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When There Are Traitors Than Allies, Who Do You Trust Two Years Have Passed Since SeaSatellite Was Taken By The Lemurians Trevor And Chelsea Have Rejoined The War On TAO S Side, Exploring Link Pieces In Hopes Of Finding The Station But So Far They Ve Managed To Find Nothing Not Even Solace In Their Crumbling RelationshipAfter Following A Link Piece To AD , The Botched Trip Leaves Them Telepathically Connected It S Too Much For Chelsea And, Retreating To A Nightclub In Arizona, She Interrupts An Operation Conducted By A Paramilitary Group Called TruGates They Seem To Know About The Atlantean Lemurian War Than They Re Letting On, And Also Unknowingly Hunt Lemurian Mercenaries While Guarding Her Own Ties To The War, And Despite Trevor S And TAO S Misgivings, She Agrees To Join Up If It Ll Possibly Lead To Finding SeaSatelliteBack At TAO, Trevor Learns That What He And Chelsea Assumed Happened To SeaSatellite Barely Scratches The Surface As The Picture Of The War Expands, Allies And Traitors Churn Out Of The Web Work Left Behind If Chelsea And Trevor Can T Get Past The Betrayals And Heal Their Wounded Hearts, Not Only Will The Fate Of SeaSat Dangle On A Precipice, But Also Every Member Of The Crew They Once Risked Everything To Save

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    3.5 5 starsI immensely enjoyed Gyre because the book introduced me to two warring civilizations I admit I don t know much about Of course, I d heard of Atlantis, but Lemuria was completely new for me I was hoping for a lot delving into the mythological side of these two civilizations in book two, but Landlocked seemed to be a lot about the characters personal relationships than about Atlantis or Lemuria even though the plot revolved around the war between the two.I loved the introduction of the new player in the war and am really excited to see where the author goes with that I just hope we get to see of the mythology in general.I think my biggest problem with Landlocked is that I intensely disliked the female lead, Chelsea, for most of the book I think this book will definitely appeal to readers who want their NA full of romance, but for me, I could ve done without that romance especially Chelsea s new guy and done with a lot focus on the sci fi aspects of the novel For me, this was just a little too sci fi lite for my taste But then, I m mostly an SF F reader, rarely if ever a romance reader so Also the ending of this book I could see it coming a mile away and was constantly hoping Chelsea would figure it out too, but nooope Cliff hanger Which is just cruel I m hoping book 3 in this series will have science and mythology in it and less romance P

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    Fantastic carry on from book 1 Trevor and Chelsea are working for different companies trying to find Link Pieces and bring SeaSat5 back But things are definately complicated than anyone can know Unfortunately Trevor and Chelsea are no longer together in this book either which saddened me But at least they are talking by the end.

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    Gunn s follow up to GYRE takes the story, the tension, the energy, and the intensity up several notches Chelsea is back and charges straight into her most difficult challenge yet, binding her to Trevor telepathically, which adds to their electrically charged relationship and magnifies the issues between them I loved this concept and how it played out, upping the drama of their tumultuous yet realistic relationship In so many books I ve read lately, the central relationship feels forced and contrived, and we re expected to believe that they re somehow perfect for each other despite all these differences I love that Chelsea and Trevor KNOW they have differences and yet we re shown reasons why they continue to fight for a chance at making things work Why they specifically matter to each other in the midst of what s happening around them.Of course, their relationship is not all that s happening I loved how fast paced things became once Chelsea gets tangled up with TruGates The new characters introduced show us different sides to Chelsea and Trevor, and I especially loved the return of certain characters from GYRE Here we re given a lot of their story and a hint at how they re going to be crucial in the next book I can t recommend this series enough for the adventure, the mixture of history and sci fi, and being a former rock bass player I admit to living vicariously through Chelsea s rising rock star persona LOVE.

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    I m so glad I got to read a pre release copy of LANDLOCKED in exchange for an honest review I enjoyed GYRE, first book in this Atlas Linked series, immensely and this one just sucked me into the world deeper The series is a cool mix of contemporary science fiction, time travel, romance, and mythology involving Atlantis and Lemuria It s creative, fresh and unique Don t expect to love all the characters except Josh who is my latest crush The main characters are far from fault free Chelsea is a kickass woman who is growing stronger, but she is also damaged and in emotional turmoil Likewise, the other main point of view, Trevor, brings his own baggage to this story There s a lot of tension between the characters, some great romantic scenes, and I especially loved the military aspects of this novel and the fight scenes Complex and fun, this is the perfect novel for people who love Dr Who or the Twelve Monkeys Every secret that is uncovered, only reveals secrets, pulling the reader deeper and deeper into a multifaceted world of deception, twists, and death The first chapters do help reorient the reader to the ongoing action and world But to truly enjoy this novel, I recommending reading GYRE first.

