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I m typically very forgiving of genre fiction s downfalls I kind of feel like I know I m there for plot driven brain candy, and anything than mediocre writing is a treat This one though This one sold me something that it did not deliver I was told over and over that this was a brilliant female character, but, aside from one self deprecating diversionary poop joke, I don t think she did one clever thing in the whole dang book The plot was completely male driven and the young, beautiful, Victoria s Secret wearing gamer, VIRGIN lead female was laughably contrived. Typical Tiffany Snow book If you enjoyed any of her other series, you re very likely to enjoy this Love triangle, suspense, quirky characters, humor I ve listened to or less all her books, so to be honest, this is becoming a tad formulaic, but I still enjoyed it I can t focus on anything too heavy at the moment, so these romantic suspense audiobooks are getting me through the day night at present No cliffhanger, but there will be a sequel. Brilliant, Quirky Twenty Three Year Old China Mack Is Totally Satisfied With Her Carefully Ordered, Data Driven Life A Computer Prodigy Who Landed A Coveted Programming Job At The Cutting Edge Tech Company Cysnet Before Even Graduating From MIT, China Is Happiest When Following Her Routine Shower Before Coffee, Pizza Only On Mondays, Bedtime At Ten Thirty SharpBut Then Things Start To Get A Little UnpredictableFirst Jackson Cooper Cysnet S Rich, Gorgeous, Genius CEO Assigns China To A Dangerous And Highly Classified Project For A Government Defense Contractor Her Sixteen Year Old Runaway Niece Suddenly Arrives In Town, Begging To Move In With China And Then There S Her Sexy But Oddly Unsettling New Neighbor, Clark Quickly The Cysnet Assignment Becomes Disconcerting And Then Downright Scary As Key Staffers Turn Up Dead China Suspects She S Being Followed And Isn T Sure Whom She Can Trust For The First Time Ever, She Ll Have To Follow Her Instincts, Rather Than Logic, If She S Going To Survive Follow Me by Tiffany Snow LIVEEEEE 5 Techy Coding Stars First things first, this is NOT a cliffy Follow Me is a complete story with a conclusion.Current Tiffany Snow fans know three things she writes the hell out of angsty love sometimes of the triangular variety , her characters are so well developed readers miss them after they finish the book, and her stories are heavily plot driven Tiffany delivered in Follow Me and I was than pleased with this book as is Tiffany Snow s characters are so real, she has a talent to make the reader feel like they are part of the story, that the characters are their best friends This is very important to me as a reader and quite frankly if this occurs i m pretty sold on the story China, Jackson, and Clark OH MY China is this awkward, embarrassingly adorable, cute, computer geek In a field of very few women , a young prodigy in the computer programming world She thinks her intelligence is what makes her socially inept and to some degree this is true Yes, she is very analytical however most of her social awkwardness is because she hasn t been around people, hasn t been experiencing life At just 23 she is a computer marvel with two undergraduate and one masters from M.I.T Her accomplishments came at a cost she never realized until now China lives her life to a stringent schedule, hates change, and well is basically a 90 year old in a 23 year old body I mean even her grandmother has variety going on She is so far removed she has no clue this all happened out of routine, from removing herself from society Once China starts to integrate with others, some like her some not, she flourishes She is a fast learner and we see her come to life page by page OH good lord, Jackson If you have a think for geekchic or nerdy men that dresses well, here you go The only difference between Jackson and China is he has already lived some life He is not only a leader in the business world of computers but he too is a coding nerdin really hot black shirts, pants, and Italian shoes My tummy fluttered when China s fluttered EEEEP Is he good Is he bad Is he genuine Though she s been working for Jackson for four years she always observed from afar, even her routine couldn t get in the way of noticing Jackson.Think of the most opposite man from Jackson and you have Clark China becomes confused after she meets Clark, he makes her feel and they connect on several levels How could this be He is the complete opposite of herself and of Jackson At first China chalks it up to opposites attract and such but there is a gravitational pull , a connection even she isn t fully aware of Can she trust her instinct And OH EM GEEE is he to die for.The story that ensues is intriguing and pulls in the reader from page one The hook is deployed and your thoroughly entertained At times I laughed, she is so adorably awkward At times I cringed, she is just painfully awkward The wheels in my head kept turning as I tried and tried to guess what was happening I did figure it out but not until right before it was revealed There were a couple times I was a bit confused though China is such