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A Rita Nominee For Best Mid Length Contemporary Romance Of The Year Luke Powers Has A Stellar Career, A Loaded Bank Account, And The Perfect Girlfriend Or So He Thought Until She Gives Him A Marriage Ultimatum Unfortunately, He S Just Not The Marrying Kind After Working Six Months Non Stop, All He Wants Now Is A Few Weeks Of RR In The Beach House His Late Grandfather Left Him In His Hometown Of Whispering Bay But When He Shows Up Late One Night, He Finds Something Unexpected A Naked Blonde In His BedSarah Jamison Is The Antithesis Of Perfect She S A College Dropout, A Bit Of A Slob, And Annoyingly Opinionated But She Also Makes The Best Macaroni And Cheese Luke Has Ever Tasted A Roommate Wasn T In Luke S Summer Plans, But She S Here, So She And Her Macaroni Might As Well StaySarah Is In Whispering Bay Long Enough To Help Out A Friend, Then She S Off To Greener Pastures Spending A Few Weeks With The Attractive, But Acerbic Luke, Won T Be Any Skin Off Her Nose Except, The Two Of Them Have In Common Than She Originally Thought, And Those Blue Eyes Of His Have A Way Of Making Her Panties Melt As Things Between Them Begin To Heat Up, Sarah And Luke Have To Admit, They Ve Definitely Fallen In Lust With One Another But In Love No Way

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    Luke Powers finally returns home to Whispering Bay only to find that his sister and mother have rented out his house to a beautiful newcomer to town Granted he hasn t been home in a while but really Not his typical way of meeting women but this one is intriguing Sarah Jamison has the daylights scared out of her when Luke shows up in her bedroom doorway She s only in town for a short time so renting this house for the summer worked out perfectly until the real owner shows out With no where else to go these two decide to share the house That shouldn t be a problem right Don t miss this fun sexy read as these two wunderlust people discover the love of family, roots, and community as well as a grand love for each other Definitely a book I recommend.

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    Luke and his girlfriend of 3 years breaks up because she wants to take the relationship further and Luke does not want to get married He starts getting text messages from Torie telling him that she wants him at her wedding His ex wants him at the wedding.He decides to go home to Whispering Bay, but he doesn t want to tell his family yet He wants a few days to rest and relax and take in the news that his ex, is getting married and wants him to attend She wants to invite his Mom and Dad as well When he gets to the beach house he has to hide his truck so his Mom doesn t find out he is home yet But when he gets inside he finds things have been rearranged a little and a wet towel on the floor He finds a young lady sleeping in his bed When he wakes her up he finds his sister has rented his house out for the summer.The book is awesome and I think you will enjoy it as much as I did.

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    Welcome to Whispering Bay where the gossip is good and the romance is racy I enjoyed Luke and Sarah s story to the point of a belly ache I laughed so hard at this dynamic duo They were so wrong for each other that they were so right I loved the push and pull of these two, and visiting with old WB friends is always my favorite part I love Maria Geraci s writing, her style is so smooth You breeze through her stories with much merriment and before you know it it s over, leaving you longing for I have read every single one of her books and Maria is able to tell a story that sounds fresh and new every single time I don t know how she does it but I LOVE IT

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    Welcome to the town of Whispering Bay, where the weather is warm, the people are friendly and the love is overflowing Looking for a way to escape the rapid pace of life Take a break, sit a spell and watch your load become light Ms Geraci charms her way into the heart with her brand of hometown appeal This Can t Be Love proves that no matter how far we roam, we re never far from home Watching Sarah shake up Luke s world of privilege and stability had it s perks Light, bright and just right.

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    This Can t be Love reviewThere isn t anything to say about this book and author but that I love her writing style I don t want to read about characters that are my daughter s age any This one falls in between and keeps me feeling and thinking young Summer is the time for fun, HEA stories and this did not disappoint We get to meet the regularly absent Luke Powers in this book His sister has rented out his house since he hasn t been home in over a year But she had no idea that he would return late one night to find someone else renting his house for the summer Simple solution would be to make her move out and find another place to live But Sarah Jamison doesn t have the resources to do that even if there was a place in town to rent for the summer which there isn t She is only running The Bistro by the Beach caf for the summer while the owners are away in Europe Her life has been as nomadic as Luke s, working in one location for sometimes weeks or months but never than that He is a marine engineer and works wherever the jobs take him around the world.They couldn t be two opposite people She s up early and he sleeps late He has money that he will ever need and she lives paycheck to paycheck His washboard abs are a result of eating only healthy foods and she is a gourmet chef who has a few extra curves But they decide to try to share the house for the summer, not planning to get to know each other at all And then they kiss Just to know what it was like And nature took it from there.A heart warming love story that you will enjoy And it does have a HEA I received an ARC from the author for an honest and unbiased review.

