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GOLD WINNER, INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER BOOK AWARDS IPPYS For EUROPE BEST REGIONAL FICTIONTwo Conjoined Babies Are Born At The Crossroads Of Two Social Worldviews Girls Are Named Faith And Hope After Spending Their Childhood In A Foster Home And Obtaining Primary Education, They Understand That They Are Different From Other People In Many Respects The Problems Of Their Growing Up Are Exacerbated With Permanent Humiliations From Society Finally, Fortune Favors Them, Slightly Opening A Door To Happiness Separation Surgery That Theoretically Can Be Performed In The Capital And Sisters Start Their Way, Full Of Difficulties And Obstacles Will They Be Able To Overcome A Wall Of Public Cynicism Together With Internal Conflicts Among Themselves Will They Find A Justification For Their Existence And Accept It Searching For The Answers To These And Many Other Questions Constitutes The Essence Of This Novel One Two Is A Psychological Drama, The Main Events Of Which Unfold In S And S The Novel Is A Speculation About How Difficult It Is To Be A Human And How Important It Is To Stay Human Until The End It Is A Message Full Of Empathy And Kindness Addressed To All People I Believe The Right Time Has Come I Hope This Book Is For You

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    Inside One TwoAt first, my work on this book was an ordinary hobby, then it developed into a mania and, finally, I found such abundance of opportunities for out of body experiences in this activity that it entirely absorbed all my private interests Thus, an ordinary piece of paper, a set of symbols on a computer screen gradually turned into a tiresome burden, an unpaid debt to society However, as it always happens in fairy tales and rarely in life, everything was solved in the best way hardly had I fastened the end to the real end of the story, I calmed down and fell asleep for the first time And now I know precisely, whatever destiny comprehends my creation my life is being lived for a reason This book is not a part of me any it has safely separated from the creator, and leads its own independent life One Two book I presented for your strict reader s judgment is not a speculation about how difficult it is to be a human and how important it is to stay human until the end It is the result of the strongest shocks, not only external, having taken place in the past, but also internal, sometimes hidden under the surface of our skin, and then buried deep within our memory It is a message full of empathy and kindness addressed to all people I believe the right time has come I hope this book is for you.

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    I really enjoyed One Two It has a unique story telling voice, one peppered with Soviet facts like bread crumbs and thoughtful reflections Like cracks in the mirror, I often pictured Hope and Faith as being beautiful, but worn out before their time The story moves us through the girls childhood in a foster institution to the nest of a rather wonderful blind lady to the streets of Moscow in a freak show scenario mostly devoid of any optimism for the most part But there are moments of light, too The ending is a tug on the heart and I was left reflecting on the life of disabled people while trying not to feel like the casual observers in the tunnel This is great story telling and literature in every sense of the word.

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    ONE TWO by Igor Eliseev is a novel written by a young Russian author in the manner of Dostoevsky dark and riveting The author uses two POV s in his writing The first person is used when he describes his traumatic childhood, and the second person is used when he talks to his other half This is a technique that creates increasing tension, as the author foreshadows something dark throughout the book The author switches POV s so consistently that he does not take away from the reader s focus, but instead, creates a frightening foreboding.This book is brilliantly written, although at times, it begs for relief from the agony of those marginalized in society Eliseev raises Dostoevsky s lingering question in a unique manner What is the value of life for those who cannot live within society Eliseev goes one step further and asks what the suffering of humans brings out in other human beings and why He answers the question in his book s resolution the last desperate act for a human misfit to achieve a life so many take for granted No reader will be untouched by this book It dares readers to search their own humanity in the world of dark shadows and hidden pain.

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    One Two is the tale of conjoined twin sisters Faith and Hope and tells of their struggle for survival and acceptance in a cold and detached world I have to say this is such a beautifully crafted book The language is so fluid and poetic, and some of the phraseology is simply magical.Eliseev paints an incredible picture which is depressing and uplifting, sad and joyous, and above all is full of faith and hope at all times The array of characters and their interactions is so interesting, as is their struggle for life in Soviet and post Soviet Russia The reader can really sense the grim reality of life for a disabled individual s in the institutions of Russia of that time All the way through there is a dreadful sense of impending doom and death drawing ever nearer but will who will be liberated A thoroughly enjoyable read and a book I think will become a huge hit.

