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Arwin S Finished University And His Whole Life Lays Before Him But There Are So Many Choices And He S Confused None Of Them Look Appealing Does He Try To Stick To His Ideals About Life, Or Sell Out To Become A Corporate Robot Does He Do His Own Thing, Or Try To Fit In He S Got Bills To Pay And A Girl To Please But The Future Looks Bleak The Pressures In Life Seem OverwhelmingThen Things Take An Unexpected And Dramatic Turn Everything Seems To Come Crashing Down Around Him, Leaving Him With A Broken Heart Feeling Down And Hopeless, He Suddenly Finds Himself Travelling To A Whole New World Heartstone There, He Encounters Yaz, An Undead Skeleton On A Thousand Year Quest To Save His One True Love, A Princess, Of CourseIs This A Chance For Hope A Chance To Prove His Inner Worth A Way To Give His Life Meaning And Purpose, Restoring His Pride In Himself But, Gasp Before They Can Set Out On Their Journey Together, They Fall Into The Evil Clutches Of The Gorgeous, Sexy And Brilliant Dark Enchantress And She S Got Designs On Poor, Unsuspecting ArwinWill Arwin Heal His Broken Heart Will He Find The Answers To Life Or Will He Be Eaten Alive By Giant Spiders Or Turned Into A Toad Read To Find Out Experience Deadly, Garrulous Dragons Mysterious Magic And Brilliant Science Coming Together To Create Magical Science Crude Humour And Hilarious Puns Multicoloured Elves A Sexy Nurse Shark Hidden Tributes To Pop And Historical Culture Can You Find Them All Rousing Tales Of Adventure An Evil But Gorgeous Spider Queen Bone Crunching Ogres A Talking Skeleton On A Thousand Year Quest To Save A Princess The Delicious Gingerbread Man A Naughty Fairy Who Wants To See The World And, Of Course, All Kinds Of Hot NymphsGenre The World Of Heartstone Includes Silly Comedy, Fun Adventure And A Little Romance And Drama All Mixed Together And, If We Re Lucky, There S A Kernel Or Two Of Intriguing Wisdom Lurking Within The Pages That Might Just Make You Think

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    At first, this book was clever than funny Later, it became funnier, but nothing to LOL about I suppose that s why the pun is the lowest form of humor I liked the complex relationship between the Dark Enchantress and the protagonist I disagree that science and religion cannot coexist My father was both a Christian and a physicist This is one of the many tangents the author went off on Most of the tangents were funny, funnier than the basic puns I also like the care for the environment that is so inherent in the book I am glad the author is looking for beta readers Perhaps that will clear up some editing issues that flaw such an otherwise good book.

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    Received a copy in exchange for an honest review I had a really hard time getting into this book and was unfortunately only able to make it through the first couple of chapters so my review is only for those parts It was written well but the characters, dialogues and events were not interesting I found the pacing slow and tried a few times to get into the book The author said his novel is similar to works by Pierre Anthony and perhaps it is later on, but the early chapters were not I admit this is not a fair review because I didn t finish the book I can only recommend picking up the pace and removing unnecessary content to keep readers engaged Best of luck with your future works

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    I really strangely enjoy this book, it was a hell lot of fun And one filled with adventures and one where there was a subversion of certain tropes Which I expect of comic fantasy, which I consider this book to be under.The way that the Dark Enchantress is very sympathetic, even if she is quite bratty and selfish I liked her portrayal the way that she has her own reasons why she ended up becoming a villain and is called one She isn t someone who knows how to connect to people, and to many she is simply too weird to even bother I consider her rather misunderstood, but still in need of a lot of development As for the ending sequence when she meets Arwin again, now that is what I would expect.Arwin is very relatable, the way that he has a lot weaknesses The way that he is simply too good for the real world, the modern world where it is it so happens he met the worst of the lot I mean, his girlfriend decided that breaking up with him by accidentally meeting was the best way to go about it It is even worse than breaking up through a text And his best friend who left him just because he wanted better prospects.I really like how the author pushes Arwin to face this problems, and eventually at the end is a mature person I liked how he dealt with the Dark Enchantress, now that is how you handle a villain The Dark Enchantress needed a wake up call anyway.The wiring here is pretty good, even if at times the humor didn t really get to me any I didn t laugh, but nonetheless it is worth the read The subversion, the way the villain was written with redeemable qualities and flaws, all the while showing Arwin s own journey into slowly finding himself I enjoyed every bit of it And I feel as though fantasy which takes common tropes and makes a joke out of them, often comes out being a rather nice kind of fantasy that I like A fun, silly adventure indeed.Do I recommend this, yes I do It is something that would make you forget about high stakes or the end of the world, which is common in fantasy Instead, it is something that starts out small, and develops the main character well enough that you can feel for him And this is why I like it.I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.