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Titus Returns is A Wells Landing Romance by Amy Lillard Amy sure knows how to write a story that will grab your attention and not let go Characters that seem so real with what they have to endure This is a story of heartache, pain, faith, trust, love, longing and acceptance Titus s story will surly take you on an emotional roller coaster ride Be sure to order your copy of Titus Returns by Amy Lillard today 5 stars I really liked the book I loved the way Titus is forgiven by Abbie I also like that Titus returned to the amish It was very entertaining and i liked the way i was able to read and go there in my mind Great Book I recommend this series to my sister bc she loves to read about the amish too Can t wait until the next book comes out Wonderful writing for the entire series so far. In Wells Landing, Oklahoma S Warm And Welcoming Amish Community, There S Always Hope For A New Beginning And A Second Chance Five Tumultuous Years Have Changed Titus Lambert In Every Way Back Then, Titus Was Preparing To Marry His Longtime Sweetheart, Mandy Yoder Then Came The Unthinkable A Tragic Car Wreck That Left Titus Serving Time For Vehicular Manslaughter Titus Isn T Sure He Belongs In This Peaceful Place Any, But He Must Make Amends When He Goes To Visit The Kings, Whose Son, Alvin, Died That Terrible Night, He S Shocked To See That Their Farm Has Fallen Into Disrepair Alvin S Sister, Abbie, Resents Titus S Reappearance, But There S No Denying She Needs His Help Honest Toil And Their Evolving Friendship Slowly Help His Soul To Heal But With His Feelings For Mandy Still Strong, Titus Must Choose Between Two Very Different Futures, And Find The Strength And Faith To Claim The Surprising Gift Of A Fresh Start Praise For Amy Lillard An Inspirational Story Of Romance, Faith, And Trust Will Appeal To Fans Of Wanda Brunstetter And Beverly Lewis Titus Returns is book 5 in the Well s Landing Series This is a great series that you will enjoy Titus returns home after serving 5 years in prison He was driving the car in which 2 of his friends were killed and another was crippled He is worried about how things will be when he gets home Will he be forgiven Will he be accepted back and be able to stay Did the girl he was planning to marry wait for him Will the friend that was hurt in the accident forgive him All these questions are weighing heavy on his mind every day Then, he sees first hand what has happened to one family that is still struggling from their loss 5 years later, and realizes he must help them Will he be able to build the family back up with his help Amy Lillard has again given us a great book in the Well s Landing Series Faith, love and forgiveness are a big part of this story I enjoyed this series and so will you. Titus Returns by Amy Lillard full of emotion, romance, and suspense This book flows easily and grabs you by the heartstrings when it deals with alcoholism, PTSD, forgiveness, and martial strife Titus spoke to me throughout the book I felt so sad for the ordeal he went through and the struggles he had to overcome when he came back home He just wanted other people to forget and forgive Forgiveness is hard though for some people in the community As they deal with their own healing, he tries hard to win back their respect On the other end of the spectrum, I had a strong dislike for Mandy I did get over this and in the end my feelings became a little softer for her Titus Returns kept me up through the night reading and I still didn t get finished Just about the time I thought I knew how it was going to end, this book took yet another twist So the ending had to wait till morning A wonderful wonderful read I was given this book by the author in exchange for my honest review. I have pre ordered this book which does not release until December and I was honored to receive a copy from the author Amy Lillard Imagine my excitement to read this next journey through Wells Landing Amy captured the true struggles that individuals must have whenever they have been through a traumatic life changing experience Titus returns to Wells Landing after being incarcerated for 5 years and tries to find some balance and struggles with feeling worthy Once Titus starts taking control of his new life and realizes that God is control and Titus feels that he is worthy of God s love he begins to put his life back together The characters in this book are well developed and you feel like you know each one personally Mandy his former sweetheart, Abbie the sister of the boy that Titus killed in a car accident and the reason he was in jail, Abbie s parents, and Titus s friend Eli are all amazing resident of Wells Landing who help Titus find his way back to the Church and God s love I would not recommend it as a stand alone only because the Wells Landing Series is so wonderfully written and such an enjoyable escape to another place Amy Lillard has captured me as a fan of her work with this wonderful series I hope this review will help readers and fans of Amish Fiction Thank you Amy for allowing me the privilege of reading and reviewing this wonderful book I hated for it to end. When Titus returns home after 5 years in prison, he is unsure if staying in this familiar town is the right thing for him to do Adjusting to life after prison, and knowing the true story of what put him in that prison, is part of what Titus has to learn to live with every day Will his past relationships with family and friends be tested or will he be accepted as he returns home This is a story filled with emotions, as the author touches the heart of the reader with sadness, despair, PTSD, and also, forgiveness, trust, love and faith I enjoyed this story very much I was given a copy of this book by the author and this is my personal opinion of the story. TITUS RETURNSBy Amy LillardThis was a great story regarding Titus He lived through so many experiences It didn t take me long to read it, like two days Titus made quite a sacrifice that the majority of people would not do This would make a good movie for sure I have to be careful what I share, would not want to ruin the story, you need to read it yourself I highly recommend your reading this book You won t be sorry for sure It amazes me that there are so many great stories coming out of these authors It has to be a gift for sure. Titus Returns is book 5 in the Wells Landing Series I have loved this series Amy Lillard is at top of my list for Amish writers If you enjoy reading Beverly Lewis you will enjoy Amy s Her books are written with great characters very developed you love to meet them, Plus they are romantic but clean They always uphold the Amish faith She honors their beliefs Titus comes home after serving 5 years for manslaughter Not knowing how he will be treated once he gets back home Can the people forgive him Will his girlfriend be waiting there for him Titus feels he must make amends to the families that lost love ones in the accident Can Titus forgive Awesome story Another great book by Amy Lillard. This book is SO wonderful Even though it is part of a series, readers will be able to pick up Titus Returns and read it as a stand alone novel if so desired However, if you are a fan of Amish fiction, I highly recommend the entire Wells Landing series Each book is just so good One of the things I enjoyed about Titus Returns was the way the author created characters whose failings seemed so very real The main characters, Titus and Abbie, both had issues and situations that came about because of the trauma from the past These things were not easily dealt with and not easily forgiven The repurcussions from the past seemed to creep into everyday life in the way both Titus and Abbie viewed things, the way family members continued to deal with loss, and they even impacted the possiblity of a future together for these two hurting people The author dealt with some very serious topics in this novel and wove those topics into a captivating story.I absolutely loved this book from start to finish It is definitely high on my list of Amish fiction favorites.I received a complimentary copy of this book All opinions are my own.You can read this review on my blog at