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    This book is a masterpiece and I have to say this, the author is a genius indeed It is a dark, deep, literary drama about conjoined twin sisters, Faith and Hope The narration is smooth, sophisticated and touching Faith is narrating their story of gut wrenching hardships, for their only sin was to be born different, to her sister, Hope Their only dream was to be separated surgically someday and during their journey, they constantly hope for the best and never lose faith in humanity despite going through many adversities When I finished the book, I was literally applauding the author in my head The ending was totally unexpected and very poignant This book is a thought provoking and insightful read one of its kind Faith and Hope not only take the reader through a dark tunnel of reality, but also show that there is light at the end of the tunnel with their strong will At a point, while I was reading the book, I felt how inhumane the world was during the 80 s and these twins show you what it is to be human I definitely recommend this book, it s a must read.

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    When I finished reading One Two I had to catch up my breath after this unbelievable psychological drama where the misery had no end Probably Igor, the author, metaphorically chose to write about the conjoint twins Faith and Hope as an inseparable assets of our life The diversity of the characters reflected the harsh reality that can not be swallowed and yet inspirational What I like the most it was the unpredictable narration, no happy ending, no tragic ending, just a smooth tangibility.The author squeezed his mind for a long time to describe the part of human nature that can not be described, and he did a marvelous job by finding the right words.Please honor yourself by picking up this book, because I am glad I did.

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    You are the other side of me.Although this book looks a little bit naive, is a very good and interesting one The setting is gloomy beyond reality The author creates a world in which the reader can smell the callosity, poverty, indifference, desperation of alcoholics, and those who have no idea what being human means, and at the same time, assimilates the novel of sensibility s characteristic optimism, repeatedly highlighting the concepts of faith, hope, and love in the direct and indirect sense of these words.Nevertheless, one must be prepared to deal with the consequences of this reading That ll change your view of the world forever 4.5 stars out of 5.

