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Facing The Choice Of Flight Or A Wedding She Cannot Abide, Kate Simon Has Chosen To Flee Disguised As A Boy, She Takes Refuge In A Roadside Inn, And Finds Herself Rooming With Intensely Secretive Christian Black Kate Is Breathless In The Presence Of This Handsome, Mysterious Rogue Whose Piercing Gaze Seems To Strip Her Naked But Neither Suspects That A Savage Storm And A Murder Will Draw Them Closer Together Still But Not The Passion In Their HeartsChristian Dares Not Let Anyone Learn Of His Haunted Past Or That He Is, In Truth, The Earl Of Canley Especially Not A Slip Of A Girl Whose Masculine Attire Cannot Disguise The Exquisite Female Form Beneath But Now That Destiny And A Dastardly Crime Have United Them, Christian Can No Longer Contain His Desire To Taste The Nectar Of Kate S Sweet Kiss Danger Certainly Abounds, But The Gravest Peril Might Be Resisting A Once In A Lifetime Passion That Can Heal All Wounds

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    I had a lot of fun reading this book There were a few things that I would have liked to have depth, but overall it was a lot of fun I really think this book could have done with pages I wanted focus on the relationship, but I would have hated to lose any of the details about the investigation.Has anyone played clue I, personally, love Clue I also loved the movie version they made of it I think the premise is fun A group of strangers are all staying in a house or an inn when there s a murder Suddenly everyone is a suspect You learn complicated little plots and side dramas while you hunt for the answer to the larger question of who the murderer is I just find it a blast So, this book was already a winner for me in that regard Christian got involved in the investigation while they were snowed in and dragged Kate in too They ended up being the sole investigation team so a lot of time was spent running around discovering clues It really made the book seem like a romp There was funny dialogue and an assorted mix of characters to add to the fun The murder plot wasn t very complicated, but I still had fun watching it unfold.I really love the way that Anne Mallory writes her characters They just seem like such likable people Christian was a fun character with hidden depths He had some issues caused by his childhood but he never really sat around and moped When he was an ass he would admit to it and apologize Unless he was intentionally trying to irritate Kate, of course I really liked him and thought he had a great sense of humor Kate was a very levelheaded, cautious person There was no useless hysterics or drama from her She was suspicious of Christian and was the straight man to his funny man role She was the polar opposite of Christian in terms of fathers, but they complimented each other.My favorite part of the relationship was the sense of camaraderie and friendship they had It got to the point where it felt like they knew each much longer than they actually had When I actively recalled the time frame it was a surprise to realize everything had happened that quickly.That s actually where my issue with the book comes into play I think I would have been satisfied with the relationship if it had stretched out longer and if there had been of a passionate feel to it I have no doubts that they cared about each other and that they were great friends, but the actual passion felt a bit missing.It was a small gripe overall I had too much fun with the book for it to have bothered me too much One other thing that I forgot to mention that I really enjoyed were the quotes at the beginning of each chapter It alternated from Christian s father to Kate s father It really helped me get a good picture of their childhood without having to be told.

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    Likable h H but this is of a stuck in a winter blizzard Cluedo involving strangers than a pure romance The h is on the run from a villainous brother and prospective fianc and dons a gender disguise while staying at a inn, and is forced to share her room with the H as the inn s full in face of guests unable to leave because of heavy snowfall The H immediately spots the woman beneath the disguise and agrees as it drags him out of his perpetual ennui Also he has a reason to want that particular room himself.A murder happens and the H takes charge of the investigation saying he s a bow street runner and appoints the h as his assistant Lots of sweet, funny and filler stuff ensues.The h H chemistry is undeniable and sweet, but a bit sudden and improbable too at the same time.

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    Excerpt Following an accident that killed her father and scarred her arm, Kate Simmons disguises herself as a boy in order to escape from her scheming brother She chooses a coaching inn on the road to London to hide and emotionally recover Unfortunately, the inn soon fills, and Kate finds herself saddled with a rakish roommate full of secrets Christian Black, the Earl of Linley, is a man searching for a journal and an escape from his past When a murder is committed at the inn, he pretends to be a Bow Street Runner in order to use the guise to search for the stolen journal The role, with the help of Kate, thrusts him into actually solving the mystery and finding the killer Trapped at an inn with a dead body, a murderer on the loose and an inn full of suspects, Christian and Kate can only rely on each other What they discover is that an escape into each other s arms and hearts will ultimately heal the wounds from both their pasts This was an ok book The sad thing is that it was so much of an ok book that i really don t have much to say about it The characters were ok The plot was ok The ending was ok Everything was just ok Not bad, nor good In truth this book was rather bland It was also one of those i love lust for you at first sight Lets marry even though we haven t known each other for even a week books I really can t get behind that kind of love It s not even close to being realistic There wasn t even some catastrophic even that put the hero and heroine together They both just happened upon sharing a room and get stuck solving a badly written mystery together Something that leads another reaction to my ok thought NO PLOT or a very poor and pitiful one The mystery was dullsville and basically consisted of them searching people s rooms all day Very much of a let down.So dull ok book.

