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Do you dream of having a fulfilling sex life? Do you wish you had energy to help get you through the day? Does the idea of having full body orgasms appeal to you? Introducing The Ultimate Guide to a Multi Orgasmic Life A handbook for finding greater fulfillment in and out of the bedroom The simple yet powerful techniques outlined in this book will help you tap into a potent energy fueling your creativity revitalizing you enriching your day and helping you get in the flow in dynamic ways Did you know that both men and women can be multi orgasmic and are capable of having full body orgasms? The Ultimate Guide to a Multi Orgasmic Life will guide you to living your greatest pleasure potential Through completing the exercises in this book you'll discover that the rewards ripple out to enhance every area of your life A multi orgasmic life While sex is a natural and innate part of being human few of us were raised with the freedom to express this important and natural part of ourselves Deep down many of us experience a vast discrepancy between what we're taught we should feel about sex and how we actually feel Despite an intense sexual imagery reflected in our media and entertainment mixed societal messages have created a divergence from our sexual nature and our freedom to express it Human beings are born ripe for pleasure The body is a vehicle through which one can experience ecstatic states far greater than many may know or imagine Tapping into this inherent part of ourselves has many benefits By embracing your own potent sexual energy you will not only experience sexual satisfaction but other amazing benefits Your creative juices will flow and you'll feel like a vibrant version of yourself It will radiate outward into all areas of your life because sexual energy is creative joyful and fulfilling Embracing your innate sexual energy is an important component of living your highest life potential Many of the practices outlined in the book are thousands of years old tried and true methods experienced by many people over centuries including teachings from the Tantric texts The wisdom contained by these incredible texts offer ways of looking at and approaching our world to lead the most fulfilling and abundant lifestyle imaginable

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    In a world that focuses simultaneously on the commercialization and exploitation of sex while simultaneously suppressing and condemning sexual desire a book such as The Ultimate Guide for a Multi Orgasmic Life was overdue Combining elements of Western and Eastern approaches to understanding the function and expression of sexual energies Ms Hall expands our perspective way beyond the bedroom embracing sexual expression as a natural God given gift to be respected embraced and utilized all without the societal burdens of shame and secrecy Gently and intelligently she guides the reader to a richer understanding of the female and male bodies inviting a knowing full and joyful reconnection with one's own inherent energies resulting in a far fulfilling life as Nature intended Highly recommended

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    This is EXACTLY what I have been missing So far I’ve been doing as it instructs and to simply say that I’m pleased with the results would be a complete understatement It’s so much than a good book an informative read or a sexual guide The contents within are life altering I’ve always embraced my sexuality and meditated here and there in an attempt to get to my essence However I never connected the two This Author breaks it all down for you Plus the format is easy to read the concepts easy to understand and the exercises affirmations will definitely push you further to the ultimate goal Personally I recommend reading a chapter or two right before bed  You will not be disappointed