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As The World Goes About Its Daily Business, Criminals And Cops Engage In A Deadly Battle Of Wits This Book Delves Into The Crimes That Police Have To Deal With Day After Day Murderers, Hitmen, Kidnappers, And Drug Dealers All Feature In This Collection Of True Crime Stories Take The Drug Dealer Who Walked Out Of A Restaurant Bragging That He S Killed A Man Unaware That His Fellow Diner Was An Undercover Policeman Or The Young Mother, Whose Death Was Written Off As Suicide, But Which Subsequent Investigation Proved To Be Something Much Sinister

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    The first in a series on Australian true crime14 September 2013 I picked up this book from the former Borders store in Adelaide after reading the authors other book on the Melbourne Gangland Killings Leadbelly and I wanted to see what their other true crime writings were like This is the first in a series of books though I can t remember how many off hand that deal specifically with Australian crime The one particular story that I can remember from this book is about the life of small town police officer, which was quite interesting, though I will get onto that a little bit later First of all I would like to talk about crime in Australia Now, don t get me wrong, Australia is actually quite a good and safe place to live While I have had connections in my wilder days with street crime, and while we do hear quite a bit about it on the news, in reality Australia is a reasonably quiet place to live It is a country that abides by the rule of law and has a reasonably efficient police force While corruption is not absent and if we watch some of the Underbelly TV series we will learn about the dark side of Australian policing in general the country is quite sound Australia is not a place where things are done through bribery and corruption A friend of mine from Kenya once told me that it is expected that people bribe police officers, and the police will actually go out of their way to entice people to bribe them However, one of the things that I have noticed about Australia is that it can be a violent place In a way it was quite similar to England in that there is alcohol fuelled violence than elsewhere When I was wondering around the European Continent, it seemed that one had to watch out mostly for pickpockets and scammers, something which is not all that evident in Australia While I am sure pickpockets do exist here, I have never really seen much in the way of warnings against them In a way, the difference is that in Europe people will subtly separate you from your wealth, while in Australia, if you are unfortunate enough, you will be forcefully separated from your wealth through either a mugging or a break and enter So, in a way, Australia does tend to be a somewhat violent place than elsewhere However, despite that, we still have strong gun laws, and people do not walk the streets brandishing AK 47s As for the story about the country police officer, I found that very interesting In a way the police in Australia seem to perform a public service role They are present and you do see them, and it is unfortunate that we tend not to show them the respect that they deserve As with what I discovered with the Metropolitan Police in London, they are quite friendly, approachable, and helpful While this may be the case in the city, it becomes so in the country As the authors indicate, the country police officer tends to fill a much larger community service role What is important with the country police officer is their ability to build relationships with the town s people In a way they not only act as a police officer, but also as a councillor, problem solver, mediator, and even a source of information However it can be a very lonely and thankless job Australia is a very sparse continent where there are great distances between some of the towns While the Eastern Seaboard is reasonably densely populated, it becomes much less so the further to the west you head While in some of the larger towns there will be a fully staffed police station and even a court, in some of the outer towns that simply does not exist All you have is the police officer, and his family if you are lucky This particular story had a lot to do with a suicide of a country police officer, though I cannot remember much of what it was about The police in the country though are actually looked after quite well I have seen the schedule of pay for police officers, and it is actually quite generous, much so that what you get from Hollywood movies Not only that, but police who go to the country are also given extra bonuses and incentives, one of them being the government paying for their pay TV That is really impressive However, I sometimes wonder how true the idea about the US system of compensating police officer s, though I also have noticed that their system of democracy actually extends to electing a sheriff This does not happen in Australia, and in a way I do think it is a good thing.

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    Unlike the various television shows of the same name which are all adaptations of the stories in these books , the Underbelly series is an in depth, no holds barred look into the criminal underworld of Victoria by two highly respected and experienced crime jounalists.There are over a dozen books in the series and each one deals with a range of criminal matters In the true investigative style of both authors, the facts of the stories are related without any unnecessary embellishment While there is some humour in some of the stories of bungling criminals and their even botched crimes, this is a series which does not glamorise gangsters and their deeds.This is true crime affecting real people and reported and written about in real terms.John Silvester is a journalist with over 30 years experience, and is the chief crime reporter for The Age newspaper He also often appears on radio as Sly of the Underworld , commenting on crimes and criminals around Victoria.Andrew Rule is also a journalist with over 30 years experience, and has many other books to his name as both author and editor.

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    SO much better than the tv series I read this books in high school and once you start one you end up chowing through the whole series wanting There is lots of different stories, many very sad, some funny though and unlike the tv they re not all about gangsters and it is not glamourised.

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    I liked this one I initially thought it was related to the TV series of the same name but it s a collection of stories of Australian crimes.it s surprising just how corrupt the Aussie Police are too