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VERDICT A coming of age story, where the great may not be good enough to give sense to your life So currently relevant.my full review is here Being obsessive and losing focus on the real things that are important in life.Twenty two year old Arthur Morgan a Frenchman has been given a Fulbright Scholarship to study Commercial Law at Beresford University in the United States His mother manages to scrape enough money together to pay for him to sail to the States, first class, on the Queen Mary Thanks to this very generous present, Arthur meets and befriends people who will have a profound effect on both his career and the friends he makes at university.Three people who will make the most impact on him are Augusta and her brother Getulio Mendosa and Elizabeth Murphy He meets them on the first day of the voyage and falls instantly in love with Augusta Her beauty and fragile manner captivates him However, Getulio has other ideas for his sister and her future He wants her to marry someone who he deems suitable with loads of money He forbids them having a relationship, meaning that all their meetings become clandestine.I mentioned to a friend that I d found the book irritating and she suggested that I needed to look at my own feelings to find what had sparked the grumpiness it seemed to stir inside me I ve taken longer to think about the storyline and consequently my review What I discovered about myself was interesting.Arthur is a beautiful sensitive character who works hard to obtain his degree thanks to the scholarship He s sensible, presentable and hugely popular with both his class mates but also with his lecturers Instead of realising and accepting his future and relishing how his life changes thanks to this scholarship, his unfulfilling love for Augusta, blocks any other thoughts or feelings he might have developed for anyone else Elizabeth is the only other character who I felt had any spunk She has a huge personality and is determined to make it in the world as both an actress and a producer Unfortunately, Arthur never gives her the love and respect she deserves because of his blinkered thoughts that only focus on Augusta This obsession really got under my skin and I ll have to give it further thought as to why it did cause me so much irritation Was it because I myself had at some stage had an obsessive love for someone Or because I wanted to take him and shake him Another irritation was the method the author has used to write the book It s all a series of long paragraphs with none of those breaks that I like to find in a book reaching the end of a chapter There weren t any, which meant that I had none of my usual discipline when reading in bed to get to the end of the chapter before switching off my brain for the night I don t think I ve ever come across a book written in this manner and therefore found it quite disturbing for my somewhat OCD behaviour.Considering how much I disliked the format, the obsessive love, some of the characters, why four stars Well, this is thanks to my friend making me truly analyse my emotions that came to the surface thanks to this book TreebeardBreakaway Reviewers received a copy of the book to review. 2.5 o 2.75 5 Una lettura leggera e forse anche godibile, ma che non mi ha lasciato alcunch La trama prometteva bene, ma il realt sembra che l autore non arrivi mai al punto della questione, e lo stesso discorso vale per Arthur, il protagonista, diviso tra l a per due donne finale scontato e prevedibile, andamento piatto e monotono per tutta la narrazione. A lovely book The story of part of a life Luxuriant passages of commentary. An enjoyable novel about Artur, a Frenchman, who in the 1950s gains a scholarship to a prestigious US university On the cruise liner which takes him to the USA he gets to know people who will shape his future life two very different young women, an amoral Brazilian man, a professor and a senior member of the White House staff This is partly a coming of age novel, as Artur gains his sentimental education , but not his happiness He also gets inducted into the ruthlessness of the 1950s financial world Some of the best parts of the novel are vivid depictions of life in New York at the time The concluding section, with some hugely long paragraphs straddling pages, is a beautifully understated portrayal of someone who has gained worldly success but not emotional fulfilment The translation from the French is fluent, and you would not know it wasn t originally written in English.With thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for letting me have an advance review copy. Review copy courtesy of Gallic Books NetGalley, many thanks.Arthur emerges from a newly liberated but financially depressed France to continue his studies in a prestigious New England university, at great cost to his mother and bearing the burden of her hopes for his brilliant future amongst the great and the good of the American elite The story hinges on just how great and how good they and Arthur turn out to be On the voyage over the Atlantic on the Queen Mary, he meets several people who will have a profound effect on his life for the next 20 years 1950s New York comes alive and I found the characters and the relationships between them engaging, and hoped for happy endings This is not a book to skip through quickly dense and intimate, there are passages to savour Great writing and the translation flows seamlessly I had noticed the Gallic Press publications of D on s The Foundling Boy and The Foundling s War earlier but at the time felt saturated with novels about WWII and overlooked them On the strength of this book, they are now at the top of my to read list. Un romanzo dalla tematica americana ma dallo stile francese.Un mix di Grande Gatsby ma senza la punta noir di Fitzgerald , romanzo di formazione ma sorvolando su molti aspetti della formazione del protagonista e commedia romantica ma con due protagoniste femminili a tratti veramente fastidiose Un romanzo che si fa leggere, intrattiene ma, per quanto mi riguarda, spesso irrita Si, perch ho trovato le figure femminili di Deon superficiali, incomplete e inconcludenti insomma due donne davvero insopportabili Mi mancata la caratterizzazione dei personaggi femminili, elemento che noto spesso quando a scrivere romanzi con personaggi femminili importanti un uomo e viceversa Insomma un NI. The Great and the Good by Michel Deon is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late November.Doubtful, uncertain prose hard to stick with and difficult to sort through for enjoyable bits. I love the 1950 s and books set in the 1950 s I love Translated from the original this book is translated perfectly With no funny embarrassing translation instead running seamlessly and translated well This book is not a book to skim read This book is to read and savour Enjoying every moment every word and every description.New York pops with amazing descriptions and you really feel that you are there in the 1950s with everyone I really liked the characters in this book and I liked the relationships between them I loved going on the journey of discovery and growing up Arthur emerges from the newly liberated but financially depressed France Where he will continue his studies in a prestigious New England school Arthur must succeed for his mother has paid lots of money for him to get into this school and she has a lot of hopes riding on him succeeding A great coming of age story Mixed with history Wonderful descriptions Characters with clout and a story about hopes and promises A charming read Thank you to NetGalley, Gallic books and Michel Deon for the opportunity to read this book for an honest review Happy reading everyone Arthur Morgan Travels To New York In The S He Encounters Gilded Youth, The Rich And Eccentric, And Is Invited To The White House He Succeeds In Meeting The Great And The Good But The Repercussions Of Unfulfilled Desires And Love Will Resurface Long After Arthur Has Returned To France