a genius and is able to figure out so much but how did a couple obvious issues pass her right up Why did she trust Clark Honestly, it was easy for me to get over these issues China was placed in highly emotional and adrenaline charged situations without much time to think Enter the gravitational pull to Clark I love China s younger niece Mia, she along with Jackson and Clark brought color, excitement, and disarray well for China it was to her routine filled black and white life.If you haven t ever read this author before this is a great one to start with and if you like it seriously consider reading the Kathleen Turner series I knocked the series out in a week.If you have read Tiffany Snow before then Follow Me will not disappoint U.S U.K De Follow Me is the first book in Tiffany Snow s new Corrupted Hearts series I listened to it on Audible and was hooked from the very beginning I honestly didn t have very high expectations for this book going in It was just a random pick because I needed something new to listen to and I didn t have time to research ahead of time I m so happy I stumbled across this one.China Mack is quirky and brilliant my absolute favorite combination Jackson Cooper is definitely smart, definitely rich, and definitely hot another favorite combination And then there s Clark Clark threw a wrench in my perfect couple and made this a love triangle.I like audiobooks because they allow me to enjoy a book while doing a task during which I normally wouldn t be able to read It takes longer to get through them, but it s a good use of time that would otherwise be wasted This is one of the few times that I wished I had an actual copy of the book, I NEEDED to know what happened next and I NEEDED to know NOW It was almost torturous to have to listen to the narrator when I knew I could read it so much faster.In short, I loved this book and will definitely be checking out of Tiffany Snow s work. Intelligence doesn t always mean you are a geek It can affect your social skills when you are so far above the spectrum Your passions tend to take over your everyday life This is the case for China Mack A computer genius that has a perchance for T shirts that make a statement Her intelligence has taken the prime role in her life Leaving China without much of a social life Working for a company like Cysnet is a dream come true for China Her antisocial behavior does have its perks Like working for Jackson Cooper..one of the sexist bachelors around As a child genius, Jackson has built an empire that anyone would envy So it s a given that China would harbor a little crush on the man that is such a huge part of each day Things get a bit interesting when Jackson asks China to help with a new project for the company that is shrouded in secrecy China doesn t hesitate to jump into this task, but quickly realizes that danger is lurking around this specific assignment With key players in the project turning up dead, China begins to worry about her safety Adding to that anxiety, China is now taking care of her teenage niece Completely out of her element, China finds solace in her sexy new neighbor that makes ignoring him very hard Who can China trust when she discovers her own life may be in jeopardy Follow Me is the first book in a brand new series by Tiffany Snow This thriller has a unique heroine that graces the pages with her intelligence and lack of social skills We watch as China grapples with her inexperienced sexual experiences, as well as a job that is threatening her safety In true Tiffany Snow fashion, our heroine is faced with the prospect of two love interests Who will win her heart Will this assignment be the last job China takes on Can China find love in the craziness of her current situation Stay tuned to discover where this trio is headed While I found myself wanting information about this love triangle, I am hoping to discover quite a bit in the coming book 3.5 starsChina Mack s daily routine runs like clockwork in her OCD world At twenty three, she s already worked for her employer Cysnet for four years a company who head hunted her before graduating from MIT She s mostly content in her organised world until her employer billionaire Jackson Cooper assigns her to a top secret project If that s not sufficient to throw China s life into uncomfortable disarray, her niece Mia decides she wants to stay with her for a while Oh, and a sexy man becomes her new neighbour An intellectual heavyweight and every woman s fantasy Jackson M Cooper is a self made billionaire and former child prodigy He d already made his considerable wealth before establishing Cysnet, a troubleshooting, problem solving IT consultancy who specialised in highly classified technical solutions no one else can solve He employs the best specialists money can buy so, when a highly classified project lands, the person who s perfect for the job is the attractive programmer who sits in a cube is outside his office.I found China s obsessive personality jarring and tedious as I waded through pages of her daily rituals, although it s charming when Jackson pandas to her whims and indulges her so she can maintain her routine Then there s neighbour