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Attractive, Capable, Intelligent, Elizabeth Mannings Returns To London After Two Years On The Continent, Looking Forward To Experiencing Her First Season And Finding A Man To Love And Marry Instead, She Is Brutally Attacked, Forcing Her To Flee London And Abandon Her Hopes For The Future Allan Ridgefield, Earl Of Ridgecrest, No Longer Has A Need For Love, Having Had His Heart Crushed Two Days Before His Wedding When His Childhood Sweetheart Fell From Her Horse And Died Ten Years Later, He Desperately Seeks A Marriage Of Convenience In Order To Meet The Terms Of His Father S Will And Retain His Estates And Title

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    This story featured a detailed flashback scene of a rape Was this necessary Then the rape was recounted again for Scotland Yard the magistrate a few months later Story took place in 1835 England I so wanted Allan an earl Elizabeth to make a go of it They had a MOC neither he nor she cared about the marriageat the onset He acted condescending toward her noted she had a degree of intelligence when actually she knew several languages and learned homeopathy cures w her MD father Allan became human and in the process appreciated his wifefor the gem she was Some of my objections to this story 1 Descriptions went on on, especially RE furnishings Was this a novel or a House Beautiful article 2 Elizabeth s father could have done to help her heal 3 The H showed the h basics RE a gun but did not allow her target practice 4 H called his wife precious one just annoying 5 Elizabeth made a really TSTL decision toward theend She knew better than this Forgot to mention my favorite scene Allan s sister Helen acted so rude to Elizabeth Helen spoke inFrench to Allan, insulting his bride But Elizabethresponded in French Cha ching

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    The Ravished Rose by Suzanne Quill is a very emotional read Allan lost his first love ten years ago and has never really recovered He is devastated to learn that he has to marry by his 30th birthday and sire an heir within five years Allan will enter into a marriage of convenience to save his estate and will father an heir, but he isn t happy about it He takes off to London to find a bride and is intrigued when a respected doctor approaches him and offers his daughter s hand.Elizabeth was hopeful for the London whirlwind until she was viscously attacked and raped She is fragile and scared to marry a man of her father s choosing that she never even met Elizabeth is shocked that Allan would marry a damaged woman and even shocked that he isn t old and infirm.These two stumble through the first month or so of their marriage Allan leaves Elizabeth alone and she is left wondering why he married her The house seems full of secrets and loneliness She and Allan will have to work very hard to find their way into a marriage they both want.The Ravished Rose is another fantastic marriage of convenience story, which are always a favorite of mine There are some fairly explicit love scenes but they bring the characters closer together and become an integral part of their marriage Very nice mix of sexy and sweet and emotional Highly recommended

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    I had high hopes for The Ravished Rose Allan and Elizabeth are a wonderful match Their relationship builds slowly they come to care for one another in a realistic fashion, and they are both easy to care about Sex comes late in the book and at pretty close to the right time It s fairly explicit, but still handled well and at times, humorous There is a mystery element to the book which I found interesting and a different twist, given the time period The medical perspective was also refreshing While I expected conflict surrounding one particular issue and would like to have seen one less POV since it was neither Allan s nor Elizabeth s, I was willing to rate the book at four stars because of the developments between these two characters Then around 94%, the unacceptable happened not by any stretch of the imagination could this occurrence be justified, and yet, it doesn t seem to have matter to other readers For me, it was a DNF moment But I ll keep my rating at 3 stars for all the things about the book and this couple that I enjoyed.

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    Allan Ridgefield, the Earl of Ridgecrest has to marry within two weeks and beget an heir very soon or he will lose his title and estates It doesn t matter to him who it is, his heart has been buried with his first love for the last ten years Miss Elizabeth Mannings has been pushed into marriage with a man she has never met Her father arranged everything and she needs to go along with it She hopes her father has been honest with the Earl, if not she could pay the price.Our heroine is a very brave and capable young woman who has come through trauma, and is stronger than ever Our hero is friendly, mild mannered and a lot accepting than others in his situation might be An emotional and sexy story with wonderful characters, and a bit of danger near the end It is part of a series of stand alone stories It is the first book from this author I have read, but I will definitely be reading a lot I loved it.

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    Not terrible, but not particularly good, either It read like an author s first book, with limited vocabulary and sentence structure and stilted dialogue There also was nothing new here, but I have read much worse I did like the H and most of the time, liked the h.One error in research was when the author referred to the sleeping h as being in the land of Nod Unfortunately, the poem from which that reference comes was not published for another 50 years or so after the events of this book The error was not something that affected the plot, but it was jarring for me the reader and took me out of the story for a minute or two If there are others errors in historical accuracy, they are not ones that caught my attention I will leave that analysis to those readers much knowledgeable about early 19th century England Overall, if you picked up this book when it was offered free, it is a low angst read with a good guy H and mostly sweet h, and no dark surprises It will help pass an easy afternoon.

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    Outstanding I received this book free from one of the book sites I do not remember which one This is my honest review This author wrote on a subject that many people might have found disturbing, but she handled it with grace and compassion One might well wonder how she managed this rare book.Meet Elizabeth Mannings, a young woman who had much to look forward to in life In just one night, her life was shattered The next moment she found herself married to a stranger Lord Allan Ridgecrest feels he has nothing to look forward to, his life has been a hollow shell Due to his father s will, he must marry in haste He finds himself married to a beautiful young woman who looks at him with fear in her eyes.Both damaged by events in their lives, they slowly become closer Having gained friendship, they begin to bloom, but will their pasts allow them to love Highly recommended.

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    EnjoyableThis book was fun to read, I limed the characters and the story line was very good Real world situations made it believable At times it felt a lift e stiff to me It I well worth a read if you like a little bit of mystery and crime and a lot of romance.

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    He dragged her into a alley and took her vertueIt was a very well written story of how strong and resourceful a women can be How true love can affect a person and how a person can be very understanding about something that was not her fault.

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    A historical romance of merit A serial killer is stalking London A marriage of convenience turns in real convenience when love meets trauma but is love enough to overcome all Well written story line with strong characters.

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    Couldn t put it down.When I read a good book, I can t put it down I start to see the people like in the movie I see them as real, this book touched me deeply it was amazing Anyone that likes Regency romance will fall in love with this book.