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An Alternate Cover Edition Can Be Found Here I Hate The Rain I Hate It, Hate It, Hate It But The Rain Can T Stop Me No One Can I Ll Go Out And Play Tonight I Will Kill Only Four No , No Less Just Four In The Midst Of One Of The Worst Monsoons In Mumbai, A Man Is Found Brutally Murdered, His Body Posed Like A Kite On The Tallest Cell Tower In The City As One Corpse After Another Turns Up In The Unlikeliest Of Places, Each Gruesomely Killed And Carefully Arranged In A Grotesque Manner, The Mumbai Police Realize They Have On Their Hands Than They Can Deal With Enter Chandrakant Rathod, A Maverick Investigator The Police Turn To In Times Of Need, Who Plays By His Own Rules And Lives For The Thrill Of The Chase Pitting His Sharp Instincts Against The Machinations Of The Sadistic, Ruthless Killer, The Detective Succeeds In Nabbing The Psychopath And Putting Him Behind Bars Then, Three Months Later, The Killings Begin Again A Deadly Game Is Afoot A Game That Will Challenge Rathod To The Utmost, For It Is A Game That He Cannot Hope To Win

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    This book was very fast paced without feeling superificial or crass From page 1 it grips you and doesnt let you go And I didnt see the final twist coming.Along with 3 and a half murders by Salil Desai, the best Indian crime thrillers that I have read recently.Increasingly nowadays the crime is very improbable and not explained in crime thrillers and this book too does the same.

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    A deranged serial killer, a cop with an impeccable record and media frenzy to make the case complicated Patang by Bhaskar Chattopadhyay has every ingredient right for the perfect crime fiction concoction And then, there is something extra as well And that extra, the climax is something that makes you go Mind Blowing As his debut novel, Bhaskar has shown immense talent when it comes to captivating a reader s mind and creatively making you fall in love with the muse of his book.Patang is a story of a number of murders happening in the Mumbai city during a grotesque monsoon A famous builder is found dead on top of a Cell Tower by a labor worker His body was found hanging like a Kite Patang A few days after, another victim is found, with same MO, hanging like a Patang On the other hand, Mumbai Police receives a letter from the killer, sharing that he will kill only four No , No less, Just four.Soon, Mumbai Police realizes that they have on their hands than they could take on Media has also gotten into the case, increasing pressure on cops to catch the Patang Killer Enters Chandrakant Rathod, a cop who can sniff out Serial Killers With an impeccable record of closing cases on such serial killers, Rathod is the only hope for Mumbai Police to catch the Patang Killer.After chasing numerous leads and losing three lives, Rathod manages to catch him The city takes a breath of relief, Mumbai Police pats each other backs But Rathod somehow knows that things have not just ended yet And the puzzle cannot be so simple to solve And his guess turns out to be right Even when Patang Killer is in jail, Mumbai witnesses another murder, another victim hanging like a kite But who is murdering these people now Is it a copycat Or an accomplice of Patang Killer The Rathod tries to grasp the situation, the it slips like sand from his hand The he tries to catch the Patang Killer, the he feels defeated In the end, the Patang Killer is caught But who is he Is the same one who is rotting in Arthur Jail Or a new monster is born while hunting the real one Patang is a book that will keep you hooked since the very first page There is hardly anything in this book that you won t like From the characters to the MO of the Patang Killer, everything is a creative genius The ways in which murders are conducted is also something grotesque yet so beautiful if you think in context intelligence application Chandrakant Rathod stands out as a cop He doesn t like media though he was once a reporter, he doesn t think like cops and believes in quick and swift action And he is sharp, his senses like a spider He doesn t believe in glamorisation of serial killers by the media But then, I should congratulate the writer for creating such genius characters.And the climax, I mean when you will come to the climax, you will begin to think that yes, finally the Patang Killer is caught And then, a bomb of reality is dropped on you which is like mind blowing You will never the see the climax coming and that is something that has made this book so brilliant to read Now, another thing that I would like to share that if you compare this book with other international crime fiction writers, you won t enjoy it as much Bhaskar has ensured that the essence and reality of Mumbai reflect in the story And the reader should not have preset expectations from the story Just open the first page and keep going, you will be amazed.All in all, Patang is a book that is like The Indian Crime Fiction book that you simply cannot miss For serious readers, for non serious readers or for metro readers, it is a book that everyone can read and enjoy.