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    4.5 This book was fabulous The mystery element was fun, and that arc played out really well it was a fun romp that gave a lot of fascinating detail to the cast of secondary characters But as fun as the mystery was, in the end it was a backdrop for a truly wonderful hero heroine pair, because they stole the story for me As always with Mallory, the banter between them was tremendous fun But than that, you really did feel like you were watching them develop a real relationship Not superficial, not driven by lust, but a real connection between them And I think Mallory has a real talent for building characters with a surprising amount of depth, even when there is only a short time to do so Seeing Christian grow to shake off the lonely, brokenhearted boy he once was it was very satisfying storytelling.The only thing it was missing was a showdown with Teddy and his stupid friend But that would have just been gravy.I would also like to briefly mention the little quotes at the head of the chapter Mallory uses that as a device in several of her stories now off the top of my head, I am remembering the letters in Seven Secrets of Seduction , and it is a fabulous tool for adding depth to the story without being an anvil to the head which it is in the hands of several other authors who shall remain nameless With just a few simple sentences, in this book Mallory was able to sketch a vivid picture of the h h s respective childhoods that contributed so much to the story.Yet another home run for Mallory Definitely a keeper for me.

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    Weak characterizations, particularly of the many many villain types, heavy handed choices for motivations, and a seriously implausible depiction of an investigation of a murder by a totally inexperienced investigator, no less made this book pretty difficult to finish It read like very little of it was thought through I couldn t see much effort to reflect human nature or to create a realistic reflection of how people actually react in various circumstances such as being trapped in an inn after a murder, or a complete nobody being introduced to society, or an aristocrat opening a business Definitely disappointing.

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    I liked the characters a lot in the book However it just kept bothering me that a heroine so in a hurry to run away from her family would stay at an inn to solve a murder, particularly with someone she knows is lying about themselves Not to mention the fact that the murder victim was an unsavory character anyways I know she s stuck in the inn with the hero because of the snow but it just seemed a little too much of just a setup to keep the characters together It sort of made it hard for me to get into a big part of the book However I did like the characters and the writing despite my problem with the plot device I m just hoping the next book I read by the author is a little better.

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    An earlier work by Anne Mallory and it shows As another GoodReads reviewer has noted, it is very much as if the hero and heroine were put in a real life game of Clue, or if the hero decided to roleplay Hercule Poirot The relationship between the two main leads is underdeveloped, and it is such a disappointment because they both have pretty juicy backstories Kate is in the inn hiding as a boy and biding time until she can travel to her aunt She has recently escaped from her brother that is out to marry her to his friend in order to get control of her funds before she reaches of age Christian is out to retrieve a stolen journal by his one and only friend in the world from a writer that is also staying at the inn Overnight a murder is committed at the inn and Christian seizes it as an opportunity to retrieve the journalThe intricate backstories were a total waste Disjointed from the mystery that became the full thrust of the plot, the backstories became an afterthought tacked on at the end The denouement lacked so much oomph that there was no emotional impact to be gained from Christian and Kate being there for the reasons that they were It would have been far better to have the two characters be at the inn for perfectly normal reasons but get into the detective role because they both had trickster personalities that they have a tendency to dissemble, con or simply get into hijinks This would have made sense to me than Kate s vague reason for control in her life and Christian s equally hokey reason to go along with solving the murder because well shrug why not And perhaps, this could have reduced the anti climatic nature of the climax One of the mysteries of the story is Christian s estrangement from his dad Well, we find out in a throwaway line that his dad hates him because his brothers went to a party and died in a carriage accident on the way back, and he is the only one left That s it Also, he s a bit of a rascal But like that s it Kate s brother is never a threat, however there is a lot of mystery surrounding her ear and it is not interesting She is very sensitive about her ear and believes she cannot be loved because of a scar which all right, come on now.I have some gripes with it but read it if you are a fan of Anne Mallory Skip it if you re not

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    Kate is disguised as a man to escape from her evil half brother and a marriage she doesn t want Christian is after something stolen from a friend of his, they meet at an inn on the road to London Time spent together while they are investigating a murder at the inn, and their attraction for each other explodes He sees the woman beneath the men s clothing right from the start, and she sees glimpses of the kindhearted man he tries so hard to hide They fall in love, solve the murder, and even though he s an Earl, they stay together Great read

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    This story reminds me of the Remington Steele like mystery shows You have the roguish and seemingly devil may care male character who wears the persona to hide his vulnerabilities and the female uptight strong character partnered up to solve a crime it s filled with the innuendo banter mostly from the male to get a rise out of the uptight female and a lot of tension as well It does have a few deep moments thrown in This novel is entertaining and a light read.

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