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This was a beautiful read When Hendrickje comes to work for famed artist Rembrandt, her strong religious beliefs are shaken to discover he s having an affair with his housekeeper and has been since his wife died 5 years earlier Slowly she begins to fall for him and begins her own affair with him Beautifully written this looks at Rembrandt as a flawed man and the three women who loved him. I really enjoyed this book I do like reading about people from the past in fiction form At the back of the book it talks about each of the main people mentioned in the book This is a story about Rembrandt s wife and loves and some of his paintings He lived in the 1600, such a long time ago.This book is beautifully written so a really lovely and easy to read My copy Atlantic Books ISBN 9781782396772It s a Trade paper back with beautiful gold edging. Rembrandt s Mirror, set during the Dutch Golden Age, brings artist Rembrandt into the limelight The book takes place during the painter s later years, plagued by a long series of personal and financial losses.The novel is anchored by the three women in in his life Firstly, the reader is introduced to his wife Saskia, who dies in 1642 and leaves Rembrandt paralysed by grief Secondly, Geertje, his housekeeper and lover And finally, we are introduced to Hendrickje, a young maid who becomes his last great love and muse.Rembrandt and Hendrickje s love affair is a gradual start, with Hendrickje internalising a lot of her doubts to the reader The author has deliberately focused on the women in the book so as to not give away much of what Rembrandt feels or thinks He remains a mystery throughout the whole book, seen through the eyes of others.There is a sense of voyeurism in this novel Even before Hendrickje and Rembrandt begin their relationship, she watches him and observes his affair with Geertje Their affair is rough and not based on love Geertje and Rembrandt meet every night in his room and Hendrickje follows and watches, surprised by their sexual relations outside of marriage and surprised by the almost animalistic nature of their night time rendezvous.Hendrickje grows intrigued by their affair, and through that, the reader first starts to understand her as a character She s naive and young, but she s also extremely observant and intelligent This book is set in a time where women were either a wife, a widow, a virgin, or they were a whore, and Hendrickje s budding relationship with Rembrandt s is a catalyst for her sexual awakening She lusts after him, but is also mortified by the prospect of being with a man that she is not married to.Although Rembrandt s Mirror felt a little dry at times with slow pacing, it was a well written character driven novel set during a time period that I hadn t read much about before Each chapter is named after a painting and the stylistic prose of the book is both visual and artistic.Kim Devereux was able to take a historical figure known to many, and allow readers to better understand who he could ve been She still allows a lot of mystery surrounding Rembrandt, but I think the whole point is that not a lot of people really knew who he was and what he thought This is a rich, insightful fiction novel that I d recommend to others.http jessjustreads.com Rembrandt surrounded himself with inspirational works of art but his personal life was anything but beautiful The novel delves into the periods of grief that he endured, his financial woes plus the difficult relationships he established with his live in maids For a novel intended to reflect on the master behind beautiful and much loved portraits and etchings, this novel seemed a little drab. Knjiga koja e se dopasti svim ljubiteljima kako Rembranta, tako u umetnosti uop te Veoma deskriptivna, nabijena jakim emocijama Zaista sam u ivala u ovoj knjizi Jedini razlog to joj nisam dala 5 je to to je mo da previ e dramati na za moj ukus i prepuna patnji koje su veoma slikovito opisane. It was a quick read, and I learned a bit about the painters style However, I did not like the rush through the main character s life after she finally gets with Rembrandt I wanted of their young life and not the pain of death repeated, though it did make me feel sad so it isn t the fault of the writing A little gratuitous at times as well, and at random. OK A good imagining of Rembrandts possible motives for his treatment of Geertje And fascinating descriptions of seeing the unseen painting the inside and not just the outside, bringing a character to life on canvas But the book did little to make Rembrandt, the man, likeable. Hendrikje, Mlada I Ivahna Devojka, Odlazi Iz Svog Doma U Velelepni Amsterdam Kako Bi Na La Posao Sti E Do Radionice Velikog Umetnika Rembranta, Pet Godina Nakon Smrti Njegove Ene, Doga Aja Koji On Jo Nije Prihvatio I Koji Ga I Dalje Proganja Hendrikje E Se Na I U Ku I Punoj Tajni I Ubrzo Otkriti Strastvenu Romansu Izme U Rembranta I Njegove Ku Epaziteljke Gertje Kao Skromna Devojka Iz Pobo Ne Porodice, Hendrikje Je Okirana Pohotno U Njihove Veze, Ali Polako I Ona Po Inje Da Ose A Privla Nost Prema Genijalnom Slikaru Vu E Je Sve Ina Njegovog Pogleda Na Svet I Posebna Vrsta Slobode Koju Poseduje Rembrant Je Tajanstven Ovek, Umetnik Udnih Strasti I Okrutnosti Ro Ene Iz Potrebe Da Svoju Umetnost Stavlja Na Prvo Mesto, A Veza Sa Njim Mogla Bi Da Joj Donese Opasnost Ili Pravu Ljubav Ta Zna I Biti Ljudsko Bi E, Iveti, Voleti I Umreti Velika Su To Pitanja, Nalik Na Blistave Dragulje Na Dnu Mra Nog Jezera Kim Devereux is a credit to her teachers at Edinburgh University and Bath Spa She uses words to paint a canvas portraying the light and shadows of life much in the same way as Rembrandt did with paint The prose managed to touched my heart and soul with its intensity and intimacy. Kim Devereux tells the story of the love affair between Rembrandt and Hendrickje Stoffels, the young woman who enters his life as a house maid but becomes his lover and inspiration.Hendrickje is forced to leave her home and move to Amsterdam to find work where she becomes a maid in the house of Rembrandt, the famous painter, working with Geertje, his housekeeper and carer for Titus his son.Hendrickje slowly becomes aware of the sexual relationship between Rembrandt and Geertje but also sees that the relationship is a difficult one, with Rembrandt resenting the demands that Geertje makes Gradually,as Hendrickje learns about Rembrandt, his art and his past life, she begins to have feelings for the artist and he obviously has feelings for her The novel charts their relationship as Rembrandt rids himself of Geeertje and her influence and becomes Hendrickje s lover They can not marry because of complications arising from the will of his first wife, Saskia.The novel shows real insight into Rembrandt and his work Devereux places several of his major paintings into the context of the novel but at times the in depth descriptions of the emotional world of the lovers seems over written and excessive but that is maybe just me Hendrickje s death at the end of the novel, followed by the exploration of one of Rembrandt s great paintings the so called Jewish Bride is a fine ending to the novel We see Rembrandt still painting but deeply affected by the loss of his love.