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    Indian crime fiction scene is a mess littered with works, which at their best can be generic and predictable and at worst lazily written and poorly edited thrillers , written with the broadest of the strokes I don t think I ever read an ingenious crime fiction written by an Indian set in our milieu, our best crime stories come from Bollywood, or the news channels Bhaskar Chattopadhyay s Patang has a glowing review from Sriram Raghavan, the best genre filmmaker we have, and it is definitely a cut above the rest, Silence of the Lambs meets Shutter Island if you will, but ironically suffers both from predictability and improbability A serial killer strikes Mumbai in the monsoon season, writing to the media and the Police that he would be killing 4 people A massive manhunt ensues, the modus operandi of the killer is explored, and he was even given a nickname by the media based on a theme he kills with and a clue he leaves at the scene of the crime The Patang Killer, since he kills people at dizzying heights Not particularly ingenious, I told you Mumbai Commissioner seeks help from Private Eye Chandrakant Rathod and I m not sure what he is He seems like a journalist turned private detective, but he seems to know who s who of the entire Police Department, most of them fan boys of his work and willing to put their jobs on stake for Rathod Everyone calls him a genius and he in turn calls the killer a genius We know each of them is a genius because the writer keeps telling us in every chapter, lest we forget that we are dealing with a couple of geniuses here He nabs the connection between the murders, as is any detective s wont, but the story isn t strong enough and there are no red herrings, making it all easy for the genius detective There are some stray references to Mumbai monsoon, but the detailing is not as meticulous to consider the book to be atmospheric The book scores some brownies in the way Bhaskar explores Chandrakant Rathod s psyche and towards the end of the book, Rathod, seems to be overwhelmed and defeated by the task in hand and shows ominous signs of spiraling out of control These parts were dealt well and the reader can sense Rathod s desperation in solving the puzzle, but the ending spoils them all Still as a character study, Rathod s journey towards the end seems complete and the book redeems itself to become slightly better than the sum of its parts, in retrospect.Bhaskar infuses the narrative with a sense of urgency and the pages fly through at a breakneck pace It is difficult to put it away for a long time, which is an achievement in itself, and the writing shows up a lot of efforts that went in towards the later part of the book As a genre piece, it checks all the boxes, right up to the twist ending, but all of it is a tad underwhelming for the genre fans As I said earlier, it is better than a lot of Indian crime fiction we routinely find on book shelves across the country, but that is not saying much about the book.

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    Lost in a sea of fantasy, science fiction, and unconventional fairy tales, I had spied the hazy outline of a ship from far far away.It promised salvation from the tempestuous wastes in the form of a crime thriller And this was it A who done it twisted into how why done it.Couched in a deliciously gritty narrative we have here a rain drenched Mumbai acting as the backdrop of a serial killer as he strikes terror at the heart of high mighty.Maverick investigator Rathod solves the crime, catches the killerOnly to find, after three months, that the killings have begun again.Questions erupt like noize from a hornets nest Panic settles.Rathod keeps digging for the truth, irrespective oj its cost.What happens then No, I am NOT going to answer that question BUT, I can confidently say that while jaded readers like me understood the situation pretty early, new readers would find this mystery quite baffling.Overall, an exquisitely crafted mystery,which enables the reader to immerse himself into the landscape and happenings, while keeping him adequately aloof, so that the experience can be savoured.Recommended.

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    You will not realize while reading this one that it comes from a new writer The plot has been created with a lot of thought and writing style is simple Characters are also detailed very nicely in such a way that you start putting yourself in their shoes when reading the book.A simple everyday activity of a kid is taken and created into a murder mystery I am surely going to think of a murder when I see a kite hanging around somewhere for the foreseeable future.

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    4 5A very fast paced, page turner after a long time The beginning was very good and I immediately felt I should read this book It starts with the description of rain in Mumbai buts gets your attention By half way through the book, the perpetrator of crime is nabbed and you wonder what s going to happen in the second half And it starts again A series of murders I couldn t give it 5 5 for the following reasons 1 Some characters were not well developed Like we could have known a bit of Ananya.2 As someone already pointed out, we are kept on reminding that Rathod and Tony are geniuses Again and again In every chapter 3 As the revelation comes at the end, we are disappointed that there is nothing original about this We have probably seen it in movies But up to those last couple of chapters, the book gets your attention and you feel like finishing in one go.The language is good and easy to read.

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    I could see the picture clearly as I read through the pages Beautiful writing by Bhaskar Beautiful turn of events Quite unexpected ending This book added mystery and thriller to my taste buds.Loved reading it thoroughly

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    Totally disappointed by the author The whole book had a Bollywood Tadka in it I felt I m watching a Bollywood movie For me rating was just 1 star but gave another 1 for the suspense That was the only thing that I found better.

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    An edge of the seat thriller An engrossing read which will keep you guessing till the very end And the end in itself is absolutely thrilling.For Complete Review Click this link

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    Spellbound that s how I would describe myself after having read Patang The story grips you from the first page itself and the author deftly tightens the noose around the reader s neck till you are left with no option but to read till the last page to escape from the grips of this thriller murder mystery.This is the author s third work I read after 14 Stories that Inspired Satyajit Ray and Penumbra and I will go on record in stating that if there is any thriller mystery writer worth his salt in India then it has got to be Bhaskar Chattopadhyay The story s pace never slackens, there are no useless prolonged interludes to add the number of pages, the cat and mouse chase moves at reckless pace and just when you think you have all the loose ends neatly tied up, the author hits you on the face with a twist which you didn t see coming inspite of all the red herrings dropped throughout the story, and therein my friends lies the genius of Bhaskar da.While devouring the story I read it in one sitting till the wee hours of the morning inspite of knowing that this isn t a weekend and I need to get up early to be in office I was hoping that someone would make a movie out of it someday and I am glad that Bhaskar da acknowledges that a movie based on Patang is on the cards Wish director Sriram Raghavan helms the director s mantle as he has read and praised the story.Bhaskar da, if you happen to read this review, let me tell you that you have got a lifelong fan of your stories in me I admire very few writers of thriller genre and you are at par with my favorite thriller writer James Hadley Chase and that is saying a lot PS Ordering Here Falls the Shadow on right now