Overall I’m giving it three stars but I feel like it’s on the verge of getting four It’s so so so close

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    I loved this book Took me back to my childhood when I would expect fairies and goblins to pop out of trees Thank you Karey I can't wait to hold it in my hands so I can hug it

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    I got to read and rate this book in manuscript form I am so excited to read the finished copy when it comes out in April

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    From the moment I started to read I was mesmerized I was taken in to a brand new world that I was eager to explore in other words I couldn't put it down even though I'm trying to plan a wedding ; Secret Speakers is not formula story where you can anticipate what happens next Far from it I never knew where the story was going and it kept me interested right through to the end The writing is excellent Karey paints a vivid picture of this beautiful and sometimes dangerous new worldI would highly recommend this book to families children as well as adults It is a wonderful story on the surface and also has deeper subtle meanings that I know that I will continue to discover as I continue to reread this bookExcellent job Karey

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    Holy moly Get this book when it comes out I got to be one of the early readers of Secret Speakers and all I can say is it's going to stand the test of time Children that have yet to be born will be reading Secret Speakers years from now Then when they get old they'll be reading it to their grandchildren It's that good Now a word about Karey Shane KSR Kingworth She has got to be the most innovative new author out there when it comes to setting trends in the world of self publishing I see her name everywhere here on GoodReads She rocks

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    The beginning confused me alot but as I came towards the middle I couldn't find myself leaving the book unread I was dissapointed the that Tooli the good prince died Also that Sauveren Fair's dog died It surprised me that he came back alive and was the person they were looking for the whole time throughout the bookSelador All in all it was a great bookThe Secret Speakers and the Search for Selador's Gate is also self published We must announce this great book to the world and give it the praise that it deserves I urge everyone who reads this to read the book D

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    Move over JK Rowling and Stephenie Meyer and make room for a new fantasy and adventure master KSR Kingworth Her debut novel will keep you turing pages as you get caught up in the mystical marvelous adventure that takes place in an amazing universe It goes without saying that after reading Secret Speakers and the Search for Selador's Gate all fantasy and adventure fans will eagerly await tales from the fertile imagination of Kingworth

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    Very descriptive Story keeps moving at a great pace; enough to keep you interested and on the edge of your seat waiting for what will happen next Characters are well developed and believeable

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    this book is great i recommend this to everyone

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    First off I must admit this book is much better than I expected and this is for several reasons While this is not a perfect book as I will explain further on it is uite good and I am glad I took the time to get through itTo begin with I don't really read fantasy mostly because fantasy books can take themselves a bit too seriously this book did take itself seriously as all books should but it wasn't like this one event would destroy the planet if it did not come to pass Also the made up jargon hoomin for the humanoid inhabitants of the land etc was a bit close to English which suggests to be a bit of a Tolkein esue flair for words her personal notes at the back of the book list linguistics as an interest so that probably accounts for this Another reason I don't read much fantasy is because of the tone which was completely different in this book Written for children Secret Speakers had a very positive tone Even when someone suffered a great deal or died it was used as a teachable moment for building strength and character as well as reiterating how important it is not to give up I think that lesson is important to all of us no matter how much we've heard itI was also a bit uncertain of this book because of what I considered a bit lengthy for most children I assumed a normal child would lose interest or not be able to follow something that would seem like such an epic undertaking Then as I got into it I realized there isn't much boredom to be had with the book There is always action or a lesson being taught the characters seem real enough to almost be like imaginary friends to young readers along the journey of the pages Even though this book is part of a series I think the younger set will pursue it because it isn't daunting the language is clear and it really isn't above their heads In the case of readers who only want to read this installation it is also helpful that the end is tied up uite neatly so they are not left hanging as is the case with some of the Lord of the Rings booksThat said there were some other things about the book mostly minor that I worried about but these fears were allayed as the pages passed However there were a few problems mostly mechanical that I felt should have been handled a bit differently The author had two characters whose dialogue was handled phonetically Tooli and Hale This was good to set them apart and also to show that differences such as being deaf or having a lisp are socially acceptable but halfway through the phonetics was dropped which seemed a bit lazy to me Also in the little bits before and after Tooli's Joust and dangle his Secret Speaker inexplicably changes names Sometimes perspective would change and the Secret Speaker being used would not Then there are the numerous instances of the uotation marks beginning or ending in such a way as not to encapsulate the dialogue properly This made me a bit sad for the author since several people had edited her work and hadn't caught it I believe these things can be changed before a future edition and the book will be much improvedOverall then this was a very good book that pleasantly surprised me and with a bit careful editing I believe it has the potential to go far