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    Originally posted here Indeed for me, the right time did come when I read this book Now, seeing as to how this is my second review I m no longer a virgin in this regard , I had trouble when it came to writing this There were too many quotes which I absolutely loved so I ll string some along in the review before I get to the last portion and it was pretty hard to decide where to start But here goesLet s start at the beginning One Two is set in the 1980s and 1990s of Russia, in the Soviet Union era and particularly during the Perestroika period From the onset, this reminded me of my History lessons as a teenager, wistfully remembering how Mikhail Gorbachev in the Cold War wished to restructure the meaning of Perestroika the Soviet political and economic system within the Communist Party Perestroika was one of the causes for the dissolution of the USSR A memorable quote from One Two author, Igor Eliseev, which showcases this time period within the story, is People are strange and incomprehensible Once they are forbidden from doing something, they revolt, grow loud and unrestricted in their hate Faith and Hope are conjoined twins with Faith being the narrator as she speaks to her twin, Hope I found this particularly refreshing as to how intriguing the story played out Faith and Hope are the main protagonists and they come to meet a host of friendly and at times not so friendly characters along the way The main antagonists in my humble opinion as a reader, are the emotions of despair, alcoholism, and the dire physical and emotional abuse treated towards them by all and sundry, in their heartbreaking journey where they wish to some day become surgically separated Don t get me wrong however this is a genius novel, a psychological literary drama that shall pull at all your heartstrings But don t let that detract you from enjoying it as there are beautiful moments within, all the way to such a realistic ending, I actually felt like clapping my hands at the end of it and raising a glass of kosher whiskey.From the beginning, Faith seems to me the weaker of the twins, finding strength in Hope until the closing parts of the story, where Faith has grown to be the stronger At the start of the novel, the young girls face a trying time at the foster home One of my memorable quotes there was The principal gave us a sharp look that immediately accused us of all our past wrong doings and of our future ones, too, including, first and foremost, the fact that we had the audacity to be born This to me set the tone of the book and the hardships that Faith and Hope shall endure in their life, and that they only have each other to rely on.The girls are all but children, but the way Faith approaches life, at times sardonically dark with a poetic sense of humour mixed in, gives one the feeling that she is wise beyond her years, and not in a way that children should be Hardened to life and accepting her fate in it, another memorable quote that Igor Eliseev, the fantastic author of One Two, displays is It sometimes feels like you and I are at the movie theater, sitting next to each other and watching the same movie People say something, argue incessantly, even fight, but it is all somewhere else, somewhere far away, on the other side of the screen, and we are just passive onlookers unable to affect the course of events I shall be honest in this review, as I always am There are some truly depressing parts in the story where you feel so terrible for what Faith and Hope have to endure as they take you on their pursuit of surgically separated happiness, that you actually feel a pain, wondering how monstrous humans are capable of being But through it all, their strength to survive, their strength to keep on moving, is both beautiful and poignant As an example of their depths of despair, when the conjoined twins suffered one of their first major setbacks, Faith asked of Hope Hope, tell me how it is possible that grief and happiness are scattered all over the world so unevenly Why do some people get all the troubles and misfortunes while others are intoxicated with an abundance of material belongings, fat bellies and money Why is there such injustice Or, maybe, we are mistaken that it s unfair And another philosophical quote which displays Faith s view of the world, through her young eyes, People have no limits either in love or in hatred But is it their fault They despise us because they are afraid, for we remind them that getting crippled or sick might happen to anyone or, perhaps, the true reason for their hatred lies much deeper inside, stemming from a hidden ugliness in their souls In overall, I enjoyed this literary masterpiece by a Russian author Igor Eliseev writing in English One Two is a tragic drama which though slow moving, is entrancing with its prose and deep insights More than once, uncountable really, it made me think of life and how I treat others less fortunate than myself not that I was a bad person to begin with before you go there I do believe that reading this book once is definitely not enough, and I see myself reading it a few times in my lifetime Thank you, Igor Eliseev, in giving the world this amazing and extraordinary tale Would I recommend it A billion times over Would I read it again Over and over Would I recommend it to Lucy I already did A few times actually That s why I ve given One Two by Igor Eliseev a 5 5 rating Now, do yourself a favour and go out there and grab yourselves a copy My Favourite Lines She spoke of our ugliness as though it was a normal, everyday occurrence, without any restriction on her choice of words OUCH Imagine someone speaking of your physical appearance in such a manner Not only that, but a full adult speaking to children Heartbreaking You usually lose your dearest people long before their deaths Such a philosophical quote and definitely one of my favourites Not just in this story, but one generally for life She spoke calmly, but her eyes flared with rage, looking even beautiful than usual For several moments, we were captivated by this look wondering how a perfectly evil spirit and beauty can combine in one person, harmonically supplementing the other THIS right here is why I love literary fiction So much is said in so little words when describing one person Excellent but the hardest thing is to face the choice between the unwillingness to live and the inability to die My oh my Didn t I tell you Igor Eliseev is a genius Sit down right now, if you aren t already doing so, and read that again I looked down, hoping for a quick death but not wishing to die The desperation in this sentenceread the book and you ll understand why this quote is among my favourites However, I don t claim to be an angel speaking the undeniable truth these are just the ordinary thoughts of unordinary people among ordinary people I loved the way whilst reading this particularly part, I had to reread it a few times just to have it sink in I know you did too I lay motionless, feeling neither pain, nor fear, most probably the fear of pain Another memorable quote where you simply have to read the book to understand it fully Beautiful writing no matter how you look at it Life has its end, but death is limitless We live for a short while and die for ever Sad but poetically perfect What is so special about an extraordinary person An extraordinary person helps to understand that every person is extraordinary This to me sums up the book at the end Faith and Hope are extraordinary people and this brings light to the world Everyone should be treated as extraordinary.