Clark, with dark hair and sparkling blue eyes I enjoyed the interaction between China and her niece as they learned to live with each other It was fun when the teenager consistently tried to push her aunt out of her comfort zone.I wanted to give Follow Me a higher rating due to the suspense element of the storyline because when the plot finally takes off, it kept my interest 100% What spoilt this book for me was all the references to the numerous fandoms China has time to follow Really It bored me, resulting in me skipping pages Also, the sequence of events and a line of dialogue initially reminded me of No Turning Back, although most readers won t pick up on that There s no cliffhanger as such but the ending is wide open for the conclusion in book two Readers familiar with the author will enjoy Follow Me, but sadly it didn t hit the mark for me Overall, the book kept me sufficiently interested in wanting to read book two and discover what lies in store for China, Jackson and Clark arc generously received courtesy of Montlake via NetGalley 4.5 Stars This book was highly entertaining I love reading about quirky characters and China definitely falls under that category Her and her niece are what really made this story There wasn t a whole lot with her niece, Mia but what there was, added to the entertainment Truly, China stole the show on this one To me, this was less of a romantic story and of a suspense thriller with a lot of humor I wasn t even sure what guy China was going to end up with in the end The author played this close to the vest and both men could have easily have been the Hero at the end In fact, I m not sure which one I preferred This ended with a HFN but there is definately coming with China and I will be right there waiting for the next book.ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. How to tell the difference between a Nerd and a Geek via the Google search Compare their social skills While they both have obsessive traits about their passions, they diverge when it comes to normal human interactions.A geek has normal social skills, though they can be prone to being pretentious and long winded, especially when the topic happens to land on their particular passion Then, they may not let you go until they ve explained exactly how this widget works, and the history of the team that created it.A nerd is generally introverted They may know a great deal about exactly the same thing a geek specializes in, but getting them to talk about it can take some doing So, in keeping with this official definition, the lovely and talented China Mack is a wonderful amalgam of both geek and nerd This skinny computer Phenom has an overabundance of OCD and a very set schedule and order of doing things From her morning routine to her take out preferences, she is a walking confusion of her own order.Her world, however, is about to be turned into chaos The man who she has been secretly crushing on, her boss, has asked China to work on a special project exclusively with him How on earth can she pull off being professional when the tendency to get lost in her own world of thinking and awkwardness becomes embarrassingly obvious Being a young albeit smart girl with limited social skills and a less than subtle grasp on social queues will wreak havoc on her already timid emotions.And if that wasn t enough, she has a very unexpected house guest and a new neighbor to deal with Handling the unexpected isn t an easy task for her, but watching her deal, understand, experiment, and grow Well, that is pure magic Mix in a ton of awkward hilarity and a constant chain of witty thoughts and complex inner dialogue, and you have one amazingly funny read.As I said in the beginning, the lovely China is a wonderful mixture of GeekNerd I have a feeling Follow Me will be a series people will be sharing, following, and talking about for quite a whileFollow us onKT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinteresttumblrYouTubeBook Babblers 4.5 Smart Love Stars Tiffany Snow is back Having absolutely loved the Kathleen Turner Series, but been somewhat underwhelmed by Power Play which seemed a little too closely tied to the Kathleen Turner formula, I m happy to report that Follow Me includes some of what I loved of the Kathleen Turner Series love triangle and suspense with enough original content to feel fresh, intriguing and addicting From the quirky, brainy MIT programmer heroine to the race to uncover why a certain privacy busting computer program has been commissioned and by whom, Follow Me kept me on my toes Moreover, I enjoyed the heroine s innocence when it comes to love and her struggle to understand her feelings between her boss the CEO of the computer software company where she works at who is equally brainy but in a refined, alpha way and who she has had a crush on for the last six years and her handsome next door neighbor who she enjoys spending time with and is the first man to really take notice of her as a woman This book does end in a cliffhanger, so you will need to read or listen to the entire series to get the whole romantic and suspense arc Source Kindle Unlimited Audiobook narration included.