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Luke Cage And Danny Rand Reunite In Team Ups With Spider Man AndSabretooth And They Re Just In Time To Relaunch The Expanded Heroes For Hire A Super Villain Prison Break Inspires Iron Fist To Fi Ll The Void Left By The Avengers And Fantastic Four But His Ex Partner Luke Will Take Some Convincing Hercules And White Tiger Are Eager Recruits, But Is The Hulk A Joiner Maybe She Hulk Would Be A Better Fi T A Transformed Black Knight Rides In, And Luke Has His Arm Twisted By The Master Of The World But Will He Stay After Power Man Battles Iron Fist COLLECTING SPIDER MAN UNLIMITED , MARVEL FANFARE , HEROES FOR HIRE

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    Totally loved this series Maybe my favorite of the Heroes for Hire titles that I ve yet read Which is not saying a whole lot I ve missed quite a few of them Love the current Power Man and Iron Fist 2016 This book would come in second place after that one With the 70 s material coming in 3rd I ve read quite a bit of comics by John Ostrander over the years But I don t know him as well as I d like to know him I can tell he s having a blast with this title It translates into fun for the reader as well It s got a great cast You might want to track down the Black Knight Exodus special to read before you start this book It s available in a couple of trade collections, I believe and it is a great read that has bearing on this collection correction No it s in X Men The Rise of Apocalypse paperback.

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    I really enjoyed Heroes for Hire back when it was being published, and it got me interested in reading books featuring Danny Rand and Luke Cage, which I have since done a lot of I was interested to revisit this book that started that journey, and it turned out that I actually hadn t read most of the stories here I must have picked up the book later in its run, or at least these stories aren t the ones that stuck with me I don t remember it tying in to other books so extensively the Thunderbolts tie in was interesting, and I was also following that book at the time , so maybe I just didn t read these earlier issues These were good, fast paced comics for the most part, that tied in with tons of different areas of the Marvel universe, which I didn t expect I didn t really enjoy the Spider Man book very much, even though it was a prelude to the stories, because it just didn t take either Iron Fist or Luke Cage very seriously as heroes Neither did the Sabretooth story that didn t seem to remember that Sabretooth first appeared in an Iron Fist book, where he was defeated handily Iron Fist seems not to remember Sabretooth, and he and Luke seem overmatched, which is a real reversal Once you are past that, though, the actual Heroes for Hire books are fun despite a narrator that is a bit over the top , but I guess I will just have to read further to get to the stories I really remember.

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    Okay book from the late 90s, when the Avengers and Fantastic Four were stuck in alternate universe and being published by WildStorm, and Marvel had gatefold covers for all its books explaining what had happened in the previous issue I miss those Luke Cage returns with almost no mention of his previous series that ended with people thinking he was dead, but he s one of the few characters who actually stays on this team for longer than three issues Hercules, the Hulk, Ant Man, the Black Knight, the White Tiger, and Sersi all come and go at a breakneck pace in the span of nine issues, leaving only Cage and Iron Fist as the mainstays.Enjoyable enough, but nothing fantastic I did like Ostrander s constant narrative breaking of the fourth wall, though it s like he was auditioning for the role of Deadpool or something.

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    Not exactly unreadable, uninteresting I expect better from John Ostrander None of the characters felt real, and the art ranged from meh to bad Well Luke was always drawn badly The only character that seemed to have any life at all in him was Ant Man and he was only on page briefly Pretty sure that this book was mostly reprints and it sure reads old.

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    The story is far better than the art The art reminds me of the YA, SpiderMan Adventures type art with a strong manga influence Luckily I love the characters but I much prefer the old way they were drawn in the Power Man Iron Fist Books.

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    The book starts off with 2 terrible stand alone stories from Spider Man Unlimited and Marvel Fanfare I don t even know why they bothered to include them The writing and art are both awful But then the regular Heroes for Hire series kicks in and it is a lot of fun I d forgotten how much I always enjoyed John Ostrander s writing This is a fun, dynamic series Actually looking forward to a volume 2.

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    Probably should be 3.5 stars.This volume of Luke Cage, Iron Fist and the Heroes for Hire was entertaining Keep in mind it was also republishing comics from the 1990s including parts of Spider Man Unlimited with Ben Reilly as Spider Man Clone Era This time period is not known for producing classic or at times even any good comic books So keep that in mind when reading some of the really dumb plots twists and turns The book contains so many bad comic book stereotypes and sexist stereotypes as to be almost painful at times She Hulk no longer playing the hero but being a Layer wears a power suit that is made of skin tight spandex But if you can look past the shortcomings the whole thing can be an entertaining romp into the history of the Heroes for Hire.