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    There something about Russian literature that just enchants me and after just a few pages I knew One Two wouldn t disappoint Igor Eliseev s writing is packed with both beauty and sadness, taking you on an emotional journey that lingers long in the memory The book chronicles the hardships of conjoined twins, named Hope and Faith, growing up in Moscow at the time of Perestroika From the dark days of their schooling under the rule of a beautiful tyrant nicknamed Adoter to an adult life spent drunk in dark tunnels begging for money, it s hard to see how Faith and Hope can endure They exist amidst a backdrop of violence, hurt, deformity and uncertainty, mirroring Russia at a time when crooks and charlatans carved up the county following the collapse of communism There are occasional rays of light in their bleak existence but they are only fleeting as the twins seek a sense of love and belonging after so many years of abandonment When they are finally reunited with the woman who cut the maternal cord and began this sad process, the twins believe their life is about to change for the better But their mother merely becomes the latest to inflict emotional and physical abuse on the twins and they end up feeling even lonelier At several points in the novel, other characters tell Faith and Hope they should feel blessed for their deformity because they will never truly be alone Yet the true sadness in the book stems from the collapse of their own relationship, with Faith and Hope growing to despise each other than anything else as they face up to the hopelessness of their situation.This is a story told with great skill and love That it s narrated by just one of the twins adds an extra dimension to the novel as we essentially only hear one side of the story Although she paints a vivid picture of her sister, who emerges as the stronger and stoical sibling, we are left to wonder how accurate this portrayal is, especially as their relationship begins to sour Faith and Hope are remarkable heroines and you really identify with them but what I enjoyed most about the book was the characters who flit in and out of their life This provides One Two with the humour and colour that makes it so enjoyable to read My only minor gripe is the author s habit of adding explanations in brackets for Russian references that he feels the reader may not understand This started to annoy me a little as it broke the flow of the story and the explanations were often far too long winded He would have been far better served with footnotes for these points and some didn t even need explaining at all as you could understand from the context what was inferred But don t let that put you off a remarkable and unique book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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    Faith and Hope were born conjoined Unable to cope, their mother signed them away to an institution where they became objects of endless studies They were eventually transferred to a boarding school Those were happy days for them Never apart, always joined, Faith sometimes imagined what it would be like to be alone and free One day they were driven to an orphanage, a rambling multi story mansion filled with crippled children and teenagers In their dormitory, the others made fun of them, but were also curious, never having seen conjoined twins before It was a miserable time for them After discovering the library, they spent much of their free time there as an escape and a window into the world outside They learned that it was possible to have their bodies separated, but the school principal refused to endorse their application, promising that they would stay in the orphanage forever.They ran away and managed to get to a large city, which they found daunting, seeing thousands of people milling about They spent their first night there at a stinking hovel The next day, they walked to the nearest hospital But without clinical records and a passport, nobody would see them They walked to many hospitals until one doctor saw them They told him they want to be separated and the doctor told them it was not possible they shared too many organs Dejected, all hope lost, unable to find shelter, they walked around all night to keep warm They finally found a derelict house where they rested They had no money or food, and when they tried begging, everyone avoided them because they were joined After two months, half starved and winter was approaching, a revolting man employed them as beggars in exchange for shelter and food Life could not get any worse for them, but at least they had something.They discussed the possibility of finding their real mother, and after searching the local phone directory, they found several addresses that had their old surname After six tries, they found her, but after the initial warm reception, their mother turned into a shrew, declaring that she hated them and they only appeared now to cheat her out of her apartment After a few days, they decided to return to their abandoned house and begging Summer came, and with it, a new man who took everything from the beggars he supervised He found them new and comfortable housing and provided free food in exchange for all the money they managed to collect Their old life became a blurred memory, and the only thing they knew was begging, survival and slinking around the city, their dream of being separated forgotten After a while, Faith got sick of this life and Hope wanted to kill herself They were stuck at the bottom of the social ladder and resorted to drinking in order to forget the hopelessness of their existence Being bound always, never apart, they started hating each other, but the fates did eventually extend them a helping hand One Two is a complex, superbly written story told by Faith, dragging the reader through the bottom rungs of life in the old Soviet Union It is a raw, unvarnished journey into the worst elements of social bigotry, rejection, and loss of hope that some will hesitate to take or complete, but it is one worth persevering with, although sobering It takes courage to keep open the window into such a harsh world, and I must admit that I was tempted to close it than once One Two is a story that slowly captivates, and once hooked, difficult to abandon, leaving the reader wondering if it is possible to sink any lower, marveling at the tenacity to cling to life regardless how hopeless, devoid of a future or redemption, the only thing keeping Faith and Hope going was merely to live through the day.Igor Eliseev has a deceptive and seemingly simple writing style not usually used for such works that nevertheless manages to weave an intricate tapestry of narrative and engaging dialogue with skill that makes it a pleasure to read His portrayal of Faith and Hope is vivid and stark without descending into the darkness of morbid minds What the twins endure to survive provides a sufficiently unadulterated picture for readers to fill in the unsavory details Although the fates does throw them a lifeline, it came at a terrible price The book is or less all about Faith and how she perceives the world I would have liked to see some insight into Hope, her likes, fears and desires, but this small deficiency does not diminish the value of this work Readers will find this book disturbing, leaving them thoughtful at the realization that there are many versions of existence out there, and most of it is not very comfortable.