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    Landlocked the exciting sequel to Gyre begins two years after the Lemurians swept SeaSatellite5 out of their present timeline Frustrated with a lack of leads in finding the research vessel s whereabouts and with their relationship eroding under the weight of guilt and blame, Chelsea and Trevor with the TAO team embark on a mission to the future where the two are forced into solving a puzzle which connects them telepathically.Angry, impulsive and rash Chelsea struggles to regain her equilibrium, hating her connection to Trevor and runs from the problem to a bar in Phoenix where events unfold that have her joining the TruGates, a paramilitary group whose General knows about the Atlantean Lemurian war and the disappearance of the SeaSatellite 5 than he s ready to divulge and into a too perfect relationship with Sergeant Josh Turner In this story lies, secrets, betrayals and guilt continue to plague Chelsea and Trevor in the hunt for the research station while alliances shift the they learn about a war.Jessica Gunn builds intensity and suspense with twists that have old enemies returning, dangerous new allies, and deception emerging on all fronts of a war that grows mysterious with every clue they unravel to the Link Pieces and the whereabouts of the Navy s research vessel Intriguing with hints about Chelsea s past, manufactured Link Pieces, experimentation in a TruGate laboratory and the after effect of a plague that threatens Trevor s health and sanity, tension sparks as the action escalates in a plot that moves quickly and smoothly to an explosive and heart wrenching ending.Well developed with a storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end, Jessica Gunn also builds emotional intensity with the breakdown of Chelsea and Trevor s relationship, her plunge into another affair and his unwitting betrayal Unable to get over her grief at the loss of SeaSatellite5 and constantly blaming Trevor without facing her own demons, Chelsea runs from her problems, tearing apart their relationship and falling into the arms of the enigmatic Josh Turner Blindsided and suffering from his loss Trevor follows Chelsea s destructive course of action, making a drunken mistake that could forever cost him her love and friendship Chelsea and Trevor s relationship vibrates with an emotional intensity that leaves the reader wondering if they ll ever get back together or be friends again.There are new faces as well as familiar ones personalities that have flaws and faults that continue to be complex and add a new dimension to the story Super soldier Chelsea continues to be impulsive and self destructive burying her problems in alcohol and her sense of invulnerability or running from her demons Although strong in power, she tends to be an emotional wreck, hurting others until she can master her fears and guilt Trevor still seems very young and insecure wallowing in a life that he feels has no purpose and a love he s lost Yet as the story progresses he begins to develop a backbone, overcoming his inhibitions and determined to find answers in his past Spirited and resourceful Valerie as well as tough, duty oriented Weyland, the security officer from SeaSatellitet5 appear again, each harbouring their own surprises Sergeant Josh Turner TruGates explosives expert who s haunted by guilt in his past is Chelsea s new love Unemotional when faced with her secrets and overly supportive he seems too perfect to be true Landlocked continues a series that gets better with each new book With an intoxicating plot line and fascinating characters, I can t wait to see where the mystery of SeaSatellite5 and the war will lead, and if Chelsea and Trevor can repair their broken relationship.

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    I can t tell you how much I ve fallen in love with these characters and this world I m totally invested in this series and can t wait to see what happens next In Land Locked, the second full length installment in Jessica Gunn s Atlas Link series, we find Chelsea and Trevor at odds and see their lives taking different paths Both are still investigating the disappearance of the missing crew of SeaSatellite5, and I found both storylines interesting and involving Sometimes with this method of telling a tale, it can get annoying if one of the narratives is lacking, but in this case, it works really well and both are excellent I also find her portrayal of their relationship to be extremely realistic and believable Their ups and downs and the psychological issues they re facing, play out very realistically I think that s what makes this series so compelling and enjoyable I just love when I come across a good scifi drama that s so well done You don t often find an author like this that just gets everything right I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

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    i received a free ebook from thr author for an honest review as much as i dislike science fiction, i had fun with this instalment it finally moved further from science and focus on the special abilities of the characters, which made the book so much interesting and captivating i didn t like the part where Chelsea picked a new boyfriend, but it was so satisfying when it all went downhill for her finally something to put her in place i can t wait for the next instalment, where hopefully, she would return being with Trevor instead.

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    so this one wasnt as good as 1.5. but not slow as book 1 so i enjoyed it lol. it had a lot of emotions and issues it wasnt as slow as the first so it moved a bit . but it wasnt as fast as 1.5 which was sad haha. i still felt like we were missing some pieces in some spots. but overall inm glad i got to review it and am curious to see what happens next in this series

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    Wow This series has got me saying WOW Loved it.

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    Land Locked is the sequel to Gyre, reviewed previously In that review, I mentioned some pacing issues, and that things would be slow, then suddenly shift into hyperdrive, causing a bit of confusion.Land Locked starts out with a remedy to that it is fairly sedate for about a third of the book, then things start happening Literally My Kindle listed me at 33% when it picked up some interesting story aspects.Not to say the first third isn t interesting, it just feels like it is looking about, trying to find where it needs to head As before, we have a lot of branches shown, and seemingly discarded While that is, I think, somewhat realistic, it is also for me, at least a difficult read I see a branch, it looks good, and then we are off in a different direction As we all know, the imagined is often better, being our own custom reality, than the written and that is in evidence here.We start two years later, with Trevor and Chelsea still working with the Waterstar Map, looking for lost Link Pieces, and an advantage in the Atlantean Lemurian war And the missing SeaSat5 And where their potential relationship went With much moping about, and a bit of exposition, we shamble through the first bits.But then, things pick way up It begins with a mission that is forward in time, not backwards And that s it Honestly, the book becomes a long list of spoilers after this From characters reappearing from Gyre, to new powers which double as bad things , a psycho or two, hidden messages, new enemies, a different view of the war, and all the stuff I liked from Gyre itself The second two thirds is totally the payoff for the slow beginning It took me weeks and I read like three other books in the process to get through the first third, and a matter of a few days to finish it s that different a pace.Land Locked is far focused on relationships than Gyre, which does change the tone of the book That change can throw some readers, and did throw me But if you continue, the payoff is there Be patient, it will appear, and while not losing focus on the relationship piece, there is happening to drive the book forward I looked at it like so if The Empire Strikes Back was book two of the Star Wars novel series no movies what kind of reaction would it receive on first read Action opener, then is just fall off a cliff scores of pages about fixing a hyperdrive Chapters of running in the swamps Snore.This may be the ESB of this series don t stop just because it feels slow to start, it gets really good Promise.