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Picked this up on a whim from a Little Free Library and read it in two afternoons It s an enjoyable tale about two very different, yet equally broken, characters on the Klondike during the late 1800s Alaska gold rush. This was one of Kristin Hannah s very early novels and it wasn t a patch on her recent ones.It was a romance novel, set in the Yukon at the time of the gold rush I found it a fun and easy read albeit very silly The ending could be seen from 20 pages in A diversion from the kind of books I typically read. Yukon Territory Was A Gold Miner S Heaven, And Devon O Shea Had Come To Claim Her Share But Instead Of A Thriving Store In A Boom Town, Devon Discovered She Was Part Owner Of A Filthy, Disorganized Tent With A Bunch Of Gold Diggers And A Mountainous Slap Of Animosity For A Partner Stone Man McKenna Gathering Mop, Pail And Sheer Determination, Devon Vowed To Make This Post The Best In The Yukon Territory Stone Man Didn T Scare Her But His Kiss A Gruff Attempt To Convince Her That The Yukon Was No Place For A Lady Left Her Feeling, For The First Time In Her Life, Feminine And Alive I enjoyed the story very much The heroine is named Devon and she is 29 years old and lives back East in 1900 Devon is a spinster and wants to control her own future so she answers ad for half owner of a supply store in Alaska This is my type of story because hero evolves and changes inside and out We are watching him change as well as the heroine Yukon Territory was depicted with vivid detail and really captured my imagination The only tiny problem I had was I thought the Hero was sold a little short in his back story I was expecting something a little with his reasons for being a recluse The overall story makes up for that though I loved Devon s reaction to the northern lights and the landscape and weather and that made it worth reading. This was Kristin Hannah s first book I loved it It was pure chic lit but a fun story The story was also predictable but I still enjoyed it a lot The characters were fun and made the story interesting Take a beautiful young woman and add in a town that is barely a town and all men, rough men, gold miners and it was a fun combination.This book was hard to find and not available in any of the libraries It is dated 1991 and I got a first edition used So, if you want to read the book, good luck finding a copy. I adore Kristin Hannah s recent work and wanted to see how she has developed as a writer so I picked up this, her first book Stone Man MacKenna places an ad for a partner to share his outpost in 1890 s Yukon In exchange for room, board, and work for a year the partner will own half his store He wants free time to pursue his passion of photography A response from Devon O Shea seems like a godsend until SHE steps off the boat Devon a 29 year old spinster Aunt was looking for adventure, but not a tent village with ill manner miners and a partner who is angry she s not the man he expected But, they re both stuck until spring so their story develops This was a fun read I read it in an evening and that is rare It s not as deep or touching or thought provoking as her recent work, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it I even laughed out loud than once I can see why it was an award winner. I m so glad this wasn t the first Kristin Hannah book I read If it had been I would never have read another one This was her first novel, and it shows It is so sappy and predictable She has really grown as an author since this one Lady, if there s one thing you re in no danger of touching, it s my privates she smiled grimly and here I was thinking I had nothing to be thankful for Enjoyable romance in the Yukon gold rush Era strong willed characters, entertaining. A Handful of Heaven is Kristin Hannah s debut novel, and after reading a few of her newer books, it was obvious to me She has come a long way Set in the winter spring of 1896 in the Yukon Territory of Alaskan wilderness, Devon applies to become a partner at a trading post for Stone Man Except Devon was picturing a city, and ends up in a tent city out in the sticks Stone Man wants nothing to do with Devon, because he was expecting a HE and got a SHE instead, and everyone knows, Alaskan gold mining towns are no place for ladies unless you re a whore, of course and Devon is surely a lady The two bicker and fight and obviously fall in love, but both are too stubborn to tell the other how they feel Made me want to reach thru the pages and shake them to be perfectly honest Of course, it wouldn t be a great romance without the trials and tribulations, so no surprise we got a happy ending Not bad, but not her best by far Solid 3 stars. I loved this book I love when the hero and heroine do not like each in the beginning, or at least when the hero does not want a relationship but they slowly fall in love anyways This book had a great story of just that happening This author, Kristin Hannah, took her time telling the story so that you got to thoroughly know each character and could actually see and feel their individual emotions as they slowly fell in love She is a great story teller I loved how the heroine was a strong, independent woman, yet not bitchy at all She was very likeable, as was the hero even though he was a very rough and gruff mountain man The ending was super sweet, my eyes did tear up a little But I would have thrown the gold overboard