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Award winning poet Joshua Beckman returns with 150 extraordinary short lyrics which build a kind of meta narrative throughout this haunting and powerful book This new collection showcases Beckman’s ability even within the confines of a few brief lines to suggest and sustain emotions landscapes humor and desire

10 thoughts on “Your Time Has Come

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    Enviable for its visual beauty the book is formatted with aesthetics squarely in mind and audacity Not every poem works but enough do to warrant whirling through it My favorite? Oh atlas look you forgot my island Slightly gimmicky occasionally striking

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    As much as I love the poetry and writings of Joshua Beckman I still couldn’t justify rating this higher It was mostly “meh” with a few redeeming poems that made me stop and think

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    I like the size and cut of this book about 4 inches tall While those attributes come likely from economic and environmental rationals it's still nice to handle something slightly different and have something to break up shelving a bit Beyond that the a typical cut immediately breaks apart most of my flippant tendencies in opening a book Instead of paying little mind to the book's shape I'm awash with fond suspicionThat said I also particularly enjoy the near american haiku focus found here haikus in kind though not of the 5 7 5 syllable count sort of way which doesn't make much sense for English since the ratio of morphemes to phonemes is pretty differentas Gary Snyder often points out From this style choice with notions of intentionality aside comes a subtle and natural feeling narrative movement clinging somewhere behind day to day life in the city Regardless of haiku ness the brief snipitshave i made up this word? serve to draw a lot of attention to the minute details one might miss even with a close reading You have to turn the page to get past a set of two or three lines not just accidentally glance at the following set blah blah blah blah this book is fun read it

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    This little book is composed of just small little poems on each page You can read this little book in less than five minutes here are some of my favorites That's perfumeI'd know it anywhereby its smellEvery time I leave the houseI write a poem but I was there all dayDid everyone skip worktodayor is it just me?They let me outof the bar to thinkbut I went right back inIf a tree fallsin the woods etcand so too with friendsif you find this book enjoy

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    I lived in Staten Island for a few months and this extraordinary beautiful little book gets everything right It's become a talisman for me one I have to send away from me so that when I retrieve it I can experience it anew

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    a beautiful set of short poems set in a tiny beautiful book something that i'll return to again and again for inspiration and motivation there are some real gems among these lines i am often jealous of beckman highly recommended to any poets who have not already read this

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    Delightful A cute and intelligent book of short witty and playful poems They range from nostalgic and wistful to cheeky and funYou can read it through in 10 minutes if you like but I enjoyed spacing them out savoring one or two at a time

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    didn't like it as much

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    I'm no better than anyone elsebut I could be less afraid

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    I love this tiny hand sized book of short poems It reminds me of Ken Mikolowski's Little Mysteries