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    Once again, Ms Geraci gives us a story filled not only with humor, and romance, but also with family dynamics, as well imperfect and wonderful characters that you will come to love.The author takes us back to Whispering Bay, a coastal town in Florida filled with charming residents that tend to get into each others business In this story our main characters are Sarah and Luke Luke, a successful and wealthy marine engineer, and considered the prodigal son, has decided to stay a few weeks in the house he inherited from his grandfather He needs the peace and quiet it will provide before going to see his family Upon his middle of the night arrival, he finds a naked goldilocks in his bed.Sarah is working the Summer in Whispering Bay and has leased the house from Mimi, Luke s sister, who has no idea he s going to be staying there for part of the Summer Thus starts the fun, when after a lot of discussions ,they agree to be roommates for the Summer.I love the way the author shows us the lives of people just like you and me With all the imperfections, insecurities, hopes, the curveballs we are thrown and how we deal with them Sarah and Luke will touch your hearts A story that will make you cry, laugh, cheer for everyone and leave you wanting to live in Whispering Bay Thank you , Ms Geraci, for another winner.I was gifted this copy The opinions expressed are solely my own.

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    I love visiting the seaside town of Whispering Bay, because it s a vacation destination that I could enjoy every summer because of the Mom Pop shops where the charming, eccentric and downright nosy residents like to hang out They re totally unapologetic about meddling in their neighbors lives and it causes all kinds of chaos that never fails to amuse and makes me laugh out loud After knowing these delightful characters through 5 previous books I know they re a friendly and supportive group that always come together to make their town a great place to live and that s what makes me love reading small town romance Favorite son and part time resident, Luke Powers arrives in the middle of the night shocked to find a naked blonde stranger sleeping in his bed Forced to tolerate each other Luke and Sarah are loners who have to learn to coexist which makes their relationship wonderfully engaging and so much fun to read My favorite thing about this series is the soothing sound of waves lapping at the shore that runs in a loop through my head while I m reading about life in this small southern town I read a complimentary copy of this book and all opinions expressed in my voluntary review are completely my own.

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    Whispering Bay is one of my all time favorite series so I was thrilled to see book 5, This Can t Be Love Maria Geraci has given us a hit with Luke and Sarah s story From the beginning to the very end, I thoroughly enjoyed every word of this novel It is easy to read with a well crafted plot.It was great getting caught up with the other residents and family in Whispering Bay, but it was Luke and Sarah that commanded my attention I liked them from the start, finding them endearing as the story progressed.Humorous and realistic to the point I think Maria Geraci must know some of my neighbors in my small landlocked town There is genuine help that small communities give with the nosiness that goes along with it Ms Geraci does such a great job illustrating that the term small towns doesn t mean small minded or simple people Her characters are multidimensional with strong integrity and plenty of smarts It was wonderful to be back in Whispering Bay with This Can t Be Love If you haven t read the previous books, this still reads well on its own Though be warned, you will want to read the others I highly recommend this book to romance readers everywhere.An ARC of the book was given to me by the publisher author.

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    This Can t Be Love is true romance Luke and Sarah are very loveable lead characters with lots of chemistry and resistance to the idea of love and marriage They both have their lives and dream careers all mapped out and don t think they have any room for serious relationships Luke has even distanced himself from his great if not manipulative mother and family and forgotten how fun and colorful the citizens of Whispering Bay can be If you have read any of the other books in the series, you will feel like you are coming home to visit the Bunco Babes and the Gray Flamingos along with the other great characters But each book stands alone too, so no worries You will love to follow Luke and Sarah as they struggle with seemingly impossible barriers to their budding romance, as well as manipulative ex girlfriends, parents in denial, and a strong physical attraction to each other I loved the idea of kissing each other just so they would know what it was like The same for one time sex Good luck with that I could not put the book down until I found out how it all worked out You will enjoy it too.

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    My favorite in the series I happen to be a big Maria Geraci fan and I ve read all of the Whispering Bay Series This is my favorite so far Mind you, after the first chapter or so I was afraid this was going to be one of those typical came home unexepectedly and found a stranger in my bed tropes But the characters are too interesting to fall into the typical pattern Both the h H are smart and engaging I ve never been fond of reviews that retell the plot, so I m including what I look for Are the characters intelligent and interesting or cringe worthy I would definetly like to meet these people in real life Does the author mistake sex scenes for plot and romance No Although there are some sex scenes in the book, this is definitely a romance And there is an enjoyable story line.Vocabulary The characters are capable of speaking and not just swearing If you enjoy an HEA pick up this book